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  • Why does the hardware driver have WHQL digital signature


    The hardware driver must have WHQL digital signature to realize normal installation, startup and operation, and silent installation of the driver. In the current desktop operating system, the market share of windows system is dominant, and the systems of various versions of Windows account for almost most of the market. Therefore, many industrial and industrial […]

  • 12 common problems of code signature and driver signature


    What is a code signing certificate? Code signing certificateCode signing certificates is a certification service that provides code software digital signatures for software developers.The code signature certificate can identify the source of the software and the true identity of the software developer through the digital signature of the code, so that your customers can trust […]

  • The main tasks of cryptography


    A series of articles: The main tasks of cryptography The concept of cryptosystem Cryptography is not only a method to provide information security, but also a collection of mathematical techniques. There is no doubt that cryptography mainly deals with information security, but in general, in many aspects of information security, cryptography mainly provides the following […]

  • Implementation of adding digital signature to Java pdf


    After the digital signature of the document, people other than the author can not modify it. Therefore, adding digital signature to PDF document can ensure its security and authenticity. At the same time, according to the difference of added content, digital signature can be divided into text digital signature, picture digital signature, picture and text […]

  • Read the certificate in cryptography


    Read the certificate in cryptography In the previous article, we talked about digital signature, the role of digital signature is to prevent tampering and camouflage, and to prevent denial. But in order to use digital signature technology correctly, there is a very big premise, that is, the public key used to verify the signature must […]

  • Bitcoin Trading (1)


    In the bitcoin white paper, there are three key words that explain what transactions are. Although digital signatures partly solve the problem of e-cash system, it still needs the support of the third party to prevent double payment, then the system will lose its value of existence. An electronic currency is defined as a chain […]

  • Bitcoin Trading (2)


    In the last article, we focus on digital signature. In this article, we explore the source code of bitcoin transactions and answer the following questions: How to give e-money a unit. How to divide an electronic currency into several electronic currencies. How to integrate multiple e-money into one e-money. How to represent an unused electronic […]

  • Web authentication and API using token


    First of all, I’ll post the article I’ve read:1.http://www.cnblogs.com/xiekel…2.http://blog.leapoahead.com/20…3.http://blog.leapoahead.com/20…4.jwt demo :https://github.com/bigmeow/JWTFive https://github.com/jwtk/jjwt There are several good ones here, which are officially recommendedSix http://blog.csdn.net/koastal/… Anti replay attack scheme based on timestamp and nonce The company’s current web design is based on HTTP basic auth, and has always felt that there will be great security problems, and […]

  • How to install Chinese input method in Kali Linux


    How to install Chinese input method in Kali Linux It’s very simple to install the input method. Just follow my step by step. Here I summarize my problems and solutions 1. In order to install successfully, update the source  -apt-get update 2. Installation input method -apt-get install ibus ibus-pinyin 3. If the above is not […]

  • MD5 AES RSA and data encryption transmission


    Network transmission of data will face data eavesdropping, tampering, counterfeiting. These three attacks will destroy the privacy, integrity and mutual trust of the two sides of the communication respectively. One way encrypted hash hash is not an encryption algorithm in strict senseMD5 (message digest algorithm 5): message digest algorithmSha (secure hash algorithm): secure hash algorithmHMAC […]

  • Using Tomcat to build the HTTPS service


    Devui is a team with both design and engineering perspectives. It serves Huawei cloud devcloud platform and several Huawei internal middle and back-end systems, as well as designers and front-end engineers.Official website: devui.designNg component library: ng devui (welcome to star)Official communication group: add devui small assistant (micro signal: devui official) into the group introduction This […]