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  • ASP. Net core development docker deployment


    Docker common commands docker info Check whether docker is installed correctly. If this command is not found, it indicates that docker is not installed correctly docker pull busybox Pull a pre built image sample_job=$(docker run -d busybox /bin/sh -c “while true; do echo Docker; sleep 1; done”) Run Hello docker as a background process sample_ […]

  • Detailed process of docker installation and deployment of onlyoffice


    0. System requirements CPU i5-10400f or above Memory 16 GB, best 32g The hard disk has at least 40 Gb of free space 1: Install docker desktop 2: Enter BIOS to set CPU virtualization https://jingyan.baidu.com/article/ab0b56305f2882c15afa7dda.html 3: Start docker desktop Error reporting solution:https://www.jb51.net/article/214820.htm 3: CMD to install onlyoffice Install universal: docker pull hub.c.163.com/gongzh/onlyoffice:latest function docker run […]

  • Detailed introduction to Seata docker high availability deployment


    edition 1.4.2 Official documents dockerhub start-up Through the environment variable Seata_ CONFIG_ Name specify the location of the configuration file / root / Seata config / registry.conf docker run –name seata-server \ -p 8091:8091 \ -e SEATA_CONFIG_NAME=file:/root/seata-config/registry \ -v /User/seata/config:/root/seata-config \ seataio/seata-server configuration file The realization of high availability depends on the registry, configuration center […]

  • Implementation steps of docker project deployment in idea


    Now most of the projects have been deployed on docker, but the deployment process is still a little troublesome, so this article would like to explain how to use the idea one click deployment. Docker configuration Modify configuration file Open the docker configuration file: vim /usr/lib/systemd/system/docker.service Comment out the following line: # ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd -H fd:// […]

  • Tutorial of deploying open source project tcloud with docker on centos8


    1、 Install docker 1. I am a virtual machine installed centos7, Linux 3.10 kernel. Docker officially said that it should be at least 3.8 or above, and it is recommended that it be at least 3.10 or above (Ubuntu requires Linux kernel 3.8 or above) Log in to the root account and check the kernel […]

  • Spring boot integrates docker deployment to realize two ways to build docker image


    Docker is an open source engine, which can easily create a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container for any application. The containers that developers compile and test on laptops can be deployed in production environment in batches, including VMS (virtual machine), bare metal, openstack cluster and other basic application platforms. Application scenario of docker Automatic packaging and […]