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  • Special notes for crmeb multi merchant system


    1. Environmental requirementsPagoda Linux panel installation is recommendedPHP version 7.3mysql 5.7mysql5. 7. Precautions for version:http://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…Latest version of Supervisor Managerhttp://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…2. Extensions that PHP needs to installfileinfo redis swoole4 swoole-loaderhttp://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…3. Pseudo static and running directories do not need to be set. If pseudo static is configured, the reverse agent cannot be added4. The reverse agent must be […]

  • Function and configuration of swagger


    In learning net core, I came into contact with swagger, learned and recorded Introducing swagger into pure api projects can generate visual API interface pages       Introduction package Nuget package:Swashbuckle. Aspnetcore (latest stable version) to configure 1. Configure the startup class configureservices method 1 public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) 2 { 3 // swagger […]

  • Quickly build web applications and learn the react background project template from scratch


    To build practical applications quickly, we cannot do without a good application template. As a tool produced by large manufacturers, react has the guarantee of stability and maintainability. At the same time, it can use a full set of relevant family buckets (react + react router + Axios + mobx + antd) for coherent and […]

  • Detailed steps of realizing domain name asset monitoring with Python


    Application scenario Domain name asset monitoring: enter a primary domain name to find the port opening and closing of the server where the IP address corresponding to the domain name is located. By doing such monitoring on a regular basis, you can help yourself know the overall exposure of your assets.   Required skills Simple […]

  • Weblogging configuration project root directory


    In the WEB-INF directory of the project, put a Weblogic XML file <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE weblogic-web-app PUBLIC “-//BEA Systems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 8.1//EN” “http://www.bea.com/servers/wls810/dtd/weblogic810-web-jar.dtd”> <weblogic-web-app> <context-root>/</context-root> </weblogic-web-app> Weblogic multi domain name configuration – configuration of virtual hostFirst point out that Weblogic publishes projects. If you don’t want a relative path (for example: ), on […]

  • New domain name of Taobao NPM mirror station


    Taobao NPM mirror station(http://npm.taobao.org)China’s front-end community has been running a simple mirror service in 2014, and it has been just a year since NPM started to give back to the outside world. Referring to the way of ruby gems Taobao image, I applied for taobao.com with Alibaba open source organization Org, and the name of […]

  • Nginx load balancing basic usage


    Nginx load balancing basic usage catalogue Nginx load balancing basic usage Install nginx Configure load balancing Mode 1, nginx Configuration in conf configuration file: Method 2: use include to import external files: Install nginx Download nginx from the official website:http://nginx.org/en/download.html Before installing nginx, you need to install some dependencies # gcc yum -y install gcc […]

  • HTTPS on the intranet web penetrated by FRP


    In 2021, who doesn’t have an HTTPS? It’s out without an SSL certificate Nginx The first method is to use nginx on the server side. Nginx monitors ports 80 and 443, forwards the request from the domain name to the port monitored by FRPs (such as 7000) through the reverse proxy of nginx, and then […]

  • How to bind the filed domain name to the server


    After the domain name is filed, how to bind it to the server? I will take Alibaba cloud as an example to explain the resolution operation 1、 Log in to Alibaba cloud official website[https://homenew.console.aliyu…] 2、 Enter in the search box“domain name”Keyword, click the console – domain name option in the search list 3、 Click in […]

  • Solve the problem of invalid host header of Vue project (two solutions)


    Background of the problem When making wechat H5 web page, when using peanut shell intranet penetration for debugging, open the web page to display: invalid host header Analyze problems Invalid host request header; Because when Vue is debugged, it is equivalent to starting a server for us to access (after we build, we can put […]

  • How to connect the network: Chapter 1


    The user inputs a URL to the browser and returns the life cycle of a network request. The book is divided into six parts: The application layer client generates HTTP and delegates it to the protocol stack of the operating system The protocol stack (TCP / IP module) calls the network card driver to generate […]

  • Understand these 9 steps and the principle of DNS access will be clear


    It’s the recruitment season again. I met a little interview partner two days ago. He said that the interviewer had a speculative conversation with him and talked about it inadvertentlyDNS requestThe process of. He was temporarily speechless and casually dealt with two sentences. Although the other party didn’t mean to ask questions, the final interview […]