• Windows get CPU, memory, and disk usage scripts


    Reprinted from: https://blog.51cto.com/luweikai/1904427 reference resources: http://www.51testing.com/html/85/87885-17546.html    https://www.cnblogs.com/wtao/archive/2011/09/16/2178760.html   Get the CPU utilization script (VBS) and save it as CPU vbs: 1 On Error Resume Next 2 Set objProc = GetObject(“winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2:win32_processor=’cpu0′”) 3 Wscript. Echo “CPU usage:” & objproc LoadPercentage & “%” Get the memory usage script (VBS) and save it as RAM vbs: 1 strComputer = […]

  • From the design of LSDB rocktree algorithm


    Original is not easy, please indicate the source of reprint preface At present, the author is building an internal message platform based on pulsar, and naturally has done some research on its underlying storage. Pulsar uses bookkeeper as the storage layer, and the underlying layer of bookkeeper uses rocksdb to save the location index corresponding […]

  • Hengyuan cloud (gpushare)_ How to choose a rental card? Just read this one!


    Article source|Hengyuan cloud community Original address|[novice points north] 1、 NVIDIA graphics card product line [main types]Geforce type:The official positioning of this series of graphics cards is consumer grade, which is often used to play games. However, its performance in deep learning is also very good. Many people use it for reasoning and training. The performance […]

  • Webpack Foundation


    brief introduction In essence,webpackIs a modern JavaScript applicationStatic module packaging tool。 When a webpack processes an application, it builds one internallyDependency graph, this dependency graph maps each module required by the project and generates one or morebundle。 webpackIt is a tool for packaging modular JavaScript. It will start from the entry module, identify the modular […]

  • Analysis on the usage of sysbench pressure measuring tool


    The original content of greatsql community cannot be used without authorization. Please contact Xiaobian and indicate the source for reprint. introduce When a new service goes online, it is usually necessary to conduct a stress test on the database performance to confirm whether it meets the needs. Today, I will briefly introduce the usage of […]

  • Linux cache and buffer


    Before we know the difference between cache and buffer, we need to know that the memory management mode of Linux operating system is different from that of windows. Linux will make full use of memory and let as much memory as possible participate in work (CACHE) to improve performance. So we often see that the […]

  • How to improve the IO model and AIO secret of storage performance


    How to improve the performance of the storage system is an eternal proposition for storage engineers. There is no silver bullet to solve this problem. The optimization of IO performance is in the details. Today, let’s talk about the relationship between performance and IO model. Let’s start with the IO model of the local disk. […]

  • Linux disk IO utilization is high and the correct posture is analyzed


    1、 Background introduction As a DBA, it is inevitable to encounter performance problems. How can we troubleshoot performance problems? For example, in the case of high concurrency business, if the business response is slow and the processing time is long, how should we start to check? This article will analyze how to analyze and locate […]

  • To improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, deploy the MySQL database to the kubernetes cluster


    Summary:The main purpose of many seemingly “cumbersome” designs of kubernetes is to provide developers with more “scalability” and bring users more “stability” and “sense of security”. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《How to build a complex MySQL database in kubernetes cluster?》, author: zuozewei. preface In the actual production environment, in order to be […]

  • Huawei cloud computing ie interview notes – explanation of terms


    1. Memory reuse: When the physical memory of the physical server is certain, the memory is time-sharing reused by comprehensively using the single technology of memory reuse (memory bubble, memory sharing and memory replacement). VMM (virtual machine monitor, also known as hypervisor) dynamically schedules memory between VMS to improve memory utilization. Through the memory reuse […]

  • Mybatis integrates ehcache caching


    ​Custom cache – ehcacheEhcache is a widely used open source Java distributed cache. It is mainly aimed at general cache, Java EE and lightweight container Guide Package <!– https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.mybatis.caches/mybatis-ehcache –> <dependency> <groupId>org.mybatis.caches</groupId> <artifactId>mybatis-ehcache</artifactId> <version>1.1.0</version> </dependency> In mapper The ehcache cache implementation is specified in XML <cache type=”org.mybatis.caches.ehcache.EhcacheCache”/> Define the configuration file ehcache in resource xml<?xml […]

  • Operating system 2 final summary


    Operating system 2 Chapter IV memory management Multilayer structure of memory Basic storage tier 3 CPU register Main memory Supplementary deposit The functions of high-end computers are subdivided into 6 layers [CPU register]register [main memory]Cache [main memory]Main memory [main memory]Disk cache [supplementary storage]Fixed disk [supplementary storage]Removable storage media Main memory and register Main memory register […]