• [November 9] redis persistence


    What is redis persistence Redis persistence is the operation of storing redis memory data to disk Redis provides two persistence methods RDB (Redis DataBase) Generate a snapshot of redis memory data at different intervals and store it to disk (data storage) AOF (Append Only File) Record all write instructions (storage instructions) executed by redis RDB […]

  • It’s worth collecting! Quick reference manual of common commands in Linux system


    I have collected and sorted out the daily Linux system commands for your reference only. If you feel that the article seems inconvenient, the migrant worker has also compiled this command into PDF. You can refer to the way at the end of the article to obtain the quick reference manual of common Linux system […]

  • Container deployment of Prometheus + alertmanager + grafana monitoring components


    Deploy configuration files directly docker-compose.yml version: ‘3’ networks: monitor: driver: bridge services: prometheus: image: prom/prometheus container_name: prometheus hostname: prometheus restart: always volumes: – /data/monitor/prometheus.yml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml – /data/monitor/prom_db:/prometheus – /data/monitor/prom_rules:/etc/prometheus/rules ports: – “9090:9090” networks: – monitor grafana: image: grafana/grafana container_name: grafana hostname: grafana restart: always volumes: – /data/monitor/ga_data:/var/lib/grafana environment: – [email protected] ports: – “3000:3000” networks: – monitor […]

  • Mysql8.0.20 optimal configuration


    #This configration file opts for MySQL 8.0.20 #Let us make an optimal MySQL configuration file template for product enviroment. # #I assume the MySQL Server as followings. You should tune the variables according to your server. # #* 32 CPU core #* 256G Memory #* SSD storage with 20000 IOPS in 16K page size [client] […]

  • Reasons for high cache of Linux server in DB2


    The Linux operating system (RHEL, CentOS) is used for the online DB2 database server. After the DB2 database is running for a period of time, the physical memory of the operating system tends to zero. At the same time, the cache of the system increases sharply, but the use is not high. The following is […]

  • Distributed system testing: error injection


    This series of articles on this topic is compiled from the live record of the topic “deep exploration of distributed system testing” shared by Liu Qi in the 26th issue of pingcap newsql meetup. The article is long, in order to facilitate your reading, will be divided into three parts, this article is the second. […]

  • SAR of Linux system performance monitoring command series


    Hello, this is Sean There are various problems in using the system, such as system stuck, crash, downtime, I / O bottleneck, etc. at this time, we should consider using the SAR command provided by the system to understand the system. This command is an important tool for system maintenance, which helps us master the […]

  • There is nothing more detailed about the data storage engine structure than this article


    Abstract:Common storage algorithm structures include: hash storage, B, B +, b * tree storage, LSM tree storage engine, R tree, inverted index, matrix storage, object and block, graph structure storage, etc. introduce In the design of storage system, the storage engine belongs to the underlying data structure, which directly determines the performance and function that […]

  • ASM disk binding based on udev – zero to none


    –August 24, 2020 –Author: Flying piggy To configure ASM disks, you need to associate the disk configuration of the previous partition as ASM disk support. On oel7, it is recommended to use Oracle’s own software to format disk ASM. This paper uses the traditional udev method to format the disk, which is also applicable to […]

  • Iostat of Linux performance monitoring command series


    hello everyone! This is Sean! Linux performance monitoring commands that have been running for 3 days, continue with iostat! I’ve been in touch with iostat for a long time. I’m an old friend with him! Next, I’d like to introduce this old friend to you! Iostat (monitor the usage of system input / output devices […]

  • Why is Kafka so fast


    Why Kafka can read and write data so fast Whether Kafka is used as MQ or as a storage layer, Kafka has two functions (very simple). One is that the data produced by producer is stored in the broker, and the other is that the consumer reads data from the broker. Kafka’s speed is reflected […]

  • Iotop of Linux performance monitoring command series


    hello everyone! This is Sean! I talked about iostat last time. Today, I will talk about a command iotop that looks like it. Its function is similar. Iotop is a tool used to monitor disk I / O usage. Iotop (a tool for monitoring disk I / O usage) Iotop commandIs a top class tool […]