• Running Hadoop in docker and image making method


    Repeat the wheel, here we use repackaging to generate a Hadoop image based on docker; Hadoop cluster depends on the following software: JDK, SSH, etc., so as long as these two items are also related to Hadoop, they can be packaged into the image; Configuration file preparation 1. Hadoop related configuration file: Core- site.xml 、hdfs- […]

  • The core and installation of docker


    1、 What is docker? (1) Docker is an open source tool to run applications in Linux container. It is a lightweight “virtual machine” The logo is designed as a blue whale. The whale can be seen as a host. The container above can be understood as an isolated container. Each container contains its own application. […]

  • Application of docker data management and network communication


    You can install docker and simple operation through dokcer core and installation. 1、 How to create docker image Docker image is not only the core technology of docker, but also the standard format of application publishing. A complete docker image can support the operation of a docker container. In the whole process of using docker, […]

  • Docker installs redis 5.0.7 and mounts external configuration and data problems


    Redis is an open source NoSQL database written in ANSI C language, supporting network, memory based and persistent, key value NoSQL database, and provides API in multiple languages. Environmental Science CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core) Pull redis 5.0.7 image docker pull redis:5.0.7 Create mount directory mkdir -p /home/app/redis/conf mkdir -p /home/app/redis/data download redis.conf redis.conf address […]

  • How to install docker in CentOS


    Recently, I need to configure docker on centos6, but I used to play it on Ubuntu. I didn’t find any articles on the Internet that I could match directly. There would be some holes in it. After several articles, I worked hard for a long time and finally succeeded. I promise you to follow my […]

  • Whole process strategy of deploying docker container environment on centos6. X


    Docker.io Is a lightweight “container engine + image repository”, built on the basis of LxC (Linux lightweight container), can run any application.docker.io The core layer consists of the following parts:1. Executable program, “/ usr / bin / docker”2、 docker.io The site has a series of created operating system and application images3. Aufs (another unified file […]

  • Detailed explanation of docker image layering principle


    Base image Base image has two meanings Independent of other images, build from scratch Other images can be expanded on this basis Therefore, base images are generally docker images of various Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS. Base images provide the smallest installed Linux distribution. Most of our images will be built on […]

  • Construction and interface management of docker private warehouse


    1、 About registry The official docker hub is a good place to manage public images. We can find the image we want on it, or push our own image. But sometimes our usage scenarios require us to have a private image repository to manage our own images. This can be achieved through the open source […]

  • Discussion on alicloud service architecture of small and medium sized enterprises (2) initial stage


    Project start-up period (concurrent < 100)As a start-up, cost is the first consideration. In terms of requirements and technical implementation, it is necessary to meet the initial requirements with the final server and technical cost. As shown in the figure: At this time, the concurrent user goals will not be too much, and the entire […]

  • Implementation of docker cross host network (manual)


    1. Introduction to macvlan Before the advent of macvlan, we could only add multiple IP addresses to an Ethernet card, but not multiple MAC addresses, because MAC addresses are used to identify an Ethernet card through its global uniqueness, even if you use create ethx:y In this way, you will find the MAC address and […]

  • Deploying springboot project to docker based on idea


    This article mainly introduces how to deploy the springboot project to docker based on idea. The introduction of the example code is very detailed, which has certain reference value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it 1、 Idea install docker plug-in 1. Installation 2. Configuration Note: to make docker accessible […]

  • Implementation of docker overlay


    1、 Docker cross host communication Docker cross host network solutions include: Docker native overlay and macvlan.Third party solutions: commonly used include flannel, weave and calico.Docker integrates the above solutions with docker through libnetwork and CNM. Libnetwork is the docker container network library. The core content of libnetwork is the container network model (CNM) defined by […]