• Using stratis to manage local storage in centos8 (2)


    This article describes how to add new disks and cache disks to an existing stratis pool. Add, delete, snapshot, etc. are described below.System environmentCentos8Add additional disks to the stratis poolUnder stratis management, it is easy to add new block devices to an existing pool. In the previous article “creating stratis local storage in CentOS (I)”, […]

  • Analyze the problems of ZABBIX 5.0 disk automatic discovery and read-write monitoring


    Auto discover disk Configure key values Note: this key value only supports Linux platforms. This discovery key value returns two macros: {#devname}: device name {#devtype}: device type For example: [ { “{#DEVNAME}”:”loop1″, “{#DEVTYPE}”:”disk” }, { “{#DEVNAME}”:”dm-0″, “{#DEVTYPE}”:”disk” }, { “{#DEVNAME}”:”sda”, “{#DEVTYPE}”:”disk” }, { “{#DEVNAME}”:”sda1″, “{#DEVTYPE}”:”partition” } ] Configure filter It is used to filter the […]

  • Move the docker data file to the NAS shared disk and free up the space on disk C


    [toc] background The company’s cloud desktop win10 system has only one 60g C disk, and personal data is stored in the NAS shared disk;After installing docker, the space is seriously insufficient. How to move the docker data files to NAS? General idea Creating virtual disks using space on NAS Move docker data file to virtual […]

  • IOS interview question: sdwebimgae underlying principle analysis


    SDWebImage It is used to load the server image library and encapsulate the UIKit twice 1、 Loading process of sdwebimage Sdwebimage loading process png setImageWithURL:placeholderImage:options:I’ll take it firstplaceholderImageDisplay SDWebImageManagerPass by URL.SDWebImageManager-downloadWithURL:delegate:options:userInfo:, give it toSDImageCacheFrom memoryMemory cacheFind out whether there are pictures. If there is a picture cache in memory,SDImageCacheDelegateCallbackimageCache:didFindImage:forKey:userInfo:reachSDWebImageManager。 If not in the memory cache, […]

  • Potential risks of defer close() in golang


    As a gopher, it’s easy to form a programming convention: whenever an implementation is implementedio.CloserObject of interfacexWhen you get the object and check for errors, it is used immediatelydefer x.Close()To ensure that when the function returnsxObject is closed. Here are two examples of idiomatic writing. HTTP request resp, err := http.Get(“https://golang.google.cn/”) if err != nil […]

  • How to set a disk of the computer to be shared?


    For convenience, sometimes we need to set up disk file sharing between two or more computers, so that other computers can easily access the contents on the hard disk of another computer. The following Xiaobian will introduce how to set a disk of the computer as a sharing method. Let’s have a look. Method / […]

  • Database transaction (MySQL database as an example)


    MySQL transaction png concept Database transaction is a database operation [sequence] that accesses and may operate various [data items]. These operations are either executed or not executed. It is an inseparable work unit. A transaction consists of all database operations performed between the beginning and end of the transaction. Nature (acid) AtomicityAll operations in a […]

  • Use Python OS library with caution


    summary Recently used in a project, a large number of OS System function to execute various shell commands, followed by various pits. environment python:2.7 os: centos6 Problem recurrence There is a line of code as follows: os.system(‘cp path1 path2′) Suppose both path1 and path2 exist, and the file of path1 is relatively large. Let’s think […]

  • After reading this article, I can’t understand Linux performance analysis and optimization. You can hit me


    preface Generally, Internet projects are deployed on Linux servers. If there is a problem with the Linux server, the high concurrency and stability we usually learn are meaningless, so it is very important to grasp the performance of Linux. Of course, many students may think these are the affairs of operation and maintenance students, but […]

  • TMPFS detailed explanation


    Cause In normal work, we often need to check the disk mounting usage of Linux server. You can use the DF command. I don’t know if you have noticed. When we use this command, we will not only check the mounting of system disk and data disk, but also see a TMPFS mounting. [[email protected] ~]# […]

  • You must understand the three MySQL logs – binlog, redo log and undo log


    Source:https://juejin.im/post/6860252224930070536Author: get up at six thirty Log ismysqlDatabase is an important part of database, which records various state information during database operation.mysqlLogs mainly include error logs, query logs, slow query logs, transaction logs and binary logs. As a developer, we need to focus on binary logs(binlog)And transaction logs (including redo logandundo log), these three logs […]

  • 2021.07. 19 [popularization group] simulation group C jzoj


    GMOJ-2021.07. 19 [popularization group] group C problem solution of Simulation Competition Blogs: https://www.cnblogs.com/Enthon-Blog/ Who doesn’t know Goo Goo Goo! One hundred years (The next time is estimated to be 10 years later   T1 1236. [noip2003pj] digital game(Standard IO) Portal Title Description     Tintin has been addicted to a number game recently. The game seems simple, but […]