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  • In Git pull, only the information of the current branch is pulled


    implementgit pullBy default, the command will pull the changes on the remote server and the information of each branch and tag. When there is a new branch or tag on the remote server, it will be pulled and printed. Sometimes a lot of these information will be printed. If you want to pull only the […]

  • Accelerating VIM language server with lsyncd


    The solution of remote editing in vscode isremote sshVscode will run an agent at the remote end to speed up the language server’s access and parsing of code files. However, for vimer, our possible solution is sshfs. The problem is that the access to files through sshfs is very slow, resulting in the LS client […]

  • Android repo tip: use repo sync – D to synchronize code without discarding local modifications


    userepo syncCommand to synchronize the Android code of the remote server. If the code is modified locally but there is no commit, you will be prompted that you cannot Sync: error: android/frameworks/base/: contains uncommitted changes At this point, you can use thegit resetThe command discards the local modification before executing itrepo syncTo synchronize the code. […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (58): telnet


    Yesterday’s recommendation:Learn a Linux command every day (57): cal Command introduction Telnet command is used to communicate with another host using telnet protocol. You can login and manage another host remotely. You can also confirm whether a port of the remote host is open through telnet? It is also an important part of daily network […]

  • Missing lesson in Computer Education – MIT – L5 – command line environment


    https://missing.csail.mit.edu/https://missing-semester-cn.g…https://www.bilibili.com/vide… note Task control Shell will use the signaling mechanism provided by UNIX to perform inter process communication. When a process receives a signal, it stops executing, processes the signal, and changes its execution based on the information it transmits. At this point, a signal is a software interrupt. End process See man signal for […]

  • Git rename remote branch


    There are three steps Rename local branch git branch -m dev_andoid_O dev_news_sdk New branch committed to remote git push origin dev_news_sdk Delete remote “old branch” git push –delete origin dev_andoid_O 1. Rename local branch git branch -m dev_andoid_O dev_news_sdk 2. New branch committed to remote git push origin dev_news_sdk 3. Delete remote “old branch” git […]

  • Implementation of code symbol search jump in Emacs based on opengrok


    background I’ve been busy for a long time and haven’t written anything. Today I’ll introduce an Emacs script that I did before. In the company, we mainly use C + + as the production language, and usually use Mac to work, but the code development is on the remote server. The company’s code is extremely […]

  • Difference between git merge and rebase 2: impact on remote branches


    How merge and rebase can change the structure of commit link has been explained in the previous article, but some scenarios are still vague. For example, if some of the remote branches are submitted and some of the clients are submitted, the client fetches the data and merges it to generate a new commit node, […]

  • Git single file fallback to the specified version


    step1In SRC/ main.js A line was added to the file console.log (‘reset’)In SRC/ App.vue It’s added to the file console.log (‘this is used to test git reset -mixed’)Synchronize the above content to the remote end step2see App.vue Document submission recordgit log src/ App.vue (exit is q)In the picture, 1 is the latest one I just […]

  • The GIT command I usually use


    initialization: git init Git remote add origin http: path // establish a link between the local warehouse and the remote warehouse Merge instruction 1. Git checkout main branch 2.git pull 3. Git checkout your own branch 4. Git merge main branch — no FF Create a branch and point to the parent branch Git checkout […]

  • Using java to transfer FTP and HTTP files directly to HDFS


    Before the implementation of the use of streaming HTTP and FTP files to download to the local, but also to achieve the local file upload to HDFS, that now can be doneFTP and HTTP files are transferred to HDFS instead of copying FTP and HTTP files to the local and then uploading them to HDFS. […]

  • Memo 60 + git common command line


    Perception: Taste: spicy chicken shreds Cooking time: 10min There are so many commands from GIT. Some of my friends just said, can I use clients (source tree, gitkraken, tortoisegit) to make them not fragrant? Usually, some simple operations are fragrant. But it’s recommended that you don’t go over the command line and use the GUI […]