• Automatic deployment tool for golang


    An example of automatic deployment in golang Why do I need to write this file when Jenkins is deployed automatically? It’s because the company’s server is too expensive. It’s fried when Jenkins is installed.So I want to use golnag to develop an automatic deployment tool. Every time I update the program, SCP is too painful […]

  • Some practical git tips


    A few months ago, I wrote a form about git, called git cheat sheet. Now I want to share some useful tips. Please move on for more details. Another very good project about git tips is git tips. Who moved my code Who moved my code? Whose bug is on my head? When working in […]

  • Five challenges for enterprises to build a successful Devops model


    [editor’s note] the author of this article is Kevin Goldberg. It mainly introduces the five challenges and problems that enterprises need to deal with in order to successfully deploy Devops mode. This paper is a compilation and presentation of the domestic itom management platform oneapm. It’s not easy to give Devops a concise, accurate and […]

  • GitHub actions


    introduce GitHub actions is a CI (continuous integration) tool officially launched by GitHub, which is still inBetaVersion, which can only be used after applying for internal test qualification, can be seen in your own code warehouse after successful applicationActionsNow. Instructions Here is a brief introductionGithub ActionsPlease refer to the official documents for details. term workflowRepresents […]

  • From Devops to aiops, how can Ali achieve intelligent operation and maintenance?


    Abstract:Aiops is algorithmic IT operations. Aiops is a hot spot in the field of operation and maintenance. However, on the premise of meeting the business SLA, how to improve the efficiency and stability of the platform and reduce the cost of resources become the problems and challenges faced by aiops. background With the rapid development […]

  • Container practice of youzan


    Preface Containerization has become a trend, which can solve many pain points in operation and maintenance, such as efficiency, cost, stability and other issues, while the process of access to containers often encounter many problems and inconvenience. In the process of containerization, we have encountered various problems, such as container technology, operation and maintenance system […]

  • How does Devops appear? Antecedents and consequences


    How does Devops appear? Antecedents and consequences For more knowledge of Internet of things high concurrency programming, please move to https://www.yuque.com/shizhiy… The evolution of software development Over the years, Devops have evolved from existing software development strategies / methods to respond to business needs. Let’s take a brief look at theseHow the model evolved, as […]

  • Stone from other mountain – which is the best operation and maintenance platform?


    Devops full link The following figure is a well-known software R & D link. In a R & D organization with high iteration frequency, it may experience the following cycles several times a day. For the R & D organizations with large user groups or undergoing large business expansion, in addition to focusing on the […]

  • DNT Elite Forum (and. NET Beijing Club) Phase 2 Technology Salon Activity


    DNT Elite Forum and. NET Beijing Club is a technology forum initiated by senior. NET experts and community activists. With the principle of “sharing, growth, cooperation and win-win”, DNT Elite Forum and. NET Beijing Club is committed to building a leading technology sharing platform and growth exchange ecology. The second salon share topics: NET Core […]

  • Analysis of TCP Retransmit Packet in Linux


    The article begins with the public number: the blackboard newspaper of preserved egg.The author works in Jingdong and has a deep understanding of stability assurance, agile development, advanced JAVA and micro-service architecture. Receiving R&D feedback, TCP retransmissions are serious. Host message retransmit is the most basic error recovery function of TCP. Its purpose is to […]

  • DNT Elite Forum (Beijing.NET Club) second technical salon activities


    DNT elite forum and.NET Beijing club is a technical forum sponsored by senior.NET experts and community activists. With the principle of “sharing, growing, cooperation and win win”, we are committed to building a leading technology sharing platform and growing communication ecosystem. The second salon share topics: NET Core Cloud Native and DevOps PracticePractice of. NET […]

  • Enthusiastic DevOps and SRE engineers must read a list of good books | Benefits at the end of the article!


    Original address:https://medium.com/faun/10-great-books-for-aspiring-devops–sre-engineers-76536c7c4909 Author:Aymen El Amri CODING David Horps The following books are a list of good books recommended for DevOps or SRE engineers to learn or enhance the necessary skills. We found the Chinese version of the English version of the original list, which we hope will help. CODING will also continue to focus on […]