• Android smartrefreshlayout + coordinatorlayout + appbarlayout can refresh / pull down and fold


    Integrate the effect of collapsingtoolbarlayout + smartrefreshlayout The address of GitHub is also provided:https://github.com/KennyChaos7/SmartRefreshLayout-CoordinatorLayout-AppBarLayout.git device-2021-06-08-104734.png device-2021-06-08-104753.png device-2021-06-08-104824.png device-2021-06-08-104941.png Of course, in accordance with international practice, the last renderings CoordinatorLayout AppBarLayout CollapsingToolbarLayout Toolbar The above four layouts are actually in addition toToolbarBesides, it may not be a common layout of the scene, so I will post […]

  • dichotomy


    Dichotomy Dichotomy as the name suggestsIn fact, I keep dividing things into two partsDichotomy has existed since ancient times The hammer of one foot is half taken by the day, and it will never be exhausted for all ages Dichotomy also has applications in mathematics, such as the existence theorem of zeros \(let y = […]

  • Explain in detail the usage and difference between divider and spacer in swiftui (latest)


    Both divider and spacer can be used to split two views, but they also have some differences. Through this article, we will learn how to use these two controls and the differences between them. Go to the official account [IOS development stack] to learn more about swiftui and IOS development. Spacer struct ContentView: View { […]

  • JavaScript implementation of pop-up drag


    Window drag Implementation of window dragging through native JavaScript 1、 Function The drag operation of custom container is realized through JavaScript, and the window is moved by dragging the title part 2、 Realization idea Press the trigger condition with the left mouse button Obtain the distance from the top and left of the mouse down […]

  • Spring boot uses redis Geo


    Description of redis Geo Redis official description of Geo Redis 3.2 contains significant changes to the API and implementation of Redis. A new set of commands for Geo indexing was added (GEOADD, GEORADIUS and related commands). About GEO, need to know Redis geo is only available in version 3.2 Use geohash to save the coordinates […]

  • Distance: Euclidean distance, Manhattan distance, cosine distance


    catalogue Euclidean distance Manhattan distance Comparison between European distance and Manhattan distance Cosine distance Hamming distance Euclidean distance Euclidean distance, also known as Euclidean distance or Euclidean metric, is a commonly used definition of distance. It is the real distance between two points in m-dimensional space. The Euclidean distance in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space is […]

  • Sentence-BERT


    Record the process of learning Bert and related models sentence-bert It is recommended to read the original article. This page only briefly records the key ideas and formulas Original video&Correspondingarticle Explanation of sentence Bert paper background: Bert and Roberta have achieved the results of SOTA in the regression tasks of sentence pairs such as text […]

  • K-nearest neighbor classifier (Li Feifei cs231n learning notes — lectiure2: k-nearest neighbor algorithm)


    Before explaining the k-nearest neighbor classifier, let’s take a look at the nearest neighbor classifier, which is also the k-nearest neighbor classifier when k = 1. catalogue Nearest neighbor classifier definition Existing problems K-nearest neighbor classifier (KNN) definition Distance measurement Parameter selection Existing problems source code Nearest neighbor classifier definition The nearest neighbor classifier is […]

  • KD tree implementation of k-nearest neighbor algorithm


    Introduction of k-nearest neighbor algorithm K-nearest neighbor algorithm is a basic classification and regression method. Only the classified k-nearest neighbor algorithm is implemented here.The input of k-nearest neighbor algorithm is the feature vector of the instance, which corresponds to the points in the feature space; The output is the category of the instance, and multiple […]

  • Elasticsearch geographic location query


    1、 Background Recently, there is a demand to obtain the real estate near a certain location,For example:Obtain the real estate information within 100km of the current user’s location. After investigation, it is found that it can be usedredis、mongodb、elasticsearchAnd so on. After consideration, we decided to use itesTo achieve, here is a simple recordesingeoUse of aspect […]

  • Use transform to center elements of unknown size


    1. Horizontal center As an example, there is a child element in the parent element When the child element is positioned relative to the parent element, if left and top are not written, it will be positioned in the upper left corner of the parent element by default After adding left: 50% to the child […]

  • Share a useful Python Library – Levenshtein every day


    Series articles: Share a python library every day – chardet Share a useful Python library every day – colorama Share a useful Python library every day – prettytable Share a useful Python library difflib every day Share a useful Python Library – Levenshtein every day Share a useful Python library every day – esmre Share […]