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  • Canvas debugger in Firefox developer tools


    Canvas debugger is a new tool that we demonstrated in the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. It is mainly used to debug the animation frame rendered in canvas elements. Whether you are creating a visual image, animation or debugging a game, this tool can help you understand and optimize the animation cycle by […]

  • Second State releases BUIDL IDE tools for ETC


    The Block Chain Intelligent Contract Platform Second State released BUIDL IDE for Ethereum Classic. BUIDL integrates the development environment of ETC. Developers can use BUIDL to develop and deploy related block chain applications on any web browser in a few minutes. De-neutralization applications (DApp) are collaborative and anti-censorship in building block chain intelligent contracts. Common […]

  • Modify the Android Studio cache directory


    The article was first published under the Public Number:nullobject 。Personal website: https://www.nullobject.cn This article focuses on how to modify the Android Studio cache directory 1 Note Modify the Android Studio cache directory, mainly by modifying.AndroidStudioFolders andm2The directory where the folder is located..AndroidStudioMainly used to save AS configuration and plug-ins. By default,.AndroidStudioThe default directory is located […]

  • How to synchronize vscode plug-ins when the development equipment is changed?


    You are welcome to pay attention to the front-end GitHub and read more original technical articles. As a convenient and free software, vscode has always been popular with the majority of front-end developers, and the number and function of its plug-ins are endless – vscode without dozens of plug-ins can not be regarded as qualified […]

  • How to gracefully use phpStorm development tools


    How to gracefully use phpStorm development tools It’s still customary to copy an introduction from encyclopedia: PhpStorm is a commercial PHP integrated development tool developed by JetBrains. PhpStorm can help users adjust their coding at any time, run unit tests or provide visual debug functions and intelligent HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP editing, code quality analysis, version control integration […]

  • Phpstorm topic recommendation


    It is helpful to find IDE-type development tools in daily development to improve our development efficiency. Phpstorm is a tool to share with you in this article. It mainly shares some common keyboard shortcuts and better-looking topics. Continuous updates follow. Theme Installation Material theme UI theme. Upload a preview first. The first step is to […]

  • Eclipse development tools install MyBatipse


    MyBatipse plug-in MyBatipse is a plug-in for Eclipse, which provides content hints and configuration file validation for MyBatipse. Enhancement of XML Editor Code completion automatically Mapper filenamespaceIt can be calculated automatically based on the location of the mapper file: so when we put it on the Dao layer, the full path provided by that namespace […]

  • Installation plug-in Jrebel for Eclipse development tools


    In Java EE development environment, Tomcat’s support for hot deployment is still relatively weak, which wastes a lot of time in the development process to restart services. Mr. Pang hates tossing and turning, so he wants to see if there is any real-time compilation and find Jrebel plug-ins.PaywareIts support for hot deployment is relatively comprehensive. […]

  • First Development Summary


    Preface As the saying goes, a good tool can make you get twice the result with half the effort. So spend more time looking at some tools can improve the efficiency of programming. Here are the tools that I think are very helpful for my programming. Visual Studio ReSharper VS Code Writing Excellent Assistant, Memory-consuming, […]

  • Does relying on IDE for development make you a bad programmer?


    Does programming in Notepad++ make you feel better than using Visual Studio? That night I was reading an article written by Rob Conery about his career choices, his choice of programming languages and some regrets left in the process. I was surprised in many places, but the point about. net development aroused my deep thought. […]

  • Let eclipse look good with a little configuration


    Although I spend most of my time working on ruby, I used to like tossing tools a long time ago, mainly because the eclipse changes are really ugly now. Although I added a dark theme, they are still ugly enough. In fact, only a few simple modifications are needed to make Eclipse look good and […]

  • Accelerated Startup of Development Tool Eclipse


    Accelerate Eclipse startup [see appendix] When Eclipse starts up, it always searches for jres that let it run, which is often the search process that slows down the start of eclipse. (When not set, wait for 2-3s to appear progress bar, and then directly appear progress bar after setting), configure-vm attribute in eclipse.ini, pay attention […]