• Solution to the problem of picture direction uploaded by iPhone HTML5


    If you use HTML5 to write image cutting and upload, you may encounter the problem of wrong image direction on the iPhone. Here are the solutions to share with you,The FileReader and canvas of HTML5 are used. If you haven’t contacted the students, learn about their methods first. //This method is the change event of […]

  • CSS3 linear gradient


    CSS3 linear gradient Definition and usage The linear gradient() function creates an “image” of a linear gradient. To create a linear gradient, you need to set a starting point and a direction (specified as an angle). You also define the termination color. The stop color is the transition you want gecko to smooth, and you […]

  • Html5-css3 summary learning (III)


    1、 Know3Dtransformation 3DCharacteristics of Near big far small Object and face occlusion invisible 3D coordinate system X axis: horizontal right–Note: the right side of the x-axis is positive and the left side is negative Y axis: vertical down–Note: positive values are below the Y-axis and negative values are above it Z axis: vertical screen–Note: the […]

  • Weekly point canvas animation – speed and acceleration (2)


    In the previous section, we introduced the basic concepts of speed, includingVelocity along the axis, and more pervasiveVelocity in any direction, at the end of the article, we made an exampleMouse followAnd by changing the shape of the objectrotationProperty makes an extension on speed. Through the study in the previous section, you will find that […]

  • Disaster caused by “production accident” mongodb composite index


    previously on End of NovemberOur products and servicesYesMongodb master databaseThere have been severe jitter and frequent library locking. Due to many business problemsMongoDB, and then query immediately, so the item does not enable read-write separation. The final positioning problem is due to: the server itself + a large number of disksSlow querycause Based on the […]

  • Handle input support of black soul remake game — Unity notes


    Today’s implementation:Input ManagerTo configure the handle, we will use unity’s own input manager. This system can eliminate the differences of input devices, unify various inputs, customize new inputs, and provide input related parameters for modification.After careful observation, it can be found that two are set for each input form in the default input manager. Take […]

  • How do you prepare for it interview?


    What should I prepare for the spring games? Interview direction Maybe a lot of people are still working hard. But I don’t know,SDE’s technical interview is no longer going to be more difficult.We have collected a lot of feedback from students interviewed in 2020. The interview questions are still between medium and hard, and the […]

  • How to set the background image in HTML (full screen display without stretching)


    1 <br><em id=”__mceDel”>2 body{background-image:url(https://uploadbeta.com/api/pictures/random/?key=BingEverydayWallpaperPicture);</em></code></pre> <pre><code><em id=”__mceDel”><em id=”__mceDel”>3 background-size:cover;background-attachment: fixed; 4 background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:center } It’s the code I use Background: background colorBackground image: select your background imageReapeat: whether the background image is repeated or not, itsSelect no repeat asRepeat is not repeated, repeat is repeated, repeat-x and repeat-y are only repeated in X and Y direction respectively.Attachment: […]

  • Usage of ES6 array. Includes() function


    Es5 indexof has two shortcomings in judging whether an array contains an element. One is that it returns – 1 and the position of the element to indicate the inclusion. There is no problem in positioning, but it is not semantic enough. Another problem is that we can’t judge whether there are Nan elements let […]

  • Text prompt when the mouse hover is up


    usecontentAttributeshoverThe prompt message for the. fromplacementAttributes determine the display effect: placementProperty values are: Orientation – align position;                                Four directions:top、left、right、bottom;                                Three alignment positions:start, end, which is empty […]

  • Android flexboxlayout streaming layout


    Android flexboxlayout streaming layout Flexboxlayout is a library that brings Android functions similar to CSS flexible box layout.1: Add dependencyIf you migrate to Android x dependencies { implementation ‘com.google.android:flexbox:2.0.1’ } Otherwise: dependencies { implementation ‘com.google.android:flexbox:1.0.0’ } 2: Example:Layout add: <com.google.android.flexbox.FlexboxLayout android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” app:flexWrap=”wrap”> <TextView style=”@style/TextStyle” android:text= “Do you really live in such a world” <TextView […]

  • CSS3 series notes of Web


    CSS3 series notes of Web CSS3 property selector Property selector list Selectors brief introduction E[att] Select the E element with ATT attribute E[att=”val”] Select the E element with ATT attribute and val attribute value E[att^=”val”] Match the E element with ATT attribute and val as its value E[att$=”val”] Match the E element with ATT attribute […]