• Build a safe, reliable and minimized docker image


    Containerized deployment is more and more used in enterprise production environment. How to build itReliable, safe, minimizedOfDockerImage is becoming more and more important. This article will be aimed at this problem, through the way of principle and practice, to help you roll over from head to toe. The article is relatively long, mainly through five […]

  • Docker learning (3) Java application docker deployment


    The Java microservice deployment servers we wrote before are troublesome. You need to install Java in the server, configure the environment variables, and then upload the war and jar package to the server for deployment. Especially when spring boot is not used before, you need to install tomact. Today, let’s talk about using docker deployment. […]

  • Image (Mirror) of Docker Learning (2)


    We know that Image is one of the three components of Docker. Docker needs a local image before running the container. If the image does not exist locally, Docker downloads the image from the image warehouse. Next, let’s look at how to get the mirror. Getting Mirror DockerHub has a large number of high-quality images […]

  • Introduction to Docker Use


    DockerIs usedGoLangDeveloped open source container engine can easily package developed applications and distribute them to arbitrary users.linuxOn the mainframe. Compared with traditional virtual machines, it has the following advantages: Efficient utilization of system resources Because there is no additional overhead such as hardware virtualization and running a complete operating system, whether it is application execution […]

  • Docker Ubuntu Installation


    DockerAs a new way of virtualization,DockerCompared with the traditional way of virtual machine, it has many advantages.Docker More efficient use of system resources、Faster startup time、Consistent operating environment、Continuous delivery and deployment、Easier migration、Easier maintenance and extension。 Bloggers First UseDockerI like this way very much. It is very convenient to configure once and run everywhere without repeating the […]

  • Build GitLab with Docker


    As an Internet worker, I believe so.GitHubthisThe world’s largest gay dating websiteIt must not be strange.GitHubIt is currently in full swing.GitDistributed version control system. GitWhat is it?GitAt present, it is one of the most advanced distributed version control systems in the world. aboutGitandGitHubYou can check out my previous tutorials. What this blog is about is […]

  • Understanding docker


    I. Docker’s working principle Comparison of Docker Container and Virtual Machine III. Management of Mirror Containers 1. Docker Key Components 2. Docker Architecture 3. Docker internal components Image: A Special File SystemDocker image is a special file system, which not only provides files such as programs, libraries, resources, configurations and so on, but also contains […]

  • Docker Image Modification Time Zone Based on Alpine and Ubuntu


    Preface When we use the basic mirror of pull abroad, the time zone becomes an unavoidable problem. Foreign time zones are usually UTC and need to be changed to domestic time zones CST. Ubuntu Basic Mirror Modification Time Zone FROM ubuntu:16.04 MAINTAINER [email protected] # Setting up time zone RUN ln-sf/usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/ShangHai/etc/localtime# has been tested and sometimes […]