• Doker compose operation in laradock environment


    All of the following commands need to be run in the laradock folder in command line mode Building nginx docker-compose build nginx Building nginx without cache docker-compose build –no-cache nginx Open nginx docker-compose up -d nginx Stop nginx docker-compose stop nginx Stop all running containers without deleting them docker-compose stop Stop and delete the running […]

  • Using docker compose to deploy Django and vue.js applications


    Preface The main content of this paper is to deploy the back-end Django rest framework and the front-end vue.js application by using the docker compose practice. Record some of the pits encountered and the solutions. Preparing the docker compose environment System: Ubuntu 16.04 (alicloud)User name in Code: Test Install Docker # install docker ## prepare […]

  • Mac docker creates the first Django application, Part 3


    Step 3: MAC docker creates the first Django application, Part 3 Writing your first Django app, Part 3In this article, Python is built in Django compose + Django to execute python, which needs to enter the web server container. Please refer to [step 1: build Django container on MAC]Translation: CK Part 3: development front end […]

  • Mac docker creates the first Django application, Part 2


    Step 2: MAC docker creates the first Django application, Part 2 Writing your first Django app, Part 2In this article, Python is built in Django compose + Django to execute python, which needs to enter the web server container. Please refer to [step 1: build Django container on MAC]Translation: CK Part 2: configure backend 1. […]

  • Software series of tutorials: (1) using docker to install and deploy software


    I have written an article about docker installation and deployment of swoft before, but there is some redundancy and confusion, so I rewrite it as the beginning of the tutorial. Do you want to read it? Swoft project: https://github.com/swoft-clouSwoft documentation: https://doc.swoft.org/Swoft image: https://hub.docker.com/r/swof Swoft introduction The first PHP high-performance full stack framework based on swoole […]

  • Run elasticsearch, kibana and cerebro in docker (alicloud Ubuntu)


    Continued from the previous section: installation and simple configuration of elasticsearch 7. X (Alibaba cloud Ubuntu) Cerebro is an open source (MIT licensed) elastic search web management tool built with Scala, play framework, angularjs and bootstrap. https://github.com/lmenezes/c… System environment Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 lts (Alibaba cloud) System IP #Intranet, private address 172. Inside. Inside. Inside […]

  • [docker topic (7)] docker compose


    Docker compose is a tool for docker containers to choreograph, define and run multi container applications, and start multiple containers with one command. Using compose basically consists of three steps: Dockerfile defines the running environment of the application Docker-compose.yml defines the services that make up the application Docker compose up starts the whole application Install […]

  • [docker topic (8)] single node best practice


    Command shortcut wget -P ~ https://github.com/a5635268/docker_dev/.bashrc_docker; echo “[ -f ~/.bashrc_docker ] && . ~/.bashrc_docker” >> ~/.bashrc; source ~/.bashrc #Enter container docker-enter nginx #Run command on container docker-enter nginx — uptime docker-enter nginx — df -h #Information view docker-ip nginx docker-pid nginx [info] other specific commands can extend the source file bashrc [u docker] laradock Take […]

  • Experience recall (pure manual) = > comprehensive recall of docker syntax


    Hello Docker Official installation tutorial: https://docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/ubuntu/ Go in and select the corresponding system / distribution, copy paste run according to the command. It can be installed successfully (no extra operation is required at all) Image (mirror) docker search Docker search Python lists the images provided by dockerhub Docker pull (download) Docker pull Python: 3.7 download […]

  • Experience recall (pure manual) = > Python version – simple example of docker using selenium


    The contents of dockerfile are as follows FROM python RUN pip install -i http://pypi.douban.com/simple \ requests selenium retrying –trusted-host pypi.douban.com Docker-compose.yaml is as follows version: “3.7” services: myspider: build: . Volumes: data volume mapping – /root/mycode:/root/mycode command: python /root/mycode/1.py #Depend on the selenium service below. Note that this dependency can only be achieved #Selenium service […]

  • Fast installation and simple use of docker and docker compose


    This article will use daocloud source to install docker and docker compose quickly and easily on UbuntuAn example of using nginx through dockerfile and docker-compose.yml is addedThe system information used in this article is as follows Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Release: 16.04 Installation and use of docker Brief introduction Docker is an […]

  • Docker compose to configure spring environment


    Recently, we need to package the project for members to test, but after the package runs, it will affect the development, so we plan to usedockerSimulate the production environment to run the packaged project, so that it can be developed and tested for members.Because the original project is too large, we plan to take the […]