• How to migrate a website program to urlos


    preparation: Website program file Website program database file (XXX. SQL) Operation process: The environment required to install the web site program. (php5.6 + Apache is used in this case) Install phpMyAdmin database management tool. Use phpMyAdmin to import the database file of the web site program. Use the SFTP tool to upload the website program […]

  • Cloud primary weekly report No.1 | June 24, 2019 ~ June 28, 2019


    Link to the original text: cloud original weekly report, issue 1, June 24, 2019 to June 28, 2019 1. Preface Cloud native can not only support Internet applications very well, but also profoundly affect new computing architecture and new intelligent data applications. Cloud native technologies, such as container, service grid, microservice and serverless, bring a […]

  • Introduction to the battle of urlos – HelloWorld


    Before application development, start the dev mode Create Hello World appUpgrade Hello World app (allow dynamic page content setting) 1. Log in to the virtual machine with SSH, and set the value of envtype in the / data / urlos / master-config / config.json file to dev. 2. Open a browser and log in to […]

  • Implementation method of building elk cluster with docker compose


    All the orchestration files and configuration files can access my GitHub. As long as you modify the path in the configuration file, you can quickly build a 3-instance es cluster and a kibana instance. Plan It is planned to create three es instances to form a cluster, and at the same time create a kibana […]

  • K8s ecological weekly | runc v1.0.0-rc9 release


    The content of k8s ecological weekly mainly includes some recommended information about k8s ecology that I have been exposed to every week. Welcome to the k8s ecology column. Runc v1.0.0-rc9 release Unconsciously, runc v1.0.0-rc9 was released recently. My friends who have paid attention to my article in the past should have seen that I have […]

  • Docker compose custom network implementation fixed container IP address


    Due to the default bridge bridge network, the IP address will be changed after restarting the container. In some scenarios, we want to fix the container IP address.Docker compose is a choreographer tool of docker, which creates network, container, etc. relative to command mode. Using configuration files is relatively convenient and traceable. Paste docker-compose.yml directly […]

  • Cloud original weekly: Issue 3


    This article is first introduced in the official account of WeChat public, cloud primary laboratory, official account ID:cloud_native_yang. This is the 3rd issue of cloud native weekly, mainly sharing the latest open source projects and related information of cloud native community. If you have any excellent projects and information, please submit to me at [email protected] […]

  • A detailed explanation of the differences between docker compose ports and expose


    There are two ways to expose the container’s ports in docker compose: ports and expose. ports Ports exposes the container port to any port or specified port of the host. Usage: ports: -“80:80” ා bind port 80 of container to port 80 of host -“9000:8080” ා bind port 8080 of container to port 9000 of […]

  • Introduction to the battle of urlos – making lap Website Environment


    1. Make lap image1.1. Log in to the host machine using SSH, create the dockerfiel file and fill in the following contents FROM php:7.2.16-apache-stretch ENV TIME_ZONE Asiz/Shanghai RUN sed -i ‘s~//.*.debian.org~//mirrors.aliyun.com~’ /etc/apt/sources.list \ && apt-get update \ && apt-get install -y libxml2-dev libicu-dev libzip-dev \ && docker-php-ext-install zip bcmath intl mbstring mysqli pdo_mysql exif sockets […]

  • Using docker to quickly deploy elk and connect with springboot


    Using docker to quickly deploy elk 1. Introduction to software & Tools Elk is the abbreviation of three open source software, which respectively means: elastic search, logstash, kibana, they are all open source software. A new filebeat is added, which is a lightweight log collection and processing tool (agent). Filebeat takes up less resources and […]

  • How to customize image for docker dockerfile


    Using dockerfile to customize image The customization of image is actually to customize the configuration and files added by each layer. If we can write the commands of modification, installation, construction and operation of each layer into a script, and use this script to build and customize the image, the problems that cannot be repeated, […]

  • Devops small scale continuous integration practice based on wall (III) docker and gitlab


    Are you still configuring the service configuration account step by step according to the MySQL installation tutorial? Are you still struggling to reconfigure these services for each new environment? Using docker, the service can build and deploy quickly. Solve your R & D time, get off work early ~ modern technology, you will not be […]