• A brief analysis of the millions of stack distributed scheduling engine dagschedulex


    Buses can be seen everywhere with our daily life. Buses of different routes are sent out orderly according to their respective schedules, arrive at the station, pick up the passengers on the platform, and then slowly drive to the next station… There will be short-range extra buses in the morning peak, with shorter departure intervals, […]

  • Pod affinity of container scheduling system k8s


    Earlier, we learned about the use and working logic of networkpolicy resources on k8s. For review, please refer to:https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/14227660.html; Today, let’s talk about pod scheduling strategy; There is a very important component Kube scheduler on k8s. Its main function is to monitor whether the nodeName field in the pod resource on apiserver is empty. If […]

  • Do you really know how Xie Cheng came from?


    In order to make his girlfriend Tingting live a happy life, Chaochao decides to go to the big factory for experience. Here are some questions about the operating system during his interview Single process system Chao chao: Hello, interviewer ~ Interviewer: Hello, let’s have a brief chat. Do you usually develop on Linus or windows? […]

  • Node stain and pod tolerance of container scheduling system k8s


    Earlier, we learned about the working mode of Kube scheduler on k8s and the definition of pod scheduling strategy; For review, please refer to:https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/14243312.html; Today, let’s talk about node stain and pod tolerance on k8s; What is the node stain? Node stains are somewhat similar to the label or annotation information on the node, which […]

  • MySQL create scheduled task


    1、 Event overview A feature event scheduler has been added in MySQL 5.1 (event scheduler), referred to as event for short. It can be used as a scheduled task scheduler to replace some tasks that can only be executed by the scheduled tasks of the operating system. In addition, it is worth mentioning that MySQL […]

  • How does Flink unify the batch flow engine


    In Flink, we usually say that batch flow integration refers to these four directions, and runtime is the implementation of Flink runtime. Data exchange modelFlink has a unified execution model for flow jobs and batch jobs. The output of each task in Flink will be encapsulated by intermediateresult. There is no clear division between streaming […]

  • Elasticjob’s product positioning and new version design concept


    Guide: scheduling Scheduling is a huge concept in the computer field. CPU scheduling, memory scheduling, process scheduling, etc. can be called scheduling. It refers to allocating reasonable resources to deal with predetermined tasks at a specific time, which is used to trigger an application containing business logic at an appropriate time. Scheduling is a very […]

  • Swift runtime


    Swift runtime [TOC] preface My other article is aboutObjective-CIntroduction to IOS runtime, you can refer to reading. We all knowObjective-CIs a dynamic language whose dynamic characteristics mainly depend onruntime。 howeverSwiftIs a static language, so we often talk aboutSwift runtimeWhat’s going on? Actually pureSwiftThere is no dynamics,Swift runtimeMeansSwiftAttributes or methods in are modified by some modifiers, […]

  • How to gracefully manage HTTP request and response interceptors?


    The idea of this paper comes from the reconstruction summary of the actual project. Correction and communication are welcome. If it’s helpful to you, please click on the praise collection to support it. Recently, I reconstructed an old project and found that the interceptor for processing requests was very messy, so I reconstructed the request […]

  • Introduction to elastic job lite and analysis of Architecture Principle


    Introduction to elastic job Lite Elastic job is an open-source distributed task scheduling system of Dangdang. It is based on the secondary development of quartz. It is composed of two independent sub projects elastic job lite and elastic job cloud. The former is mainly positioned as a lightweight and decentralized distributed task scheduling solution, which […]

  • Terminal logistics system reconfiguration 1.0


    edition V1.0 – September 2017 – Li Wei summary On the current business model of terminal logistics system, the existing technical architecture is reconstructed in order to establish a stable, robust, high load and scalable terminal logistics platform system. The system includes:Real time data interface, ERP, APP data interface, WeChat official account platform, WeChat official […]

  • Introduction to the use and precautions of dispatch source timer


    preface Dispatch source timer is a timer used in conjunction with dispatch queue. When tasks need to be executed regularly in the background queue, using the dispatch source timer is more natural and efficient than using the nstimer (there is no need to switch between the main queue and the background queue). The following will […]