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  • Explain the basic operation of double linked list (C language)


    @ catalog 1. Definition of bidirectional linked list 2. Creation of double linked list 3. Insert double linked list 4. Deletion of double linked list 5. Change node data in bidirectional linked list 6. Search of double linked list 7. Printing of double linked list 8. Test function and result 1. Definition of bidirectional linked […]

  • Data structure — linked list


    Single chain list Double linked list

  • Golang write algorithm


    Recently, in reviewing data structure and algorithm knowledge, I intend to use golang to implement common algorithms, including array, single linked list, double linked list, queue, stack, sorting algorithm, binary search, binary search, binary tree search, size heap, recursion, backtracking, greed, divide and conquer, graph search, skip table, bitmap, cache elimination algorithm, dynamic planning In […]

  • Linear lists — arrays and linked lists


    outline Linear table is a linear structure, which is a finite sequence of n (n ≥ 0) data elements of the same type. This paper first introduces several basic components of linear list: array, one-way linked list and two-way linked list, and then gives the implementation of bidirectional linked list in Java language. Article reprinted […]

  • Computer experiment of data structure (2)


    1. Various basic operations of sequence table #include #include #define MaxSize 50 typedef char ElemType; typedef struct { ElemType elem[MaxSize]; int length; } SqList; //Initialization o (1) void InitList(SqList *&L) { L=(SqList *)malloc(sizeof(SqList)); L->length=0; } //Destruction o (1) void DestroyList(SqList *L) { free(L); } //Judge whether it is empty o (1) int ListEmpty(SqList *L) { […]