• How to upgrade kernel 3.10 before installing CentOS docker


    For some friends who use CentOS 6. X, they want to change the 7, but the company structure is relatively stable, and it is not to say that they change. So, this article mainly explains how to upgrade the kernel to 3.10.5 under CentOS 6. X Before looking at the following content, there is a […]

  • Implementation method of docker deploying fastdfs


    Docker install fastdfs Mount directory -v /e/fdfs/tracker:/var/fdfs /e/fdfs/trackerstaywindowsThe folder path in isE:\fdfs\tracker /var/fdfsIs the absolute path to the file in the container View network Docker network LS ා network list docker network create –driver bridge –subnet= fastdfs_ fastdfs_ Net ා do not use to create custom network segment Download Image docker pull season/fastdfs Create the […]

  • Build a safe, reliable and minimized docker image


    Containerized deployment is more and more used in enterprise production environment. How to build itReliable, safe, minimizedOfDockerImage is becoming more and more important. This article will be aimed at this problem, through the way of principle and practice, to help you roll over from head to toe. The article is relatively long, mainly through five […]

  • Container technology review in 2019: listen to Tencent cloud talk about container technology entering the mature stage


    According to the data reported by relevant research institutions, the current market size of application containers will increase from $762 million in 2016 to $2.7 billion in 2020. Obviously easy, the great flexibility of introducing container effectively promotes its adoption rate, which makes enterprises increasingly rely on this technology. At the same time, container technology […]

  • The method of using nginx to proxy multiple application sites in docker


    preface What is the role of agency?-Multiple domain names resolved to the same server -It is convenient for multiple applications of one server to open only one port -Access to the application does not need to take the annoying port, direct domain name access -Application isolation -Reduce coupling – … Generally speaking, it is convenient […]

  • Talk about docker


    In the privatization part of Netease cloud trust IM, docker technology is used. Today, we will talk about docker in depth. What is docker?Docker is a tool that can package and deploy applications in the container. Here, you can think of the container as a simple version of Linux environment and the applications running in […]

  • Docker + daocloud to realize automatic construction and deployment of front-end projects


    The automation deployment of the project is more used in large companies or unicorns, which is more efficient than the manual deployment of the project. So this paper combines the knowledge points of docker and nginx learned before to simply realize the automatic deployment of vuejs project, which is similar to other projects. Operating environment […]

  • (high concurrency detection) I. redis cluster deployment


    1. Node planning: There are two ways: 1 master + many slaves, many to master. The second way shares the master node and is easy to expand and reduce. Container name container IP address mapping port number service operation mode Redis-master1 6391->6379,16391->6379 master Redis-master2 6392->6379,16392->6379 master Redis-master3 6393->6379,16393->6379 master redis-slave1 6394->6379,16394->6379 […]

  • Container Decade: a software delivery Chronicle


    Zhang Lei, senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud container platform, CNCF ambassador, senior member and maintainer of kubernetes project, once worked in hyper and Microsoft Research Institute (MSR), is now responsible for kubernetes technology and upstream and downstream related work. In 2019, developers all over the world began to use containers to test their own […]

  • Using verdaccio to create NPM private library


    Using verdaccio to create NPM private library Article description This article is recorded in the language sparrow. You can see how to create NPM private library with verdaccio.

  • Docker’s words


    Here are the notes to read “play docker container technology for 5 minutes every day”: Each instruction in the dockerfile will create a mirror layer. The upper layer depends on the lower layer. Whenever a layer changes, the cache of all layers above it will fail. docker build -t target_image_name .The. At the end of […]

  • Use urlos to install rtorrent quickly (a lightweight and excellent BT / Pt client)


    Rtorrent is a very simple, excellent and lightweight BT client. It is written in C + + using ncurses library. It is ideal to use rtorrent as a remote BT client on the low-end system with GNU screen and secure shell installed. Generally speaking, it’s difficult to install rtorrent and rutorrent, because you have to […]