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  • Leetcode refers to offer 11. Rotate the smallest number of arrays | Python


    Rotate the smallest number in the array Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/xuan-zhuan-shu-zu-de-zui-xiao-shu-zi-lcof subject Moving the first elements of an array to the end of an array is called array rotation. Input a rotation of an incremental sorted array and output the smallest element of the rotated array. For example, the array [3,4,5,1,2] is a rotation of [1,2,3,4,5], […]

  • Principle and practice of front end responsive layout


    preface As a front-end developer, responsive website development is one of the necessary skills. Response has its good advantages and disadvantages. This requires us to make trade-offs when developing. For the website with less content and mainly for display, it adopts the responsive mode; for the website with more content and management class, it adopts […]

  • Rxjava2 use notes


    Subject Subject can be regarded as a bridge or agent. In some reactive x implementations (such as rxjava), it acts as both the observer and the observable. Because it is an observer, it can subscribe to one or more observables, and because it is an observable, it can forward the data it receives or send […]