• Oracle-ess-getting Started Guide


    Preface Because each version of ESS has some differences in function, this article introduces its function and use in 12.1.3. What is ess? The full name of ESS is Oracle Enterprise scheduler, which is a scheduled scheduling product of Oracle. How to use it? The common use of ESS is divided into three steps: defining […]

  • Distributed timed task framework quartz


    Preface There are always several scheduled tasks in the project to deal with some things. Some simple timing tasks can be completed by using spring’s own timing tasks. But if a large number of scheduled tasks are needed, how can unified management be achieved? This paper introduces the quartz distributed scheduling framework. introduce Quartz introduction […]

  • Automatic deployment of distributed task scheduling platform


    I. overview 1. Automated Deployment simplifies code management in the development process, allowing developers to focus more time on business implementation, Simplify the cumbersome online process and operation steps, achieve the rapid packaging and deployment of the project, and reduce human errors in the operation. 2. Distributed task scheduling platform, xxl-job: developed by Xu Xueli, […]

  • Dynamic priority process scheduling scheme design of operating system


    Overview of scheduling schemes An overview of process scheduling In multiprogramming environment, the number of processes is often more than the number of processors. This requires that the system can dynamically allocate the processor to the processes in the ready queue to execute according to some algorithm. Therefore, processor scheduling is one of the central […]

  • DataX Web 2.0 publishing, integrated timing tasks, supporting distributed


    DataX-Web The open source of dataX Ali does not provide any visual interface. In the process of using, we need to put the JSON configuration file under the job path of dataX. With the increase of business, the configuration file is not convenient for management and migration, and every execution requires recording commands.At present, dataX […]

  • Python timing task framework: source code analysis of apscheduler (1)


    Preface Apscheduler is a well-known timing task framework in Python, which can meet the needs of timing execution or periodic execution of program tasks, similar to crontab on Linux, but more powerful than crontab. The framework can not only add and delete timing tasks, but also provide multiple functions of persistent tasks. Apscheduler is a […]

  • 1. Basic concepts of Java Concurrent Programming


    1、 Processes and threads Process:The    process is the basis of the operating system structure, which is the process of the program running on a data set. It is an independent unit of the system for resource allocation and scheduling.Threading:A     thread can be understood as a subtask running independently in a process Connection […]

  • Process scheduling, the confession of a scheduler


    I am a process scheduler. My job is to schedule all processes in the computer and allocate CPU resources to them. 1. Batch processing Era When I was created by the operating system, I just wanted to useFCFSScheduling algorithm, simple maintenance of the order of the process. But my later development far exceeded his imagination. […]

  • Do you understand the context of threads?


    The process has been a bit troubled recently. I have been worried all day. I was a little absent-minded when I visited the memory. Memory is an eye opener. He asked directly, “process, what’s the problem recently? I think you’ve been in a bit of a low mood recently. If you have any problems, you […]

  • Essentials of dispatching system design


    By draveness Guide readingThe author of this article has written this article for about 2 months, and the full text is about 2W words. It is suggested to read it after collection or through computer. Scheduling is a very broad concept, and many fields will use the term scheduling. In computer science, scheduling is a […]

  • Can’t spell go? How Alibaba reshapes Java on the cloud


    Alimei’s Guide:Java was born 20 years ago. It has a large number of excellent enterprise level frameworks and practices the concept of OOP. It embodies more rigor, stability and high performance under long-term operation conditions. Nowadays, in the cloud scenario that requires fast iterative delivery, the simplicity of the language seems to be the primary […]

  • Create windows services step by step using the topshelf component (2) schedule using quartz.net


    The previous article described how to use the topshelf component to quickly create windows services. Next, it introduced how to use quartz.net As for the benefits of quartz.net, online search is a lot. I will not introduce it any more. First, introduce the plug-ins to be used: I use version 2.6.2 of quartz, but I […]