• IOS – add a global hover button (integrated pods version)


    Background : in an ordinary IOS development group, there are more than one testing machine, but when we are developing, it is impossible for each testing machine to keep the latest code at all times, which leads to a problem. When the test detects a problem, (or the product suddenly takes a little bit of […]

  • Design and optimization of uninstall of conntrack based on the new features of Linux kernel in ucloud


    Recently, Netfilter and mellanox jointly developed the flowtable hardware offload function, making flowtable a standard conntrack offload scheme, and realized the Linux standard Netfilter hardware offload interface. As a new function, there are still some defects and imperfections. In this regard, we have done a lot of hardware uninstallation and development work, carried out problem […]

  • How to implement simple network programming with Python


      For network programming, communication mode is a necessary backstage skill. First, implement it with the most basic code, understand the meaning of some APIs, and learn in depth. There are always readers who have asked me about Python background development. If you want to follow the direction of Python background, it is necessary for […]

  • Ml structure 3-1: gradient descent


    introduction: The notes in this series are the notes of machine learning by Mr. Li Hongyi of Taiwan UniversityBilibilibili: Li Hongyi machine learning (2017)In addition, some interested students have made shorthand and updated it on GitHub: leeml notes I haven’t used the knowledge of high number and linear algebra for a long time. Many of […]

  • Song Baohua: on the age anxiety of programmers and the relief of anxiety


    This article is reprinted and the copyright belongs to the author. For commercial reprint, please contact the author for authorization. For non-commercial reprint, please indicate the source. Author: Song Baohua Source: WeChat official account Linux yard (id: linuxdev) There are few programmers living in 2017 who are not worried. After the house prices skyrocketed in […]

  • CSS in-depth front-end chapter before 2020, fully grasp the CSS animation [transform]


    Written in front It will be 2020 soon. Do you know that my friends have learned CSS3 animation this year? Speaking of CSS animation is a very awkward thing. On the one hand, because the company uses less CSS animation, on the other hand, most developers are accustomed to using JavaScript to do animation, so […]

  • Hand teaching H5 games – greedy snake


    Simple small game production, the amount of code is only two or three hundred lines. The game can be extended by itself. Source code has been released to GitHub, like a little star, source entry: game Snake The game has been released, and the game portal: http://snake.game.yanjd.top Step 1 – create ideas How to realize […]

  • CSS3 box model


    1. Standard box model, IE6 hybrid model As long as any attribute is set to “non visible”, the default value of another attribute isauto。 This means that if the overflow value is set in one direction, the default value of the other property is auto Be careful:resizeAttributes should be used with caution. Each drag will […]

  • We all know agile development is good, but why don’t most companies use it?


    The concept of agile development has been talked about for more than ten years. It divides the roles of development teams and requires high requirements for each role. This is actually a subversion of the organizational structure. In addition, it puts forward ideal definitions for workflow and iteration cycle. Many people think it’s a way […]

  • A variety of schemes to realize animation in Web


    A variety of schemes to realize animation in Web Some time ago, when making the Christmas operation activity page, the UI gave all kinds of cool animations, which looked good, but when implemented, the hair would suffer.For this reason, several schemes of implementing animation in web are summarized. 1.css3-transform As an excellent front-end development engineer […]

  • For novices A kind of 5 life saving A kind of CSS code (SCSS mixin)


    Encapsulation as mixin reuse In writing A kind of In CSS, many styles areIt’s very common, but it’s hard to write, although there are many mature UI frameworks, we can’t have one A kind ofSimple activity pageAlso introduce a big framework, right? I also saved a lot of common CSS in my work, and I […]

  • BFC


    concept The full name of BFC is block formatting context, that is, “block level formatting context”. It is a relatively independent rendering area in the page. It determines how the internal sub elements are placed and positioned, and the interaction between the internal elements and the external elements of the area Characteristic The inner box […]