• What’s New in Dubbo-go v1.5


    What’s New in Dubbo-go v1.5 quotation The wave of computer technology has a technological subversion every 10 years, and the relevant knowledge system will be innovated every 5 years at the latest, which will depreciate by half every two years, as well as in the field of application service communication framework. A long-lived communication framework […]

  • Analysis of Objective-C design pattern bridging


    The pattern of picture recognition Figure 1 Or so Figure 2 Asking questions Problem assumption: the remote control and TV series here are bound, one remote control corresponds to one TV set. There are the following problems: There are two production lines, one for remote control and the other for TV The structure of different […]

  • Tencent angel appeared in VLDB and announced to join lf deep learning foundation with new angel 2.0


    On August 27, Beijing time, VLDB (very large data bases conferences), one of the top three global database conferences, was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Angel, Tencent AI open source project, was invited to attend the conference to show Tencent’s research achievements in big data mining and database management to the world’s top data […]

  • Source code interpretation: cssrnn


    Source code:Cssrnn GitHub link, ijcai2017 Model interpretation current embedding: [state_ size, emb_ Dim], where state_ Size is the number of links or grids, EMB_ Dim is the dimension of embedding. destination embedding: [state_ size, emb_ [dim], ditto; The terminal embedding is a separate set. Neighbor embedding: in fact, it is a set of coefficients of […]

  • Performance Optimization — heat maps


    Heat Maps Heat maps can visualize three-dimensional data (location information (x, y) and color information), similar to weather radar map using color as dimension. When data is quantified into buckets, they are very useful for dealing with large data sets, such as performance monitoring indicators of thousands of servers. The following links describe and demonstrate […]

  • Hierarchical theory of data warehouse modeling


    Layered construction theory To be simple, you can directly use ODS + DM to synchronize all the data, and then directly develop some reports of the application layer. This is the simplest. When the content of DM layer is more, if you want to reuse it, you will split a common layer into a three-tier […]

  • Analysis of hive modeling


    Modeling analysis The discussion is based on the case of visitor system Purpose of modeling analysis Analyze which levels, tables and fields the whole data warehouse needs ODS layer: source data layer Docking source data, keep the same granularity as the source data DWD Task: 1. Cleaning. Incomplete data Expired or invalid data 2. Conversion […]

  • Channelnets: channel wise convolution, convolution sliding in channel dimension | neurips 2018


    Channel wise convolution is a very good idea to slide on the channel dimension to solve the complex full connection characteristics of input and output in convolution operation, but it is not as rigid as block convolution  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official account Paper: channelnetworks: compact and efficient convolutional neural networks via channel wise […]

  • How are you! Real time data warehouse of cross border e-commerce shopee


    Author: Huang Lianghui This paper introduces the application of team data in Singapore Background of real time data warehouse construction Flink combines druid and hive application scenarios in real-time data warehouse construction Real time task monitoring Streaming SQL platformization Streaming job management Future planning optimization direction Construction background Shopee is a leading e-commerce platform for […]

  • The most commonly used model in data warehouse construction — detailed explanation of Kimball dimensional modeling


    Data warehouse Toolbox: an authoritative guide to dimensional modeling,This article is based on this book。 The first official account is:Learn big data in five minutesIn the official account, the “third dimensional e-book” can be obtained by sending “dimensional modeling”. This book is based on the author’s 60 years of practical business environment and summarizes the […]

  • The intelligent decision engine of millions of businesses


    Author: Algorithm & Jianxi, technical expert of Alibaba data technology and product department Introduction of business consultant Business advisor is an all channel, all link, one-stop data platform built by Alibaba. It is dedicated to providing users with diversified data services such as business analysis, market insight, customer group insight, etc., so as to help […]

  • Interpretation of 100 billion level OLAP engine


    Introduction:Data bank is a commercial data product operated by brand consumers. Because its core analysis ability needs to realize free analysis in any dimension and strong demand for response time on massive data, we use analyticdb as the underlying analysis engine on a large scale. Finally, with low cost and excellent performance, we support millions […]