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  • Panda API, an interface design tool developed by rust


    Panda API is an interface design tool, which can generate documents, provide interface simulation service (before you write any code), automatically test the back-end interface, and effectively improve the efficiency and quality of project development. Why use panda API? Improve development efficiency and quality: Panda API can isolate the front-end and back-end in the development […]

  • SAP API development method


    Jerry’s previous article:From SAP Leonardo to SAP data intelligenceIt has been mentioned that the machine learning API of SAP Leonardo machine learning foundation has been marked as degraded and will be replaced by SAP data intelligence, a new AI product of SAP. In the process of learning SAP data intelligence, Jerry learned a new way […]

  • Why is no code development better than low code development?


    Many people confuse no code and low code. Although both of them are to improve efficiency and build software systems faster, there are significant differences between them, which are based on the same idea of “Agility”. Although roughly similar. But in reality they are for very different purposes. No code development is relatively faster, the […]

  • Mobile app


    What is mobile app development [Focus] How the software on apple is developed: using IOS platform development tools and development language for design and development! Development languages on Apple: OC, swift How to develop the software on Android platform: with Java as a language and some Android controls, you can develop the mobile software on […]

  • Weex workshop challenge, wait for you!


    A subversive mobile development mode, an ingenious cross platform mobile development tool, and a productivity liberator weex in the post app era. Aiming at the pain points of frequent release and multi-terminal R & D of APP native development, the page stability and performance experience of H5 development, a set of lightweight cross platform development […]