• Python crawls the bid winning bid of Bibi network and saves it in PDF format


    preface The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. PS: if you need Python learning materials, you can click the link below to get them by yourself Python […]

  • What can low code do?


    Introduction:Gu Kan’s professional solutions accumulated in the field of medical informatization may be the best solution to find the rapid landing of smart hospitals if it can be supported by lightweight, highly flexible and highly efficient development support capabilities. “The epidemic situation has accelerated the development of medical informatization as a catalyst”, Shen Lingfei, chairman […]

  • Excellent open source collaborative office OA project, collected!


    Hello everyone, I’m a heartbroken editor for the majority of programmers. I recommend a small tool / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a little skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency, and achieve the goal of not working overtime, not staying up late and not losing your […]

  • Complete example of JS document form form element operation


    This paper describes the operation of JS document form form elements. For your reference, the details are as follows: <html> <head> < title > formform operation <meta charset=”UTF-8″/> <script type=”text/javascript”> function testForm(){ //The first way to get the form object is through ID, which is a common method var fm=document.getElementById(“fm”); Alert (FM); // output the […]

  • Simple operation complete example of JS document document


    This paper describes the simple operation of JS document. For your reference, the details are as follows: <html> <head> < title > JS document structure operation <meta charset=”UTF-8″/> <script type=”text/javascript”> function testFile(){ //Get element var showdiv=document.getElementById(“showdiv”); //Add attribute, append element showdiv.innerHTML=showdiv . innerHTML + “< div > < input type: ‘file’ value = ‘” / […]

  • Complete example of JS document content and style operation


    This article describes the content and style operation of JS document. To share with you for your reference, as follows: <html> <head> < title > JS doccolumn element content and style operation < / Title > <meta charset=”UTF-8″/> <script type=”text/javascript”> //Single label attribute operation //Actions for fixed attributes function testOper1(){ //Get object var inp=document.getElementById(“uname”); alert( […]

  • Unexpected token problem encountered by hexo + CSS


    Background of problem Using hexo + CSS simulation to implement weex documents, the syntax difference between page weex and Vue 2. X encountered problems. Problem description Create a new page, copy the content, and the hexo server runs. The console reports an error: FATAL Something’s wrong. Maybe you can find the solution here: http://hexo.io/docs/troubleshooting.html Template […]