• 12. Use the Docker Compose container orchestration tool


    Through the previous use, we found that starting a container from the mirror is very complex, mapping ports, daemons, mount directories, container naming, privilege mode and so on, with many parameters. And there are dozens or hundreds of containers in the production environment, but how can we operate one by one? Is there a good […]

  • Notes for Windows 7 to use docker


    Installed is Docker toolbox, not Docker Desktop Docker Toolbox is implemented by creating virtual Box virtual machines, whose virtual disks default toC: Users User name dockerNext, if you don’t have much space left on your system disk, you’ll make mistakes later. You can use virtual media management in virtualBox to move to other disks After […]

  • Implementation of Docker Data Volume Operation


    Introduction to Data Volume In the previous case, if we need to copy data from the host to the container, we usually use Docker’s copy command, so the performance is still slightly poor, and there is no way to make this copy achieve local disk I/O performance? Yes! Data volumes can bypass the copy system, […]

  • Doker Jenkins gitlab automatic deployment NodeJs project and env node not foundation solution


    I. Jenkins configuration 1. Install NodeJS PluginSearch the plug-in management interface for Node to find NodeJS, install and restart it. After success, the following figure is shown: 2. Configure NodeJS ServerIn the global tool configuration, the following configuration: II. Project Configuration Choose “Building a Free Software Style Project” and configure it as follows:1. Configure git […]

  • URLOS-0.4.0 Publication: Promoting the Safety Protection Upgrade of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Websites


    Recently, Guangzhou Longevity Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. launched a more flexible and powerful version of URLOS-0.4.0! The product adds the functions of website attack protection and host monitoring, repairs the known problems and strengthens the stability of the system, further meets the needs of users and improves the user experience.(Figure 1: Attack Protection)URLOS is a […]

  • Method and steps of docker to build LNMP environment


    Create a project catalog mkdir php Create the following project structure Sites directory places project files Service directory placement service-related configuration Placing custom scripts in script ├── Readme.md ├── docker-compose.yml ├── script ├── services │ ├── mariadb │ │ └── Dockerfile │ ├── nginx │ │ ├── Dockerfile │ │ ├── conf.d │ │ │ […]

  • How does Kubernetes win the Container War?


    Ali Mei’s Guide Reading:Kubernetes has been a hot topic in recent years and has been widely promoted in various technical forums. At the same time, the concept of DevOps has come to you. The vast number of students can simply operate and maintain complex commercial distributed systems, breaking the boundaries between traditional development and operation […]

  • Docker provides API access


    Docker provides API access Environment CentOS vim /etc/docker/daemon.json Add the following configuration { “hosts”: [ “tcp://”, “unix:///var/run/docker.sock” ] } After adding deamon. JSON The dockerd command can start the docker At this time request can be accessed normally. Failure to start docker with system CTL systemctl restart docker systemctl start docker Unable to start […]

  • When Runc 1.0-rc7 was released


    At the end of November 18, I wrote an article entitled “On the occasion of the release of runc 1.0-rc6”. If you don’t know what runc is and how to use it, please refer to my article. In this paper, the concept and usage are not explained any more. When runc 1.0-rc6 was released, alias […]

  • Why focus on streaming media? Continuation of PPIO Technology Discovery


    When all kinds of audio and video applications are flooding the market, there is no doubt that the field of streaming media will be very suitable for the scenario landing of block chain technology. In the last article, we mainly discussed the PCDN architecture of PPIO. Next, we will introduce the download logic of P2SP […]

  • Various problems encountered by novices when loading MySQL into docker


    Preface Recently, the computer often shuts down for a long time. It always needs to press the power button for a long time to shut down. I don’t know what’s going on. Later, I checked the log when I shut down and found that MySQL couldn’t stop. This is disturbing! What should I do? After […]

  • Using Docker to install Gitlab and related configurations


    Recently, in learning about automation deployment, automation deployment involves Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab and so on. Today, I played gitlab through docker. Here are some experiences. Install Gitlab Docker installation service is very convenient, we use docker to install Gitlab, run the following command to view Gitlab image file Search Mirror sudo docker search gitlab There […]