• Ng matero V10 is officially released!


    Angular V10 was quietly released in late June. Although the release of V9 was postponed for two months, V10 was not affected and still arrived as scheduled. Compared with the heavyweight release of V9, V10 has no disruptive changes, mainly bug repair and detail optimization. But throughng newThe generated project directory changes slightly, but don’t […]

  • How to become an excellent JSP programmer


    I saw many questions about how to learn jsp on the Internet. I happened to see an article about learning JSP on the Internet, so I picked up a part and translated it. I hope it can be a little guidance for everyone to learn jsp. A common mistake is to treat JSP as simplified […]

  • Research on spring boot feign call (II)


    Today, we will specifically analyze the role of feignclientfactorybean. Before analyzing, we will post some details of @enablefeignclients: @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) @Target(ElementType.TYPE) @Documented @Import(FeignClientsRegistrar.class) public @interface EnableFeignClients { } Why post @enablefeignclients? Because this feignclientsregister class is the entry for us to resolve feign class, the following code block is part of the details of feignclientsregister: private […]

  • [issue 21] Zhihu society recruits golang engineers


    one side Distributed system consistency Raft algorithm details Lock problem, CAS, lock practice? Mutex introduction of go standard library Bitask stores the details of the model. Since it is an additional write, how to do the old data GC? How to restore the index after restart? How does LSM tree compare to B + tree? […]

  • [C + + memory management] 6_ static allocator


    The two allocators completed in the previous chapter must rewrite almost the same member operator new and member operator delete for different classes. There should be a way to package the concept of a memory allocator that always assigns specific size blocks, so that it can be easily reused.The following shows a method. Each allocator […]

  • Introduction to 23 design patterns – overview of design patterns and seven principles


    Purpose of design pattern Make the program have better Code reusability (compile once, run everywhere [manual dog head]) Readability (worrying about irreplaceable) Scalability (convenient when adding new functions) Reliability (new functions have no impact on old functions) High cohesion, low coupling Seven principles of design pattern Principle of design mode: the principle to be followed […]

  • Solid principle of software design pattern


    Solid principle of software design pattern By: guest granting QQ: 1033553122 #Single responsibility principle (SRP) Definition: any software module is only responsible for a certain type of actors Note: in most cases, the “software module” here can be simply defined as a source code file, a class, a group of closely related functions and data […]

  • Springboot growth 2: analyzing springboot from HelloWorld


    As we mentioned in the previous section, when you know a new technology, you usually start with an introductory HelloWorld, and then read some introductory documents, books and videos to master its basic use. In this section, I will take you to start with HelloWorld, first find out the core context of springboot, and then […]

  • Lightroom classic tutorial, how to reduce noise in night photos in Lightroom?


    Welcome to the Lightroom classic tutorial. Let’s learn the basic tools and skills of Lightroom classic, and learn how to use noise reduction and sharpening settings in Lightroom to sharpen the sense of particles in night photos. Open Lightroom classic and select File – import photos and videos. In the open panel, find the folder […]

  • [reprint] technology research and personal growth methods


    TK leader’s share in Tencent for 16 years tells about the personal growth of security researchers.Although the content shared is about the field of security research, I believe the learning and growth in all fields are the same. Here is the record: personal growth Establish personal direction and find out the corresponding short board in […]

  • 2021.12.20 brush notes — linked list series


    The linked list has many cumbersome places. It is very important to deal with some details. Of course, I personally think the linked list is the most important place to pay attention to details, but if the linked list can sort out the details step by step, it can actually be written out. Start with […]

  • In depth analysis of Apache Dubbo core technology insider learning notes


    1、 Foreword If you want to do a good job, you must first use your tools. In the previous articles, you briefly introduced how to use Dubbo to build a simple distributed system. In the next period of time, you will study the principle design of Dubbo. As the beginning of the principle design, this […]