• K8S Ecological Weekly | Kubernetes v1.25 discards the GlusterFS volume plugin


    The content of “K8S Ecological Weekly Report” mainly includes some recommended weekly information related to the K8S ecology that I have come into contact with. Welcome to subscribe to Zhihu column“k8s ecology”。 Hello everyone, I am Zhang Jintao. There are a lot of things this week, and I basically pay attention to the progress of […]

  • CentOS Linux 8 End of Life


    The past December 31, 2021 was the day when CentOS Linux 8 reached the end of life as a free alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. A year ago CentOS/Red Hat announced that they were shifting their focus to CentOS Stream as the new upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux going forward.CentOS Linux 8 […]

  • python operation docker kafka


    this machineIPYes10.30.6.24, the following configuration process needs to be based on your ownIPInformation configuration modification kafkause by default127.0.0.1access configurationcompose.yamlThe file is as follows services: zookeeper: image: zookeeper container_name: demo-zookeeper ports: – “2181:2181” restart: always kafka: image: wurstmeister/kafka container_name: demo-kafka ports: – “9092:9092” ulimits: nofile: soft: 262144 hard: 262144 environment: DOCKER_API_VERSION: 1.41 KAFKA_ADVERTISED_LISTENERS: “PLAINTEXT://” KAFKA_LISTENERS: “PLAINTEXT://” […]

  • Docker way to achieve postgres data persistence offline installation


    save image [email protected]:~# docker pull postgres Using default tag: latest latest: Pulling from library/postgres a2abf6c4d29d: Already exists  e1769f49f910: Pull complete  33a59cfee47c: Pull complete  461b2090c345: Pull complete  8ed8ab6290ac: Pull complete  495e42c822a0: Pull complete  18e858c71c58: Pull complete  594792c80d5f: Pull complete  794976979956: Pull complete  eb5e1a73c3ca: Pull complete  6d6360292cba: Pull complete  131e916e1a28: Pull complete  757a73507e2e: Pull complete  Digest: sha256:f329d076a8806c0ce014ce5e554ca70f4ae9407a16bb03baa7fef287ee6371f1 Status: Downloaded newer image for postgres:latest docker.io/library/postgres:latest [email protected]:~#  [email protected]:~# docker save > postgres.tar postgres:latest  [email protected]:~# ll postgres.tar -rw-r–r– 1 root root 381950976 Mar 30 08:04 postgres.tar [email protected]:~# import image [email protected]:~# docker load -i postgres.tar  7ab4f6ae3ff7: Loading layer [==================================================>]  10.18MB/10.18MB db8b35906c8d: Loading layer [==================================================>]    340kB/340kB f9f2c722c092: Loading layer [==================================================>]   4.19MB/4.19MB 75be6af37d28: Loading layer [==================================================>]   25.7MB/25.7MB 15dd9dd29d12: Loading layer [==================================================>]  1.682MB/1.682MB 1d5d2439ed88: Loading layer [==================================================>]  2.048kB/2.048kB 920ba1e03a88: Loading layer [==================================================>]  6.656kB/6.656kB eb96dca5c689: Loading layer [==================================================>]  255.8MB/255.8MB 3acb2bfab7b0: Loading layer [==================================================>]  66.56kB/66.56kB 140aef27609a: Loading layer [==================================================>]  2.048kB/2.048kB c06253083edb: Loading layer [==================================================>]  3.584kB/3.584kB e7b07b473569: Loading layer [==================================================>]  15.36kB/15.36kB Loaded image: postgres:latest Start the container [email protected]:~# mkdir /data/postgres -p [email protected]:~# docker run –name postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=thinker -p 5432:5432 -v /data/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/data -d postgres ae30b561a607210d4cbb42f5cc344898341124feeb1a2e5fe68031ec1a46b5b4 [email protected]:~# docker ps | grep postgres  ae30b561a607   postgres             “docker-entrypoint.s…”   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>5432/tcp, :::5432->5432/tcp                       postgres access test [email protected]:~# docker exec -it ae30b561a607 bash [email protected]:/# su postgres [email protected]:/$ psql […]

  • Docker deploys the jar project and pushes it to Dockerhub


    1. Write Dockerfile FROM java:8 MAINTAINER kason < Your email @88.com> ADD admin-api-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar test.jar EXPOSE 7001 ENTRYPOINT [“java”,”-jar”,”test.jar”] 2. Generate a mirror image docker build -t bl-play-api-admin-test:1.0.0 . 3, Run the image and generate the container docker run -d -p 7001:7001 bl-play-api-admin-test:1.0.0 Can be accessed normally: 4. Log in to dockerhub docker login Login with […]

  • docker desktop installed on windows11


    1. Install Hyper-V Create hyper.bat, copy the following code into it, run the script as an administrator, and actually download the virtual machine that comes with Windows ushd “%~dp0″ dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\*Hyper-V*.mum >hyper-v.txt for /f %%i in (‘findstr /i . hyper-v.txt 2^>nul’) do dism /online /norestart /add-package:”%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\%%i” del hyper-v.txt Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Hyper-V-All /LimitAccess /ALL […]

  • Deploy VSCode on Kubernetes cluster


    Deploy VSCode on Kubernetes cluster Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code is a lightweight yet powerful source code editor that runs on your desktop for Windows, macOS and Linux. It has built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, and provides a rich ecosystem of extensions for other languages ​​(such as C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, […]

  • Install and use IoTDB on Linux MacBook Docker


    IotDB decompression installation InfluxDB and IotDB introduction and performance comparison IotDB official download address IotDB official document address IotDB is developed in Java, JDK needs to be installed to run, and oracle JDK is installed. It is not recommended to use the built-in openJDK # unzip unzip apache-iotdb-0.11.2-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip # enter the main directory cd apache-iotdb-0.11.2-SNAPSHOT […]

  • Online drawing tool Freedgo Design design uml


    Record an online drawing tool website, which can do beautiful UML design work, visit address: Freedgo Design Click to edit online: Make UML tool edit page online

  • docker-compose common commands


    Document address:Official documentation:https://docs.docker.com/compo… I test commands and write documentation on 3A server docker-compose [-f <arg>…] [options] [COMMAND] [ARGS…]Some command options are as follows: -f, –file: Specify the Compose template file to use, the default is docker-compose.yml, you can specify multiple times, specify multiple yml;-p, –project-name: Specify the project name, the name of the directory where […]

  • Linux kernel C language will be upgraded


    According to the Linux kernel mailing list, the community has recently discussed whether to adopt the modern C language standard for the kernel.While the Linux kernel is growing rapidly, it also relies on some very old tools, one of which is that the kernel code still uses the 1989 version of the C language standard […]

  • 【docker】documentation[continuously added…]


    Full-stack technology sharing, dynamic update of API documents, simple and easy-to-understand technical points, quick startIf it is helpful, please like it. If you are interested, follow and add bookmarks to get more documents, which are convenient for reference at any time. If you have any questions, please leave a message to discuss Virtualization A resource […]