• Thymeleaf


    Spring integrates thymeleaf template engine, which is introduced in this article dialect Thymeleaf provides a flexible interface that allows users to customize their own dialects. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the standard dialect before customizing the dialect. Standard expression ${…}: variable expression Variable Variable expressions are usually ognl ${session.user.name} Thymeleaf <span th:text=”${book.author.name}”> Equivalent to […]

  • Precautions of PageHelper on springboot


    Pom.xml configuration <dependency> <groupId>com.github.pagehelper</groupId> <artifactId>pagehelper</artifactId> <version>*.*.*</version> </dependency> Bean injection, here you can customize the configuration @Configuration public class PageHelperConfig { @Bean(name = “pageHelper”) public PageHelper pageHelper() { PageHelper pageHelper = new PageHelper(); Properties properties = new Properties(); /**The default is false. When it is set to true, the offset of the first parameter of rowborders […]

  • Simple understanding of MySQL dialect


    Apart from the database, what is the dialect in life? Dialect is the characteristic language of a certain place, which is different from other places. Only a small part of you can understand it. This place is another dialect. The same is true of database dialect. MySQL is a dialect, Oracle is a dialect, and […]

  • What is RPC?


    A series of articles: What is RPC? Grpc routine (zero) environment construction (Windows Environment) What exactly is RPC?RPC refers to remote procedure call, that is to say, two servers a and B, one application is deployed on server A. if you want to call the function / method provided by the application on server B, […]

  • JavaFX integrates Sqlite and Hibernate to develop crawler applications


    Catalogue[Hide] 0.1 Preface: 0.2 Interface 0.3 Maven environment 0.4 Project structure 0.5 Integration of Hibernate 0.5.1 SQLiteDialect. Java database dialect code 0.5.2 Hibernate.cfg.xml Hibernate configuration file 0.6 Project Initialization Connection Database Automatically Creates Tables: 0.6.1 Create databases and tables for the first run of the program 0.7 JFoenix Interface Development 1. JFoenix table TreeTable 1.0.1 […]