• Tips! What should we pay attention to in a binary search?


    The method of binary search must be familiar to all of us. Today, I want to talk about some small details that are easy to ignore when we write code.int mid = (low + high)/2;①int mid = low/2 + high/2;②int mid = low + (high – low)/2;③What’s the difference between these three ways?First, let’s look […]

  • Responsive web design project – cnblogs user opinion survey (Fantasy)


        Responsive web design project cnblogs user opinion survey https://codepen.io/yiyunpan//   #Technology stack 1. Using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This is pure CSS   #Content 1. Using H5 semantic tag 2. Features of H5 form are used 3. After the selection / option / textarea style is reset, it uses the same style as […]

  • A global multi tenant distributed microservice deployment scheme based on spring cloud


    Recently, I have used spring cloud distributed micro service Cloud Architecture to build a global multi tenant distributed deployment plan. I am just a simple record here. The current architecture diagram can only be a general plan, the specific implementation plan and details. IT old fellow can figure out it herself, because the business chain […]

  • How to calculate the item category in the one order line item


    There is a field called item category in the line item of one order. After we add a product to the line item, the item category will be brought out automatically. How is this value calculated? Check CRMD_ ORDERADM_ 1. Can find background object_ The value stored in the type field is bus2000130 Configuration of […]

  • Websocket go project, recruit small partners to develop and maintain~


    Using go to implement websocket protocol, but there are still more details to be polished. I want to recruit a partner to do development, maintenance and testing, and learn together. Project address: github.com/yeqown/websocket Current progress: Read and write frame in websocket Conn implements open / read / write / close Support TLS connection Support receiving […]

  • Golang basic data type


    1、 Details of integer usage The size of int unit depends on the system Var a int = 6 // the symbol of 64 bit operating system a is Int64 Integers are declared int by default Var a = 100 // A is of type int Byte is equivalent to int8, no sign, range 0-255, […]

  • Using Directory.GetFiles Filtering multiple types of files


    The author of the original text does not allow reprint, send a chain here, everybody goes to see. https://codedefault.com/s/how-do-i-call-directory-getfiles-with-multiple-filters-in-csharp-application/   For backup. Here’s a brief idea Directory.GetFiles.Where Use lambda expressions to filter. To be more specific, one is used in where. Endwith, and the other is used in where Regex.IsMatch Regular expression for. For example, […]

  • Development and solution of takeout ordering app


    If e-commerce has subverted people’s shopping habits, micro blog has subverted the track of mass communication, and the Internet box has subverted your living room, what will be the next Internet subversion? The answer will probably return to the topic we are going to talk about today, namely o2o, a traditional service industry with a […]

  • Another way to write spring MVC interface


    1. Preface Usually we write itSpring MVCThe normal form of the interface is as follows: @RestController @RequestMapping(“/v1/userinfo”) public class UserInfoController { @GetMapping(“/foo”) public String foo() { return “felord.cn”; } } I’m sick of this. I’ll use it for a change todaySpring 5A new functional endpoint(Functional Endpoints)To play. This approach also supports itSpring Webflux。 Note that […]

  • 174 JavaScript interview questions to help you find and fill


    Recently, when sorting out JavaScript, I found that I met many common interview questions. This part is mainly about the author’s notes on JavaScript related knowledge and some related interview questions collected in GitHub and other major forums. I would like to share this summary with you. I would like to give you a comprehensive […]

  • How to innovate from a series of papers on removing rain


    Paper: restoring an image taken through a window covered with divide or rainHome page: https://cs.nyu.edu/~deigen/rain/ Fu xueyang homepage: https://xueyangfu.github.io/Intelligent data analysis and Processing Laboratory of Xiamen University:https://xmu-smartdsp.github.io/ 1. Restoring an image (ICCV 2013) When we take photos, we will encounter scenes taken through the glass, such as windows, windows, or through the glass, etc., and […]

  • Alpine installs telnet and other tools


    Alpine is really simple, but it’s really not used to people who are familiar with CentOS and ununtu.Therefore, record some package installation and operation details about Alpine(Gradually supplement)。 1. telnet >>> docker exec -it CONTAINERID /bin/sh /app # telnet /bin/sh: telnet: not found /app # apk update fetch http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/main/x86_64/APKINDEX.tar.gz fetch http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/community/x86_64/APKINDEX.tar.gz v3.7.0-243-gf26e75a186 [http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/main] v3.7.0-229-g087f28e29d [http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.7/community] […]