• How to pop up dialog in Android 8.1.0 service


    Scenario: start the thread to download the upgrade package in the service. When the system upgrade package is downloaded, a dialog will pop up to prompt the user. Note that different versions of Android system may have different performance. Currently, it is a service hit dialog based on Android 8.1.0. First of all, to declare […]

  • Detailed explanation of the effect instance code of spinner in dialog


    Background: Remember a long time ago, when I met a demand scenario, I needed to display the spinner in Android dialog for selection. At that time, I was still confused. I don’t know if I can do this. Holding the mentality of trying, I did experiments, and it seems that the effect is still feasible, […]

  • Pop-up dialog error Maximum call stack size exceeded on bootstrap modal


    Yesterday, it was so ugly to modify alert’s warning that dialog dialog was used instead, and then an error was reported: jquery-2.0.2.min.js:5 Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded. Repeated tests, atbootstrapOfmodalPop-up on modal framejQuery UIOfdialogThat’s the wrong report. Stack overflow!!!Feeling that this problem is very serious, how to debug can not find the reason […]

  • HTML 5.2 dialog


    December 24, 2017, HTML 5.2 standard solidification, also represents the mobile end into the HTML 5.3 planning stage, although HTML 5.2 solidification, but some new internal specifications in mobile browsers need to be improved support, here we see a commonly used new included standard label, it is dialog. Label. 1. Write in front Speaking of […]

  • Hand-in-hand teaching you CKEDITOR 4 implementation of Dialog embedded IFrame operation in detail


    This paper illustrates the implementation of Dialog embedded IFrame operation by CKEDITOR 4. Share for your reference, as follows: In the previous blog post “Creation of CKEDITOR 4 Extension Plug-in”, Jiang Ge discussed the process of adding dialog to ckeditor, some controls of dialog have been added, and finally inserting the value of control into […]

  • Encapsulation of a generic OpupWindow


    The previous article is about the design pattern of builders. Today, we will encapsulate a general-purpose Popup Window to practice, but also to facilitate the use of Popup Window in the future. This article will introduce Popup Window and its encapsulation from the following aspects, as follows: Summary common method Basic use Encapsulating PopupWindow Use […]

  • Talking about the dialog element in HTML5


    Dialogue box (also known as modal box, floating layer) is an important part of Web project for user interaction. The most common ones are alert () and confirm () in js, but this dialog box is not beautiful and can not customize the style. Therefore, in the process of development, we usually build wheels or […]

  • eclipse怎么创建Dialog窗口?


    When developing eclipse programming, you need to customize the dialog window and return parameters. How to achieve this function? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software Name: Official Free Edition of Elipse 4.8 Chinese Package (with Installation and Use Tutorial) Software size: 1.64MB 更新时间: 2018-06-29 1. Build a new oneswt-java项目,项目的名称为javadialog。 2. Create […]