• Programming anywhere, anytime, GitHub app is finally here!


    Guide: as a world-famous same-sex dating platform in many people’s eyes, GitHub open source and private software project hosting platform announced today that it will launch IOS version and Android version of mobile applications, so that the gods can view code, merge changes and share operations anytime and anywhere.Of course, as a “dating platform”, it […]

  • Call pin interface to send message


    1. First log in the pin developer background https://ding-doc.dingtalk.com/ 2. Select H5 micro application and create application 4. After creation, view the created application information Among them, AgentID, appkey and appsecret are very important, which need to be used when calling   5. Directly go to the code to see the effect string appkey = […]

  • Zooteam front end weekly No. 56


    Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.56 For more details on previous tabloids, please visit: https://weekly.zoo.team On SPA, SEO and SSR front end gold digger The separation of front and back end is the trend of web development recently. At present, a large number of companies have used the separation of front and back end. Let’s talk […]

  • List of excellent books in C / C + + language, a must for beginners


    Most of the time, some beginners don’t know what books to read to get started, and some basic developers don’t know how to advance. This article summarizes a list of C + + excellent books, hoping to bring you some help. Because reading more excellent books is very helpful for developers to consolidate their programming […]

  • Easy continuous integration based on coding


    Click to watch the video tutorialTake you step by step to complete continuous integration of coding Continuous integration accelerates software delivery The concept of continuous integration was first proposed by Grady Booch in 1991, and then became one of the core practices of Devops.Continuous integration enables developers to continuously integrate the source code of their […]

  • How to use coding to practice Devops whole process


    Hello, welcome to coding! This best practice will help you better practice the Devops process through the coding R & D management system. The essence of Devops is to break the gap between different departments, open up the front, middle and back of the enterprise, and promote cross department cooperation. Coding R & D management […]

  • Official disclosure of the strongest Chinese NLP pre training model eniernie [with video]


    “Recently, I was writing my graduation thesis with Ernie.” “I think it’s pretty good” “Why Ernie? What’s the meaning of the name?” “I want Ernie to help me with my homework” After reading the hot discussion above, you must be curious about what “Ernie” and “Ernie” are? Natural language processing (NLP) is known as the […]

  • Firefox – browser for developers


    Today’s first blog column was launched. First of all, I recommend a more convenient debugging browser for front-end developers. Maybe some friends have used or seen it. Anyway, I think this browser is better in development, Design for developers The only browser specially designed for developers, Firefox Developer Edition is created according to your ideal […]

  • Five kinds of team organization methods landing in Devops


    Original link: https://blog.matthewskelton.net/2013/10/22/what-team–structure-is-right-for-devices-to-flow/By Matthew SkeltonCoding David Opps Most organizations set up Devops to improve the delivery value between customers and business, rather than reduce costs, enhance automation, or drive organizational structure; this means that different organizations may need different team structures to carry out effective dev (Development) and OPS (operation and maintenance) cooperation. So what […]

  • Devops technical guide 2019


    Original link: https://hackernoon.com/the-2018-devops-roadmap-31588d8670cbAuthor: Javin PaulCoding David Opps Written in front In the process of promoting Devops landing of domestic R & D team, we found that many R & D organizations are actively seeking to improve Devops skills. Today’s translation of this popular Devops technology radar comes from a foreign Java blogger, who is also […]

  • [transfer] 2018 Apple Developer account application process


    Original: https://www.jianshu.com/p/b5a484cecd7c This article mainly describes the application process of Apple’s developer account in 2018. Compared with 2017, the application process has some changes. I hope you can avoid some detours through this article and successfully complete the application of developer account. Some problems that may occur in the new process and changes of some […]

  • Coding tells you how to build a scrum team


    Original address: https://www.atlas.com/agile/scrum/rolesPrince min Jie, coding There are three roles in scrum: Po (product owner), Scrum master and development team. While this may seem clear, it can be confusing how to deal with existing positions. Many teams ask if there is a need to change the job name when adopting scrum? The simplest answer is […]