• Dotnet core link mongodb code instance


    This article mainly introduces the dotnet core link mongodb code example, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to Import namespace using MongoDB.Bson; using MongoDB.Driver; Test example: var client = new MongoClient(“mongodb://”); var database = client.GetDatabase(“foo”); var […]

  • Using dotnet dump to find the reason why. Net core 3.0 takes up 100% of CPU


    The company’s products have been continuously upgraded in line with. Net core 3.0 preview. Once deployed to a Linux server, there will occasionally be a process that takes up 100% CPUBecause the service is deployed in the cloud, remote debugging cannot be used; this problem cannot be reproduced on Linux server or windows development machine […]

  • . net core automatic deployment method of using Jenkins of docker to deploy dotnetcore application


    Preface This paper mainly introduces the content of. Net core automation deployment using docker Jenkins to deploy dotnetcore application, and shares it for your reference and learning. I won’t say much next, let’s take a look at the detailed implementation steps. Install Jenkins for docker Because the docker version of Jenkins does not have the […]

  • Implement crontab like timing task in dotnet core


    In the previous section, you need to implement simple timing tasks in some time periods in the business, similar to crontab scheduling. Because the business will be placed in the docker, you don’t want to use crontab directly. After searching the Internet, you can find an open-source implementation of pomelo.aspnetcore.timedjob, which is simple to use, […]

  • Details on creating custom WPF project templates using DotNet CLI


    This article mainly introduces the use of DotNet CLI to create a custom WPF project template, to share with you, as follows: describe When we have installed the DotNetCore version 3.0 SDK, we can create a WPF project template based on DotNetCore, which can create and run our project conveniently and quickly through the following […]

  • NET Theme of Design Pattern Series


    Recently, I’m not particularly busy. I’ve redrawn the design mode, and I’ll record it here. This series of articles will be updated from time to time. Design pattern is a set of repeated use, most people know, classification and cataloguing, code design experience summary.Design patterns are used to reuse code, make it easier for others […]

  • NET Design Patterns (1): 1.1 Singleton Patterns


    Summary The singleton pattern is to ensure that there is only one instance of the specified class at any time in the lifecycle of the application and to provide a global access point for the client to obtain the instance. Singleton pattern is a common software design pattern. Only one special class called singletons is […]

  • Step by step to create ASP.NET MVC5 program [Repository + Autofac + Automapper + SqlSugar] (2)


    Preface: In the first article of this series, [Repository + Autofac + Automapper + SqlSugar] (1), I introduce you to build a blank solution and create directories and corresponding projects in this solution. This article will learn how to use Nuget to introduce MySql. Data package corresponding to. NET in the project, and how to […]