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  • How is Kafka stored? Why so fast?


    Address:Java-Bang Focus on system architecture, high availability, high performance, high concurrency technology sharing Kafka relies on the file system (more fundamentally, disk) to store and cache messages. In our impression, the speed cognition of each storage medium is roughly the same as that shown in the figure below. The higher the level, the faster the […]

  • Mysql8.0.20 optimal configuration


    #This configration file opts for MySQL 8.0.20 #Let us make an optimal MySQL configuration file template for product enviroment. # #I assume the MySQL Server as followings. You should tune the variables according to your server. # #* 32 CPU core #* 256G Memory #* SSD storage with 20000 IOPS in 16K page size [client] […]

  • MySQL wal (write ahead log) mechanism and dirty page refresh


    Last updated: October 28, 2019 13:35:41 This article is a personal memo. The main content is from lecture 12 of the geek time “MySQL practice 45” – why does my MySQL shake WAL(Write-Ahead Loggin) The key point is to write the log first and then the disk When the data page is modified, the operation […]

  • Technology sharing | delete statement causes a lot of SQL to be killed


    Author: Wang HangweiYou like MySQL DBA, good at analyzing and solving database performance problems, and using automation tools to solve daily needs. phenomenon A database often sends out the following alarms at a certain time, such as 2:00 a.m. or some time in the daytime [critical] [prod] [MySQL] – over 200 kill SQL / min […]