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  • Operation and Maintenance Notes: free HTTPS certificate


    preface Before reading this article, if you don’t knowhttpandhttpsYes, we should first move to Baidu or Google. Source of certificate buy Self generated Linux command generation, prompt unsafe Using other third-party tools, cerbot is introduced here Operation steps Make sure that the domain name you want to add the certificate has been resolved to the […]

  • Let’s encrypt – use free SSL / TLS certificates


    Free SSL certificates are provided by domestic cloud service providers such as Alibaba and Tencent, but their certificates are only free for one year, and do not support free wildcard certificates. The charged certificates are at least 1K / year, which is certainly unbearable for individual users. Fortunately, we still have themLet’s Encrypt。 adoptLet’s EncryptAlthough […]

  • Deploy go admin to istio platform


    Deployment istio environment referenceistioOfficial website Create an independent namespace go admin and inject sidecar automatically kubectl create namespace go-admin kubectl label namespace go-admin istio-injection=enabled Create configuration configmap kubectl create configmap settings-admin –from-file=config/settings.yml -n go-admin PV and PVC are adjusted according to their own needs kubectl apply -f storage.yml -n go-admin #storage.yml — apiVersion: v1 kind: […]

  • The programming website perl.com IP address was robbed, and the domain name sold for $190000. Users should not log in temporarily


    The article begins with the official account number CSDN.   Perl, born in 1987, although not as active as young programming languages such as Python and rust in recent years, is still in the top 20 of the tiobe list 33 years later. Perl must have its irreplaceable advantages: it is widely used, especially in […]

  • Introduction notes to Vue basics 10: Vue resource, Axios


    Vue basic introduction notes 10 Get to know HTTP requests vue-resource The root domain name Vue. Http. Option. Root = ‘URL’ of the global setting data request interface cannot use an absolute path or /, otherwise the root domain name will not be spliced axios Jsonp principle Due to browser security restrictions, AJAX is not […]

  • Certbot request HTTPS certificate and deployment


    Many software no longer support python2, and I was forced to use python3So use PIP3Install certbot first pip3 install certbot Then install the nginx plug-in of certbot pip3 install certbot-nginx Because nginx is installed by itself, it does not create a new soft connection in the system variable. If the configuration of nginx is not […]

  • GitHub can not open the problem


    1、 Determine the IP address of the GitHub website Open web address: http://github.com.ipaddress.com/ github.com github.com 2、 Determine domain IP Open web address: http://github.global.ssl.fastly.net.ipaddress.com/ Or github.global.ssl.fastly.net github.global.ssl.fastly.net 3、 Determine static resource IP Open web address: http://assets-cdn.github.com.ipaddress.com/ assets-cdn.github.com assets-cdn.github.com 4、 Modify hosts file Build software better, together Build software […]

  • Pagoda panel mounting paper case CMS


    Installing nginx To run paper-based CMS on Linux, nginx needs to be used as the reverse proxy to reverse proxy all requests to the paper-based CMS program for processing. First, install nginx in the software store on the pagoda panel:   Select the version to install, select Install 1.18 here, and then click submit to […]

  • The Django project under windows is deployed through Apache 2.4 + mod_ wsgi


    sketch (please read the following information, which may help you) During the deployment in recent days, I encountered many problems. I want to record the deployment at that time and help friends in need. Here are other questions: I’ve tested using mod before_ The wsgi-cp38 version works with Apache. It is found that Django can […]

  • CentOS virtual host construction based on IP, domain name and port


    IP based virtual host construction in CentOS First, check that the httpd package is installed Install httpd package installation is complete Start service The main configuration file is / etc / httpd / conf / httpd.conf Edit the configuration file, move to the bottom and start modification Then create web1 and web2 at / var […]

  • Docker learning notes – Installation


    Environmental preparation Prepare a virtual machine, and the test environment is vmvare centos7 virtual machine; Operation steps Configure the yum image source and use the alicloud image source (if it is configured, skip this step) yum clean all wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo [http://mirrors.aliyun.com/repo/Centos-7.repo](http://mirrors.aliyun.com/repo/Centos-7.repo) yum makecache When setting the yum cache, I encountered an error and couldn’t […]

  • Three implementation methods of single sign on


    Excerpt fromJava learner communityAn article for everyone to learn fromOriginal address preface Implementation method 1: parent domain cookie Implementation mode 2: Certification Center Implementation method 3: localstorage cross domain Supplement: domain name classification preface stayB/SIn the system, the login function is usually based onCookieTo achieve. When the user logs in successfully, the login status is […]