• How can docker play like this? Commercial level 4G agent construction practice!


    Time flies fast. It’s two weeks since the last article in this series, “commercial 4G agent building guide [preparation],” was released. Last week, due to all kinds of trivia, I had no time to write articles since Tuesday, so I googled. In the preparation part, we have learned about the hardware and software needed to […]

  • Kubernetes CRD Development Guide


    Extend kubernetes two most commonly used and most needed things: custom resource CRD and administration webhook. This article shows you how to master CRD development in ten minutes Kubernetes allows users to customize their own resource objects, just like the deployment statefullset, which is widely used. For example, Prometheus opter defines Prometheus objects, and a […]

  • Kubeadm source code analysis


    K8s off-line installation package three-step installation, simple to incredible Kubeadm source code analysis To be honest, the code of kubeadm is written with a general sincerity, and the quality is not very high. Here are some key points. Let’s talk about some core things kubeadm does: Kubeadm generates Certificate in / etc / kubernetes / […]

  • A tutorial of configuring network connection between docker containers under Linux


    Docker containers are all independent and isolated environments. However, they usually work only when they communicate with each other.Although there are many ways to connect containers, I will not try to discuss them all. But in this series of methods, we’ll look at the common ones.Although it seems very simple, it is very important for […]

  • Kubernetes offline package analysis


    K8s offline package analysis Product address Acknowledgement Hello everyone, first of all, thank you for your support for our products, especially for the continuous support of some old customers, so that I can have the motivation to continue this matter. Thank you for your recognition of fee products and respect for payment Product introduction We […]

  • Quick installation of nodejs environment with urlos


    Environmental needs The minimum hardware configuration: 1 core CPU, 1G memory (1 + 1). Note: if you have more applications, but the hardware configuration of the host node is low, it is recommended to enable virtual virtual memory when deploying the node; 2G or more memory is recommended for production environment; Recommended installation system: 64 […]

  • Customized development of kubernetes process


    Three step installation of kubernetes cluster Summary This paper introduces how to develop kubernetes, how to manage warehouse, how to manage git branch, how to use Ci to compile and publish and how to contribute code to the community, etc. combined with practical examples, I hope to help you. <!–more–> Construction of development environment Fork […]

  • Introduction to istio


    Advertisement | kubernetes offline installation package install Install k8s strong insert advertisement Three step installation, not much to say It is recommended to install helm in the production environment, and parameters can be adjusted<!–more–> Release address As I used version 2.9.1 Yum install – y socat? Error will be reported if this is not installed […]

  • Dry goods | Boyun’s implementation of container network plug-in in financial enterprises based on OVS


    This article is organized according to the content shared by Boyun in the wechat group of dockerone community In the past few years, Boyun has encountered a lot of pain points in landing the container cloud platform in the enterprise. One of the more typical pain points is from the network. Today, I’m glad to […]

  • How to use data architecture to drive enterprise growth?


    For architects, the development of technology is endless. In the process of building and practicing intelligent data architecture, architects will encounter some doubts and challenges more or less. How to solve some problems encountered in the architecture construction? What are the new industry trends and technical methods in the field of architecture construction? Recently, on […]

  • [docker topic (5)] install LNMP (multi PHP version and pagoda)


    [info] you can understand it a little bit. In fact, this is not the case. It is all choreographed through docker compose. Install LNMP (multiple PHP versions) Download the corresponding image version Https://hub.docker.com/ search image docker pull mysql:8.0 docker pull mysql:5.7 docker pull php:7.2-fpm docker pull php:5.6-fpm docker pull nginx:1.15 Create containers, map working directories […]

  • [some websites are being updated…]


    laradock.io :Laradock strives to make the PHP development experience easier and faster.windows-php-redis:windows-php-rediswindows-php-redis-igbinary:windows-php-redis-igbinary