• Details of docker common instructions


    Instruction detailed Pull image from remote warehouse //Docker image pull library / Hello World pull from library by default can be omitted docker image pull hello-world View image list docker image ls Run a docker image to generate a container instance // operation docker run hello-world //Echo will print a piece of text in the […]

  • Docker installs and configures alicloud image acceleration


    DockerIt is an open source application container engine based on go language and Apache 2.0 protocol. Why useDockerWhat about it? Because docker can install applications, build environments and deploy applications flexibly, and can save money.DockerThe three most common installation methods areScript installation,Yum installationandRPM installation。 This paper mainly introducesRPM installation。 Script installation and Yum installation, you […]

  • Using Maven plug-in to build docker image for spring boot application


    Spring boot actual e-commerce project Mall (20k + star) address: https://github.com/macrozheng/mall abstract This article mainly introduces how to use Maven plug-in to package spring boot application as docker image and upload it to docker registry, a private image warehouse. Docker Registry Docker registry 2.0 building docker run -d -p 5000:5000 –restart=always –name registry2 registry:2 If […]

  • Starting elastic search, kibana, cerebro with docker


    Starting elastic search, kibana, cerebro with docker Uninstall the old version of docker Older versions of docker are known as docker or docker engine. If these are already installed, uninstall them and their associated dependencies. sudo yum remove docker \ docker-client \ docker-client-latest \ docker-common \ docker-latest \ docker-latest-logrotate \ docker-logrotate \ docker-engine Keep the […]

  • Getting started with docker – using docker compose


    About compose The compose project is the official open source project of docker, which is responsible for the rapid arrangement of docker container clusters. Its code is currently open-source on https://github.com/docker/com. Compose positioning is an application that defines and runs multiple docker containers. Its predecessor is the open source project Fig. Through the introduction of […]

  • 30 unknown container technology tools and resources


    Software container technology affects everyone in it team from developers, testers, operation and maintenance personnel to analysts. It is not just a tool for system administrators like virtualization. The size and integrity of the container package allows team members to deploy a complete environment within seconds. Container is a good tool, which brings a series […]

  • The principle of installation and operation and maintenance of rainbow cluster


    This paper will interpret the installation and operation and maintenance principle of rainbow cluster, so that users can basically understand the installation mechanism and operation and maintenance focus of rainbow cluster, so that users can build a large rainbow cluster. 1. Overview of rainbow cluster nodes 1.1 node classification attribute type Explain manage Management node […]

  • Help customers build an open, intelligent and controllable cloud


    In recent years, more and more enterprises have adopted SDN (network software defined network) technology in their own network systems, in order to improve the flexibility and agility of ICT facilities. Especially in the construction of cloud infrastructure such as data center, SDN is considered to be an effective way to improve the ability and […]

  • Teach you to deploy mongodb database with docker


    1. What is docker This development tool with cute dolphin logo is our C-MAN today, docker. Let’s take a look at the definition of docker on the Internet: “Docker is an open-source application container engine, which allows developers to package their applications and dependency packages into a portable container, and then publish them to any […]

  • Docker management panel – urlos (easy to use, efficient and powerful)


    I. Introduction Urlos is a docker management panel, which simplifies the installation behavior of server-side software applications to the extreme. It can be called a server-side application treasure. It has advanced functions such as cluster management, automatic failover, automatic load balancing, and can easily build a 7 * 24-hour online website operation environment. With the […]

  • How to run elastic search on rancher


    Elasticsearch is one of the most popular big data set analysis platforms. It is a very useful tool for log aggregation, business intelligence, machine learning and other use cases. Elastic search is based on the simple API of rest, which makes it very easy to create indexes, add data and make complex queries, which is […]

  • Dnnmmp update: docker visual management tool, Porter


    Dnnmmp update 1.2.4 Add docker visual management tool portal What is porter? Introduction: portainer is a lightweight management interface that allows you to easily manage different docker environments (docker hosts or swarm clusters). The functions are very comprehensive, which can basically meet the needs of small and medium-sized units for container management. Rapid deployment: Add […]