• Reading papers on fairness of recommendation system (6)


    As the reading record of the last paper, I decided to summarize my rough and intensive reading papers so far, and then state some personal opinions and ideas in this research field. Paper summary The bias and unfairness in the recommendation system are born with the birth of the recommendation algorithm, not deliberately. Some typical […]

  • Causal inference – a new idea to solve the fairness of recommendation system


    Paper introduction In recent years, the fairness of recommendation system has become a new hotspot. Among all the methods to solve the problem of fairness, causal inference is particularly attractive. Based on the paper recommendations as treatments: debiasing learning and evaluation[1]As an introduction, let’s see how causal inference is applied to the fairness research of […]

  • R language ecology modeling: enhanced regression tree (BRT) to predict the survival distribution and influencing factors of short fin eel


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=22482 introduction This paper is a short tutorial on fitting BRT (lifting regression tree) model in R. Our goal is to apply the BRT (lifting regression tree) model to ecological data and interpret the results. The purpose of this tutorial is to help you learn how to develop a BRT model in R. Sample […]

  • Classification of machine learning: prediction bias


    The logistic regression prediction should be unbiased. That is, the “predicted average” should be approximately equal to the “observed average”Prediction deviationIt refers to the difference between the two averages. Namely:Forecast deviation = forecast average – the average of the corresponding labels in the datasetNote: “forecast deviation” is not the same as “Deviation” (“B” in “Wx […]

  • Synchronized lock


    Source of the original text:time.geekbang.org/column/article/1… In concurrent programming, when multiple threads access the same shared resource, we must consider how to maintain the atomicity of data** Before JDK1.5, Java did this by relying on the synchronized keyword to implement the lock function. Synchronized is a kind of built-in lock implemented by JVM, and the acquisition […]

  • Object header of Java object layout


    Because of the idea of java object-oriented, a large number of objects need to be stored in the JVM. In order to achieve some additional functions, some tag fields need to be added to the object to enhance the function of the object. Learning concurrent programming knowledgesynchronizedIt is always difficult for us to understand its […]

  • JS Gaode map API obtains the latitude and longitude of the address according to the address


    var location = []; function getAddrGeo(addr) { //Get the latitude and longitude of an address, which can be used for mobile terminal to jump app navigation $.ajax({ type: “GET”, url: ” http://restapi.amap.com/v3/geocode/geo?key= Your key & S = rsv3 & address = “+ addr.trim(), success: function (response) { location = response.geocodes[0] && response.geocodes[0].location.split(“,”); }, error: function […]

  • Two kinds of deviation in data analysis of Statistical Science Series


    Today, I’d like to introduce two common biases in data analysis: selectivity bias and survivor bias. 1. Selectivity deviation Selectivity bias refers to the bias of the conclusion due to the non randomness of sample selection in the process of research, which is the data bias caused by human subjective selection. Let’s take an example […]

  • The Kalman filter of Xiaobai AI


    The article is from WeChat official account.First of all, I took a picture of Kalman to show my respect Kalman filter English Kalman filter Here is a simple, one state filter Kalman filter is often used in control system and robot system, but here we mainly explain how to use it in AI big data […]

  • Machine learning (10): Wu Enda’s notes


    When the machine learning model has a large error, which aspect should be modified. Taking the prediction of house prices as an example, we have completed the regularized linear regression and obtained the parameter vector, but when we put it into a new sample set for testing, we found that there was a huge error. […]

  • An interview question from Ali keeps 90% of programmers out of the door


    Hello, brothers. After many days, I finally came. Today we’re going to talk about some fascinating thingsSynchronized 。 However, before reading this article, I hope you have really used this thing, or understand what it is for, otherwise it is difficult to understand what this article explains. The general order of this article is: fromNo lock […]

  • W18Cr4V


    W18Cr4V is the most widely used universal high speed steel with high hardness, red hardness and high temperature hardness, which is easy to grind. It is suitable for turning, planing, milling, reaming, broaching, drilling, gear cutting, taps, dies, etc. it is suitable for machining soft or medium hardness materials (below 300-320hb). And the production of […]