• [Mr. Zhao Qiang] Flink’s watermark mechanism (based on Flink 1.11.0)


    How to deal with out of order data when using eventtime? We know that there is a process and time in the process of flow processing from event generation to flow through source and then to operator. Although in most cases, the data flowing to the operator is in accordance with the time sequence of […]

  • [Flink] the popular understanding of Flink’s watermark


    Reading guide Flink provides three kinds of time for real-time computing, namelyEvent time(event time)、Intake time(induction time) andprocessing time (processing time)。 Problems encountered: Suppose that in a 5-second tumble window, there is data with an event time of 11 seconds, and it arrives at the 16th second. Figure 11 second data, arrived in 16 seconds, as […]

  • Java learning notes (6) — collection collection


    Collection collection java.util.Collection InterfaceA collection is a container that can store a variety of dataThe array length is fixed, and the collection length is variable,Arrays can store basic types or objects. Collections can only storeobject, types can be inconsistent Collection framework Learning topUse bottom layer Collection interface It’s all definedSingle column setThe Communist approach, allSingle […]

  • Markdown grammar learning


    Markdown grammar learning Reading instructions This note is inMark flying elephantOn the basis of the introduction of, we have rearranged and improved the introduction of basic grammar. If it is helpful for you to watch, you can use mark Feixiang to support the original author. Organize in a hurry. If you find something missing and […]

  • Android repo tips: explain the reason why the output probability of repo status is confused


    When using the repo status command to view all git warehouse changes of Android source code, the execution is generally slow, such as single thread execution, but in fact, two options are enabled by default to synchronize the execution. We can use the – J option of repo status to specify the number of threads […]

  • The application of set framework on


    Set: a set is a container that can store objects. We say a set is a variable array Set frame features1. The list and set collections implement the collection interface at the same time2. Set sets store unique and unordered objects.3. The objects stored in the list are not unique and orderly (in the order […]

  • C code implementation bubble sorting


    Bubble sorting principle: (ascending) compare the current position number with the next position number. If the current number is larger than the next position number, the position of the comparison base will be changed to the next position. Until the end of the array, when the program runs the first time, the maximum number has […]

  • Basic usage of markdown


    The following effects are presented in the form of reference (except code) Title 1. Add different numbers of#Number To define a title in markdown, just add it before the text#、##、###、####、#####、######It represents the title of h1-h6. #This is the first level title ##This is the secondary title ###This is a three-level title ####This is the fourth […]

  • Getting started with markdown syntax


    Markdown syntax About markdown: Markdown is a lightweight annotation language. Its syntax is very simple. There are only a few commonly used markup symbols, so the learning cost is not large. Markdown syntax Title There are six levels of titles, corresponding to hi to H6 in HTML. They are replaced by ා.The largest H1 is […]

  • List ordered, set unordered, is that really so?


    Let’s talk about the collection today. The frequency of it is very high during the interview, and the frequency of it is also very high in the development. It’s often said that list is order and set is disorder. What exactly does this order and disorder mean?There are two concepts here. One is the order […]

  • Markdown: a necessary skill for programmers to write


    As a programmer, in addition to the hard skills of coding programming, writing software can also be cultivated, and writing is inseparable from markdown, such as GitHub’s readme document. Although markdown’s grammar is not difficult, there are still many skills and norms. I summarized them and shared them with you. God can make a detour […]

  • Want to realize “online excel” of multi person collaboration? It’s not that easy


    This article was created and launched by the technical team of grape City Reprint please indicate the source: grapevine official website, grapevine provides professional development tools, solutions and services for developers, enabling developers.   Excel is a common tool in our office. It can handle most of our data. Friendly interactive interface, rich formula functions […]