• Avoid using confrontational t-shirts for testing


    Learn about the latest research behind the latest T-shirt patterns, the model spoofing an advanced body detection system By param RavalCompile FlinSource: to ward data science How can a person wearing a certain type of T-shirt make him invisible to body detection and human surveillance systems? Well, researchers have discovered and exploited the Achilles’ heel […]

  • More than 50 object detection data sets from different industries


    By Abhishek annamrajuCompile FlinSource: Media Computer vision is a rapidly developing field. Every day, a large number of new technologies and algorithms appear in different conferences and journals. When it comes to target detection, you will learn a lot of algorithms in theory, such as fast RCNN, mask RCNN, Yolo, SSD, retinnet, cascade RCNN, peleenet, […]

  • A review of pgcon 2020: Global deadlock detector


    On May 26, the annual PG developer conference, pgcon 2020, arrived as scheduled. Different from previous years, affected by the epidemic situation, this year’s pgcon adopted the way of online meeting. Although there was no face-to-face communication, under the careful arrangement of the organizer Dan langille, the meeting had a wider audience and was full […]

  • Heavy weight! Yolov4 reading notes (with mind map and paper translation)!


    Today, when I saw yoov4, I was a little excited and excited. After a long wait for yoov4, you finally appeared Address: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2004.10934.pdf GitHub address: https://github.com/AlexeyAB/darknet I think the author is very authentic. There’s nothing happier than that! First of all, attach the mind map of the paper summary to help you better understand! The […]

  • C ා face recognition database 0.1


    [next ViewFaceCore 0.2] . net face recognition library viewfacecore This is a face recognition library based on seetaface6. Net platformThis is a very simple face recognition libraryThis is a library based on. Net standard 2.0You can publish this project to Nu libraryThis project is free for commercial use A kind of Open source Open source […]

  • Android teaches you how to develop a DIY app


    Introduction In the last issue, we introduced how to use Huawei HMS mlkit SDK to develop a smile grabbing artifact on Android for 30 minutes. Please stamp the details and share a new practical experience with you this time. I don’t know if you have such an experience. Suddenly, the school or company needs to […]

  • A review of pgcon 2020 speech: ① global deadlock detector


    On May 26, pgcon 2020, the annual PG developer conference, arrived as promised. Different from the previous years, due to the impact of the epidemic, this year’s pgcon took the form of an online meeting. Although there was no face-to-face communication, with the careful arrangement of the organizer Dan langille, etc., the meeting had a […]

  • Develop IOS and Android Applications (APPs) based on Mui framework + html5plus


    catalog Preparation in advance Create project Write a simple page with MUI About file packaging Preparation in advance #Software Download address of hbuilder X Web Development ide: https://www.dcloud.io/hbuilderx.html Mui front-end framework (mobile) use documents: https://dev.dcloud.net.cn/mui/ui/#icon What is Mui: -Made in China -Simulated mobile app, HTML Layout Framework -CSS + JavaScript simulate the dynamic effect, CPU […]

  • Evaluation index of machine learning algorithm — 2D target detection


    Target detection is a traditional task in the field of computer vision. It is necessary to identify the object on the image, give the corresponding category, and give the position of the object through the way of minimum bounding box. The following describes the common evaluation indicators of 2D target detection tasks. IoU(Intersection over Union) […]

  • Retainet: focal loss for dense object detection


    This paper analyzes the problem of class imbalance in one stage network training, and proposes a focal loss which can automatically adjust the weight according to the loss size, so that the training of the model is more focused on the difficult samples. At the same time, retennet is designed based on FPN, which has […]

  • Fcos and the difference between fcos and faster r-cnn


    Retinaet, SSD, yorov3, fast r-cnn, etc. are all anchor based detectors, which require predefined anchor boxes for training. Fcos is a kind of detector of anchor free and proposal free, that is, it doesn’t need predefined anchor boxes for training, so it saves computing resources. According to my understanding, the differences between fcos and faster […]

  • Angular 2 Change Detection – 2


    Update time – 16:15, March 20, 2017;Update content – I have a word module In the article of angular 2 change detection – 1, we introduce the concepts of browser rendering, zone and ngzone. In this article, we will introduce the change detector in the component of angular 2 in detail. Components and change detectors […]