• Recommend a lightweight but efficient free open source windows hotkey scripting language AutoHotKey


    The words written in the front AutoHotKey is a lightweight, small but efficient, free and open source windows hotkey scripting language. Game manipulation, mouse operation, keyboard shortcut redefinition, shortcut phrases and so on, only you can’t imagine, without it, you can’t do it. The artifact of artifact, I hate to meet you late. install Download […]

  • GitHub high star project, help you run Mac OS software on Linux!


    There is a saying in the industry that “only those who can skillfully use Linux can be regarded as qualified programmers.” The reason is that the development on Linux system is much more convenient, safe, easy to use and fast than windows and MAC. But Linux has been criticized for its imperfect ecology. Like QQ, […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with Linux 010400 summary


    What did we talk about in the last part? Various GUIs QT and GDk two open source tools cross platform development libraries The relationship between distribution and GUI Let’s review the whole learning process We start from scratch Learn something about Linux basics Graphical interface and terminal The basic logic of Linux system What is […]

  • How to share network with USB wireless network card in Ubuntu desktop


    How to share network with USB wireless network card in Ubuntu desktopWalker Xu Due to the needs of work, we need to build a WiFi hotspot on the Ubuntu desktop for mobile phone networking. Record here, because there are indeed many holes.The choice of USB wireless network card should meet two conditions: supporting analog AP […]

  • Monaco uses vscode related syntax to highlight on the browser


    explain To get Monaco to use the vscode theme Try to achieve (a detour) Direct conversion of topics At first, I thought that the format of the two themes was different. After trying to convert it, I found that it could not be used normally The results show that the token of the two is […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 65


    course Flutter waterfall flow and general list solution Canonical provides fluent desktop application support on Linux plug-in unit koukicons-flutter 🍪 Colorful Icons for your Flutter App fontify Converts SVG icons to OTF font and generates Flutter-compatible class. Provides an API and a CLI tool. dart-equations An equation solving library written purely in Dart. dynamic-text-highlighting This […]

  • Electron quick start and latest installation tutorial


    Author: Institute of programmersOfficial website:https://www.chengxuyuan.comWeChat official account: Hua Ren programmer College 1Introduction to electron Electron provides a rich native (operating system) API that allows you to create desktop applications using pure JavaScript. And other kinds of Node.js The runtime difference is that electron focuses on desktop applications rather than web servers. Electron allows you to […]

  • Electronic package your H5 application into desktop application


    What is electron? The official website explains: useJavaScript, HTML and CSSBuild cross platform desktop applications. As you can see, this is for us to usehtml,javaScript,cssDevelopedwebApplication andh5The application is packaged into a desktop application, such as aexeInstallation package, or amacInstallation package for. So we don’t have to open our app in the browser. And it runs […]

  • Introduction and application of electron


    Introduction and application of electron Blog description The information involved in this article comes from the Internet and personal summary, which means personal learning and experience summary. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it. Thank you! brief introduction Electron is a cross platform desktop application development tool released by GitHub. It […]

  • Electron: how to use Vue.js , vuetify starts to apply


    Electron: a framework for creating native programs using web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Vue.js : a progressive framework for building user interfaces on the web front end Vuetify: Vue.js Material design component framework of After reading the above introduction, I also understand what this article is going to do: use Vue.js With […]

  • Electron installation


    Electron installation Electron uses pure JavaScript to call rich native APIs to create desktop applications. Initializing an electronic application is very simple. First, make sure that node is installed in the computer, and the node version is above 10. A basic directory of electronic applications your-app/ ├── package.json ├── main.js └── index.html stay package.json It’s […]

  • How to install and use graphical interface in CentOS system


    CentOS as the server operating system is very common, but because of the need for stability and not very fashionable updates, so rarely as a desktop environment. You don’t usually need to install a desktop environment on the server. You can install CentOS as little as possible. However, it is also very convenient to install […]