• 01. Basic data type


    Basic data types (7) number 1,2,3…… string Hello, Hello, hello boolean false/ true null   undefined   symbol   object arr/fuction Identifier:All user-defined names are called identifiers 1. Cannot start with a number 2. Case sensitive (name and name are two variables) 3. The identifier is generally known by name  

  • I also upgraded my own online editor and added regular expression search and replacement function to it


    Of course, the search and replace function can choose not to select regular expressions. Two key functions (it took three hours for the test to succeed), it’s time to come! Check “regular?” After that, you can search content across lines. function find(isdesc){ var startPos=Editor.selectionStart,endPos=Editor.selectionEnd; var isreg=document.se.isreg.checked; var str=document.se.find.value; if(str==”)return false; var tmpStr=Editor.value,len=str.length,ss=-1; if(tmpStr==”)return false; //console.log(startPos+’,’+endPos+’,’+tmpStr.length); […]

  • 03 nginx lcoation configuration


    1. Location matching command identifier describe = Exact matchingBefore using it in standard URI, the request string and URI should be strictly matched. If the match is successful, stop the match and execute the request in the location immediately. ~ Regular matching; before regular URI, it means that the URI contains regular and case sensitive. […]

  • IOS creates multiple targets to realize multi-channel packaging or environment differentiation


    Requirements: a set of code can be divided into multiple apps, with different icons, startup diagrams, and names. Or a project distinguishes different environments, different environments install different dependent libraries or access different servers, or execute different code logic. General process: 1. Create a target or copy a new target based on the current project […]

  • Front end exception example


    Introduction stayFront end exception types and capture methodsAfter that, I tried to encapsulate it by myself, and then I went to see itsentryI found that the previous article is just a summary. When collecting, we need to analyze it more carefully. Next, let’s see what kinds of exceptions are. Origin My GitHub Basic knowledge points […]

  • Core learning 4: read configuration file (JSON file) by. Net core


    appsettings.json { “Logging”: { “LogLevel”: { “Default”: “Information”, “Microsoft”: “Warning”, “Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime”: “Information” } }, “option1”: “Json”, “option2”: 2, //Object “subsection”: { “Id”: 1, “Name”: “Max” }, //Array “wizards”: [ { “Name”: “Gand”, “Age”: “10” }, { “Name”: “Harry”, “Age”: “17” } ], “AllowedHosts”: “*” } Startup.cs public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IWebHostEnvironment env)//,ILoggerFactory factory { #region […]

  • Handwritten letter recognition based on Python three layer full connection layer


    First use the simplest three-layer fully connected neural network, then add the activation layer to view the experimental results, and finally add batch standardization to verify whether it is effective Firstly, the network structure SimpleNet is defined according to the existing template, named as net.py import torch from torch.autograd import Variable import numpy as np […]

  • To in Oracle Database_ Date () and 24-hour representation and mm minute display


      1、 Using Oracle to_ When the date function is used for date conversion, the format of “yyyy MM DD HH: mm: SS” may be directly used as the format for conversion, but in Oracle, it will cause an error: “ora 01810 format code appears twice”. to_date(‘2005-01-01 13:14:20′,’yyyy-MM-dd HH24:mm:ss’)    The reason is that SQL […]

  • How to realize face recognition verification through Python


    This article mainly introduces how to realize face recognition verification through python. The example code is introduced in detail, which has certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it Code directly, this case is based on https://github.com/caibojian/face_ Login modified, recognition rate is not very good, sometimes blocked […]

  • Go IP segment range verification


    Friendly tips:This article takes about 3 minutes and 21 seconds to read. Please give more advice on the shortcomings. Thank you for your reading.Subscribe to this site background Recently, a requirement has been made, which is to detect whether an IP is in a number of IP segments and conduct IP screening at fixed locations […]

  • Implementation of speech recognition code based on Python


    This article mainly introduces how to realize voice input recognition through python. The example code is introduced in detail, which has certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it 1、 Introduction 1. The first step is to save the recording locally 2. Call Baidu speech recognition SDK […]

  • 1. Classification and judgment of data type


    classification Basic type String: any string Number: any number, three special values:Infinity, -Infinity, NaN. Boolean: true/false Undefined: undefined, variable declaration is not assigned, is reserved as a default initial value for unassigned things. Null: null means “nothing”, “empty”, “value unknown” Object (Reference) type Object: any object Function: a special object (executable) Array: a special object […]