• BFE.dev Implementation of a sum() method


    bfe.dev Is a front-end brush Title website, like the front-end leetcode. This series of articles is my writing diary. Topic 23 BFE.dev#23 Implement a sum () method problem Implement asum()That makes the following judgment true. const sum1 = sum(1) sum1(2) == 3 // true sum1(3) == 4 // true sum(1)(2)(3) == 6 // true sum(5)(-1)(2) […]

  • Basic operation of ODI


    Basic operation of ODI [TOC] Summary ODI (Oracle data integrator) is a data integration tool launched by Oracle after the acquisition of sunopis in October 2006 and the integration of sunopis active integration platform. Now it is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Whether ETL or e-lt, its basic goal is to integrate the source […]

  • Detailed explanation of synchronization data operation of ODI consistency CDC (last update date)


    Details of ODI operation Consistency CDC (last update date) synchronization data Add CDC 1. Check database version DECLARE — Validating KM options dbVersion1 NUMBER(2,0); dbVersion2 NUMBER(2,0); BEGIN — Verify RDBMS version select case when upper(name) = ‘COMPATIBLE’ then to_number(substr(value, 1, instr(value, ‘.’,1,1)-1)) else null end v0, case when upper(name) = ‘COMPATIBLE’ then to_number(substr(value, instr(value, ‘.’,1,1)+1, […]