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  • Reactnative runs IOS and reports errors in Xcode 11.0 compilation


    Some time ago, the project was short of time. Because of the conflict of pod files, IOS side did not use IOS simulator for development. See you today. I plan to solve this problem.The solution process is as follows: first, delete the pods folder under the IOS directory of the project, then enter the IOS […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 56


    plug-in unit get Navigate between screens, display snackbars, dialogs and bottomSheets, from anywhere in your code without context with Get. FlutterVisualizers A Flutter Plugin to visualize audio in android flutter-native-ads Flutter plugin for AdMob Native Ads. Compatible with Android and iOS using PlatformView. flutter-string-encryption Cross-platform string encryption using common best-practices (AES/CBC/PKCS5/Random IVs/HMAC-SHA256 Integrity Check). flutter-appavailability […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 57


    Journalism More convenient and powerful: flutter package ecosystem update course Fish Lottie: how can pure dart achieve a high performance animation framework? plug-in unit frefresh Help you to build pull-down refresh and pull-up loading in the simplest way. image-downloader Flutter plugin that downloads images and movies on the Internet and saves to Photo Library on […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 58


    course Application of reverse flutter Flutter is always with you plug-in unit creditcard-slider Dart package for creating a credit card slider flutter-orientation A Flutter plugin for device’s orientation flutter-responsive-tabs A responsive tabs demo at two different screen size namely tablet and phone. swipedetector A Flutter package to detect up, down, left, right swipes. awesomeDialogs A […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 59


    plug-in unit flutter-carousel-slider A flutter carousel widget, support infinite scroll, and custom child widget. code-builder A fluent API for generating valid Dart source code social-media-widgets A new flutter package for collection of common popular social media widgets flamingo Flamingo is a firebase firestore model framework library. timetable Customizable, animated flutter calendar widget including day, week […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 60


    course Netease payment high performance nejflutter applet dynamic architecture practice Monitoring and thinking of the problem of flutter jamming Building sound air safety Memory leak monitoring on flutter plug-in unit dynamic-theme Dynamically changing your theme without hassle flutter-p2p A Wi-Fi Direct Plugin for Flutter FIDL Fidl is the interface definition language of fluent, which is […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 65


    course Flutter waterfall flow and general list solution Canonical provides fluent desktop application support on Linux plug-in unit koukicons-flutter 🍪 Colorful Icons for your Flutter App fontify Converts SVG icons to OTF font and generates Flutter-compatible class. Provides an API and a CLI tool. dart-equations An equation solving library written purely in Dart. dynamic-text-highlighting This […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 61


    plug-in unit sup A Flutter widget which displays an image, a title, and a subtitle for errors, empty states, or just fancy custom messages. pub-rules simple yet powerful and feature-rich validation library for both dart and flutter. flutter-libphonenumber Leverages libphonenumber to allow for asynchronous and synchronous formatting of phone numbers in Flutter apps. Includes a […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 62


    course Dynamic practice of meituan takeaway flutter plug-in unit native-draggable Native Drag and Drop for Flutter on iOS and MacOS flutter-mvvm Flutter plugin to rapidly create a Page with MVVM design pattern animated-selection-slide This flutter project allows you to make your choices with animation in inbox. flutter-gestures Custom Gesture Detector for Flutter. Empower your users […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 63


    course The latest development of flutter and desktop applications Flutter vs react native vs native: depth performance comparison Mixed arrangement and principle analysis of graphics and text in fluent Say goodbye to flutter channel, only one line of code is needed to call native API! The core principle and mixed development mode of flutter We […]

  • fir.im Weekly – if you want to make an app again


    Imagine: if you were to make an app again, what development and design resources and tools would you use? Weekly in this issue shares with you some good recent app development resources, most of which are related to IOS development, Android development and UI design. You can take what you need. Recommendation of 27 IOS […]

  • [Second Edition] Introduction to practical course of enterprise level project of high imitation Android Netease cloud music


    This is a paid Android project course. We only do paid courses. Thank you for your support. In this section, we will give a brief introduction to the course and show some project renderings. If you want to view the video demonstration of the project directly, you can view the third section of the course […]