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  • HTTP vs http2 details


    Disadvantages of http1 The end of the thread is blockedIn this way, several requests are queued and serialized for single thread processing, and the subsequent requests can only be executed when the previous request returns. Once a request times out, the subsequent requests can only be blocked, and there is no way, that is, the […]

  • Build docker image warehouse agent


    When using kubernetes, we need to visit it frequently gcr.io Image warehouse, for well-known reasons, gcr.io It’s not accessible in China. gcr.azk8s . cn is gcr.io The proxy site of the image warehouse can be used to gcr.azk8s Visit www.cn gcr.io The image in the warehouse, but at present *. Azk8s.cn is only used by […]

  • No record website + CDN optimization


    previous Using foreign host and domestic host to achieve free record Previously usedOverseas hostCounter generationDomestic hostBut it suck at speed.So this time I changed tocdn(Hong Kong)+Domestic host 。 CDN vs reverse generation Reverse generation process:User access -> Overseas host requests domestic host -> Domestic host returned to overseas host -> Overseas hosts returned to users […]

  • SNI support for new features of spool v4.6


    Snore supports SNI in v4.6.0. This article demonstrates and explains this new feature. What is SNI protocol? Server name identification (SNI) is an extended TLS computer networking protocol, which is used to solve the problem that a server has multiple domain names. In this protocol, at the beginning of the handshake process, the client tells […]

  • Configure FRP to achieve intranet penetration


    Configure FRP to achieve intranet penetration FRP Chinese document:github.com/fatedier/frp/blob/maste… 1、 The role of FRP Use the machine behind the intranet or firewall to provide HTTP or HTTPS service to the external network environment. For HTTP, the HTTPS service supports domain name based virtual host, supports custom domain name binding, so that multiple domain names can […]

  • Windows 64 bit for wampserver or phpstudy Tencent cloud free SSL certificate installation


    catalog If the article is useful to you, please like it 1. Download certificate ​ Unzip and copy the Apache folder ​ 2. Open httpd.ini configuration file LoadModule ssl_ module modules/mod_ ssl.so Remove the “#” from the comments on this line Include extra/httpd- ssl.conf Remove the “#” from the comments on this line PS: No, […]

  • Upload static file of Vue to 7niu


    1. Apply for an account number on the official website of qiniu The specific application process is not detailed. It’s better to apply for your own domain nameGo to alicloud to configure CNAME 2. Modify the project index.js var path = require(‘path’) module.exports = { build: { env: require(‘./prod.env’), index: path.resolve(__dirname, ‘../dist/index.html’), assetsRoot: path.resolve(__dirname, ‘../dist’), […]

  • There must be something you don’t know about nginx!


    Springboot real e-commerce project Mall (25K + star) address: https://github.com/macrozheng/mall abstract This article will explain the skills of nginx in docker environment from three aspects: reverse proxy, file compression and address rewriting! Installation in docker environment Download the docker image of nginx docker pull nginx:1.10 Copy nginx configuration from container First run the container (to […]

  • Rapid deployment of blog based on alicloud lightweight application server


    brief introduction This tutorial introduces how to build and manage a website with WordPress as the mirror image on a lightweight application server. background knowledge Lightweight application serverLightweight application server is a new generation of computing services for stand-alone application scenarios. It provides services such as application one click deployment, one-stop domain name resolution, website […]

  • Using Alibaba cloud server hexo to build personal blog from scratch


    preface I always want to build my own personal blog. Now I finally have time, so I want to write down my own process. Sort out the process, and also hope to give some help to small partners who have the same idea. step Alibaba cloud server purchase About the operation of cloud server Configure […]

  • Yamacent admin RBAC background management system based on laravel framework


    Welcome to yamecent admin background management Environmental requirements rely on explain PHP PHP7+ Project brief Yamecent admin is a background management system based on laravel framework RBAC authority management module Complete UI components (imported from outside) Image upload, network request and other common JS public functions Continuous maintenance Installation tutorial Execute installation commandcomposer create-project woann/yamecent-adminperhapsgit […]

  • Afsecuritypolicy of afnetworking source code


    1. HTTPS and SSL / TSL SSL (secure sockets layer), because the original HTTP protocol used on the Internet is plaintext, has many disadvantages, such as the transmission content will be peeped and tampered. The role of SSL protocol is to encrypt the network connection in the transport layer. By 1999, SSL had become the […]