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  • Comparison of view design, element plus and Ant Design Vue component libraries


    usevue3.0Initialize the project and tangle with the selected component libraryelement-plusstillAnt Design Vue, so the following comparison is made (withview-design vue2.0Comparison): Access address view-design:http://v1.iviewui.com/docs/introduce element-plus:https://element-plus.gitee.io/#/zh-CN/component/installation Ant Design Vue:https://www.antdv.com/docs/vue/introduce-cn/ Comparison term Indexes Comparison item view-design element-plus Ant Design Vue 1 vue2.0 Y N N 2 vue3.0 N Y Y 3 star/fork 23.8k/4.2k 10.6k/1.1k 14.7k/2.5k 4 IE11 Y […]

  • Window shortcut


    Lock screen 1. Many times, you need to leave your seat temporarily to do other things. If you pay great attention to your computer security, you might as well press and hold the windows key and then press the L key, so that the computer will lock the screen directly, so you don’t have to […]

  • MSSQL · prevent saving configuration changes that require the table to be recreated


    Reading time |0.23 minutes word count |370.4 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background “MSSQL · prevent saving configuration changes requiring table re creation” Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/7/15 PM9:0 Article type |Series Degree of completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & background    Completion: 100% a) Dealing […]

  • Flutter self made plug-in R_ Router does not need context routing plug-in


    r_router A fluent routing plug-in that does not require context navigation and supports dialog .———————————————- |GitHub address: | https://github.com/rhymelph/r… |Pub address: | https://pub.dev/packages/r_ro… `———————————————- 1. Start using pubspec.yamlFile add dependency dependencies: r_router: last version Import package import ‘package:r_router/r_router.dart’; 2. Simple use Register routing ///[path] your routing path ///[routerwidgetbuilder] build your page ///[params] your parameter supports […]

  • Steps to make a proxmox ve installation USB drive using rufus


    Rufus is a tool that can help format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB stick, memory stick, etc. Rufus has the advantages of small volume, fast speed and comprehensive functions. It is a very ideal installation disk making tool. The current version of Rufus is 3.13 and the download address ishttps://rufus.ie/, portable […]

  • How to deal with the problem when using air to realize hot overload


    staycourseThe following errors will appear when you directly execute air according to the tutorial, $ air __ _ ___ / /\ | | | |_) /_/–\ |_| |_| \_ v1.12.1 // live reload for Go apps, with Go1.14.0 watching . !exclude tmp building… go: cannot find main module, It needs to be done firstgo mod […]

  • 30 + program veterans’ Transformation Path — tools (WPS + PostgreSQL)


    Recently, I plan to learn something about data analysis. In the figure below, although there are a lot of advertising elements, there are many techniques. It is said that programmers should have a little product thinking and be sensitive to data. After reading the introduction of some training institutions, there are many knowledge points involved, […]

  • Note jumping developer tool, Google browser can’t use, report error “status”_ INVALID_ IMAGE_ HASH”


    Use note jumping developer tool to open Google browser and report error status all the time_ INVALID_ IMAGE_ Hash, unable to run the developer tool normally Today, I finally saw a post to solve this problem: The reason for this problem is that Google re enables the render code integrity protection in the update of […]

  • Flyer widgets dialog – dialog


    Note: without special instructions, the version of flutter and dart are as follows: Flutter version: 1.12.13 + hotfix. 5 Dart version: 2.7.0 When an application carries out important operations, it often needs the user to confirm twice to avoid the user’s misoperation. For example, when deleting a file, a prompt “do you want to delete […]

  • How to run and debug ts with webstorm


    ==================== Recently, we use ts to develop command line program, summarize and record the powerful running and debugging functions of webstorm. Need to rely on node.js typescript ts-node Installation dependency yarn global add typescript ts-node -D or npm install gloabl typescript ts-node –save-dev Configuration steps From the main menu, selectRun| Edit Configurations, and then“Edit Configurations”Dialog […]

  • Play with chrome — common startup commands


    Play with chrome — common startup commands command explain –enable-logging log enable –make-default-browser Set default –disable-http2 Disable http2 –user-agent=”xxx” Set custom proxy –disable-gpu Disable GPU acceleration –no-sandbox –renderer-startup-dialog The render process displays a dialog at startup –no-sandbox –gpu-startup-dialog The GPU process displays a dialog box at startup -no-sandbox –plugin-startup-dialog The dialog box is displayed when […]

  • What are these “no app” doing now?


    In《Excellent project recommendation of Google flutter clock competition》There’s a vote. What do you use to develop Android now? I think that with the strong support of Google, many people will turn to using flutter for development. However, judging from the votes, there are not many people using flutter. Except Java, kotlin is the most. When […]