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  • Seven steps for blockchain miners to mine transactions


    Have you ever wondered how the mining process of the blockchain works, or how your transactions are confirmed and added to the blockchain? Well, so am I. Since I couldn’t find any clear step-by-step article explaining the process, I decided to dig into it and write my own guide. Here’s how blockchain transactions are processed […]

  • Appx Code Signing Guide


    1. What is the file format of APPX? appx is actually a compressed package of installation files, which packages some common installation files, including DLL file library, CAT digital signature file, multiple XML file information files, etc. It is an application package ready for distribution and installation . appxs was first introduced in Windows 8. […]

  • Inno Setup Packaging and Signing Guide


    Inno Setup is a free Windows installer making software, a very simple and practical packaged gadget, which can set functions according to our own wishes. This article will describe how to package with Inno Setup and set up the signature with wosigncodecmd. 1. Download and install Inno Setup Official website URL:https://jrsoftware.org/isdl.php Install according to your […]