• Implementation of custom Chinese full text index in neo4j


    Generally, the first way to optimize the efficiency of database retrieval is to start with the index, and then consider more complex load balancing, read-write separation and distributed horizontal / vertical sub database / table according to the demand. The index improves the retrieval efficiency through information redundancy, which exchanges space for time and reduces […]

  • Application of natural language processing in Open Search


    Natural language intelligence (NLP) Natural language intelligence research realizes effective communication between human and computer by language. It is a science integrating linguistics, psychology, computer science, mathematics and statistics. It involves the analysis, extraction, understanding, transformation and production of natural language and formal language. Artificial intelligence can be divided into several stages • computational intelligence […]

  • Exploration and practice of NER technology in meituan search


    1. Background Named entity recognition (NER), also known as “proper name recognition”, refers to the identification of entities with specific meaning in the text, mainly including person name, place name, organization name, proper name, etc. Ner is an important basic tool in information extraction, question answering system, syntactic analysis, machine translation, metadata annotation for semantic […]

  • Zero basic entry NLP – text classification based on machine learning


    Any classification problem needs to mine useful features from data, and text classification is no exception. Here will introduce several ways to extract features from text, which is also the most basic method to deal with text Text representation In the training process of machine learning algorithm, suppose that given $n $samples, each sample has […]

  • Notes on hanlp’s introduction to natural language processing


    The notes are reproduced in GitHub project:https://github.com/NLP-LOVE/Introduction-NLP 2. Dictionary segmentation Chinese word segmentation: refers to the process of splitting a piece of text into a series of words, and the sequence of these words is equal to the original text. Chinese word segmentation algorithms are roughly divided intoBased on dictionary rulesAndBased on machine learningThese two […]

  • Notes on hanlp’s introduction to natural language processing — 3. Binary grammar and Chinese word segmentation


    The notes are reproduced in GitHub project:https://github.com/NLP-LOVE/Introduction-NLP 3. Binary grammar and Chinese word segmentation In the last chapter, we realized the dictionary segmentation which is not allowed to be disambiguated. Given two kinds of word segmentation results “goods and services” and “goods and services”, dictionary segmentation does not know which is more reasonable. We humans […]

  • Introduction to C dictionary and sorteddictionary


    1. Sorteddictionary generic class Sorteddictionary generic class is a binary search tree with O (log n) retrieval complexity, where n is the number of elements in the dictionary. In this regard, it is related toSortedList Generic classes are similar. These two classes have similar object models, and both have o (log n) retrieval complexity. The difference […]

  • C ා details of the differences among ArrayList, HashSet, hashtable, list and dictionary


    In C ා array is fixed length, so it often can not meet our development needs. Because this limitation is inconvenient, ArrayList appears. ArrayList、List<T> ArrayList is a variable length array. You can add any amount of data to ArrayList. When the length of the array maintained internally is insufficient, it will automatically expand to twice […]

  • VBS Foundation – VBScript Dictionary Object


    Dictionary is the object that stores data keys and item pairs. Its main attributes are Count, Item, Key. The main methods are Add, Exists, Items, Keys, Remove, RemoveAll.Creating Dictionary Objects Define and create Dictionary objects, create and return references to automated objects using CreateObject Dim Dic Set Dic = CreateObject(“Scripting.Dictionary”) Adding key values Dim Dic […]