• One hot encoding of text words


    Word > letter > vector Neural network is based on mathematics, so it is more sensitive to numbers. No matter what kind of feature data is, it needs to be fed into the neural network in the form of vector, whether it is picture, text, audio or video. One hot coding is a common coding […]

  • Django — view layer (request & response object, CBV and FBV, file upload)


    1Request object of view layer def index(request): ”’ request:django The encapsulated object, whose class is wsgirequest, contains all the HTTP requests ”’ print(request) print(type(request)) # from django.core.handlers.wsgi import WSGIRequest #######################1 look at the previous blog print(request.method) print(request.GET) print(request.POST) ########################Get in 2 path_ full_ path,META,FIELS,body #Custom request header #The encoding method used for uploading files is […]

  • Kylin on parquet introduction and quick start


    The official account is from Apache Kylin (author is also me):Original linkThis article is a summary of kylin on parquet’s introduction on April 18, 2020 and meepup’s sharing online.Because kylin on parquet is still developing iteratively, some parts of the original text are updated here. Countdistinct, topn and percentile mentioned in the construction section have […]

  • The principle of global dictionary for exact de duplication in Apache kylin 4.0


    Explanation of global dictionary Why do you need a global dictionary In the field of OLAP data analysis, count distinct is a very common requirement. According to the requirements of the result, it can be divided into approximate de duplication and accurate de duplication. In large-scale data sets, it is still very challenging to achieve […]

  • Leetcode interview question 17.13


    Interview question 17.13 Title Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/re-space-lcci subject Oh, no! You accidentally deleted the spaces and punctuation in a long article, and the upper case was also made lower case. Like a sentence”I reset the computer. It still didn’t boot!”It has become”iresetthecomputeritstilldidntboot”。 Before dealing with punctuation and case, you have to break it into words. […]

  • JSON operation of 14 Python crawler


    Structured data is the best way to deal with. Generally, it is a string similar to JSON format. You can directly parse the JSON data and extract the key fields of JSON. JSON JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format, which is suitable for data interaction scenarios, such as data interaction between […]

  • What do you have to master to learn redis?


    Welcome to learning exchange: PHP advanced learningRedis is an open source log and key value database, which is written in ANSI C language, supports network, can be memory based or persistent, and provides multiple language API. Redis open source document[ http://www.redis.cn/documenta… ] http://www.redis.cn/documenta… Set redis password ~~~ vi /usr/local/redis/etc/redis.conf About 500 lines requirepass 123456 ~~~ […]

  • Algorithm of swift


    Title Description: Given an array of integersnumsAnd a target valuetarget, please find the two integers whose target value is and in the array, and return their array subscript. You can assume that each input corresponds to only one answer. However, the same element in an array cannot be used twice. Example: Given nums = [2, […]

  • Pysimplegui learning notes


    Learning Python is mainly to develop some small tools to facilitate work, instead of doing repetitive work manually. After the development, they are sent to colleagues for use. Because their computers have no development environment, they are packaged into exe files. The default interface is ugly, so they learn the contents of GUI. install PIP […]

  • Moocnet_ Learning summary of “Introduction to IOS foundation framework experience”


    Time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017Note: part of this article is from moocnet. @Moocnet:http://www.imooc.comTeaching example source code: NonePersonal learning source code:https://github.com/zccodere/s… Chapter 1: introduction to foundation structure 1-1 foundation structure relationship Foundation.framework Foundation: Foundation Framework: Framework Basic framework Class structure relationship of foundation framework Chapter 2: nsstring – string explanation 2-1 nsstring (1) Nsstring string Nsstring: […]

  • General method for all components of Tkinter (40) TTK module


    A general method for all components of TTK module method explain cget(option) Returns the option value of the part configure(option=value, …) Set the value of each option of the component, or return the dictionary of all options. The dictionary value is tuple (name, dbname, dbclass, default, current), whereName – option nameDbname – the database name […]

  • Vue + go is used to realize the upload and download of front and back-end files, and the upload and download of CSV files can be copied directly


    Direct code, is a fixed usage, only need to change some information such as the interface. Here, by the way, I also take the token, Vue front end //Page code, using Vue ant, can be implemented in each framework. For details, please refer to the wiki using the framework <a-form-item> <a-button type=”primary” @click=”exports”> <a-icon type=”download”/> […]