• 【Paper Notes】 Popularity Bias in Dynamic Recommendation


    Popularity Bias in Dynamic Recommendation Authors: Ziwei Zhu, Yun He, Xing Zhao, James Caverlee KDD’21 Texas A&M University Paper link:http://people.tamu.edu/~zhuziwei/pubs/Ziwei_KDD_2021.pdf Link to this article:https://www.cnblogs.com/zihaojun/p/15721359.html Table of contents Popularity Bias in Dynamic Recommendation 0. Summary 1. Problem background 2. Contributions of this paper 3. Problem Definition 3.1 Dynamic Recommendation 3.2 Popularity Bias 4. Experimental Analysis 4.1 […]

  • Ensemble Learning – bias and variance


    Deviation and variance Deviation (bias) The difference between the average value of the output of all models trained with all possible training data sets and the output value of the real model. Meaning: it measures the deviation between the expected prediction of the learning algorithm and the real result, and immediately draws the fitting ability […]

  • Concurrent programming: synchronized


    Hello, I’m Xiao Hei, a migrant worker who lives on the Internet. In the previous article, I shared with you some concepts and basic usage methods of threads in Java, such as how to start a thread in Java, producer consumer mode, etc., and if you want to ensure the access security of multi-threaded shared […]

  • 2022 / 4 / 8 academic success project summary


    Up to now: EV = 559.6 ﹐ AC = 844.5 ﹐ PV = 1250   SV (progress deviation) = ev-pv = 559.6-1250 = – 690.4 CV (cost deviation) = ev-ac = 559.6-1250 = – 439.6 SPI (Progress performance index) = EV / PV = 559.6 / 1250 = 0.45 CPI (cost performance index) = EC […]

  • Deep parsing of synchronized keyword


    1. Thinking triggered by a problem The rational use of threads can improve the processing performance of programs, mainly in two aspects. The first is to use multi-core CPU and hyper threading technology to realize the concurrent execution of threads; The second is the asynchronous execution of threads. Compared with synchronous execution, asynchronous execution can […]

  • Python high-dimensional statistical modeling variable selection: comparison of SCAD smooth shear absolute deviation penalty and lasso penalty function


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=24940  Variable selection is an important part of high-dimensional statistical modeling. Many popular variable selection methods, such as Lasso, have deviations. Smooth clipped absolute deviation, _scad) The regression problem of regular terms or smooth shear absolute deviation (SCAD) estimation attempts to alleviate this deviation problem while retaining the continuous penalty of sparsity. Penalty least […]

  • Deviation and variance of ensemble learning


    Introduction: We often use fitting and under fitting to qualitatively describe whether the model solves specific problems well. From a quantitative point of view, the bias and variance of the model can be used to describe the performance of the model. Ensemble learning can “magically” improve the performance of weak classifiers. 1、 How did the […]

  • [R language] R package — ggpubr


    ggpubr ggpubrIt is said that editor can draw pictures for academic journals. 1. Installation and loading Because this bag is incranTherefore, the installation is also convenient and directinstall.packages(). install.packages(“ggpubr”) library(“ggpubr”) 2. Drawing examples Gene expression data Box plots Violin plots Stripcharts and dot plots Density plots Histogram plots Empirical cumulative density function Quantile – Quantile […]

  • Java concurrency lock related problems


    There are two ways to lock in Java: one is to useSynchronized keyword, the other is to useLock interfaceImplementation class of. If you just want to simply add a lock and have no special requirements for performance, the synchronized keyword is enough. Since Java 5, only in Java util. concurrent. There is another way to […]

  • Interviewer: what is the underlying implementation of synchronized? I looked confused..


    Source: Juejin cn/post/6844903726545633287 There are many articles about the underlying implementation of synchronized on the Internet. However, in many articles, either the author didn’t read the code at all, but summarized and copied them according to other articles on the Internet, which is inevitable to make some mistakes; Or many points have been mentioned in […]

  • Java lock full summary


    What exactly does a Java object contain? To sum up, it can be divided into object header, object body and alignment byte. The role of several parts of the object: 1. The mark word in the object header is mainly used to indicate the thread lock status of the object. In addition, it can also […]

  • [mindspire: machine learning with little MI] some suggestions on applying machine learning


    So far, little MI has introduced many different learning algorithms to you. I feel that everyone has unconsciously become an expert who knows many advanced machine learning technologies. Of course, how to use these learning algorithms efficiently and effectively while understanding? How to choose the most appropriate and correct path instead of wasting time on […]