• Layui basics 1 (lebyte architecture, big data)


    LayUI primary coverage                                           ⬇( Indicate the intention                    Installation and use of layui Introduction to layui Layui (homophonic: class UI) is a front-end UI framework written with its own module specification, which follows the writing and organization form of native HTML / CSS / JS, with very low threshold, and can be […]

  • Windows connect Linux desktop (Windows remote desktop tool)


    Using Windows remote desktop tools to connect Linux Desktop [TOC] 1、 Prepare tools windows linux system win10 centos7 Software Remote desktop connection (included) Xrdp (provided by EPEL Library): open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) service 2、 Linux (connected end) 2.1 add EPEL Library rpm -Uvh https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/epel/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm 2.2 installing xrdp yum -y install xrdp 2.3 setting […]

  • Raster parameters of bootstrap


    Bootstrap provides a responsive, mobile device first streaming grid system. With the increase of screen or viewport size, the system will be automatically divided into up to 12 columns. It includes easy-to-use predefined classes and powerful mixins for generating more semantic layouts brief introduction Grid system is used to create page layout through a series […]

  • 22000 stars! An open source free to do list application!


    [introduction]: Joplin is a free open-source note taking and to-do application, which can be easily used for both note taking and task planning. brief introduction Joplin is a free open source note taking and to-do application, which can be copied, marked and modified directly from the application or text editor. It uses markdown format and […]

  • Unlimited possibilities


    We are very happy to release this weekFlutter 2. It has been more than two years since the release of flutter 1.0. In such a short period of time, we have solved 24541 issues and merged 17039 PR from 765 contributors. Since SeptemberFlutter 1.22Since then, we have solved 5807 issues and consolidated 4091 PR from […]

  • Win10 multi user login remote desktop at the same time


    I want to record some problems that have been solved recently. I find that blog is the most suitable one, although I have never written it before. I hope I can form this good habit in the future. At home, there is a desktop computer with win10 and a MacBook. When I need to use […]

  • Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.13 and vscode learn how to develop large ide projects


    Is it difficult to develop an IDE? This may be a very difficult thing, but when we refer to the technical architecture of vscode, the whole development process will be much smoother. From the kernel development, code editor, view structure to plug-in system, we can see many aspects that need attention in IDE development in […]

  • How does HP 800g2 desktop computer configure RAID disk column?


    This paper briefly introduces several types of setting up a whole column of disks, which are available on the Internet. Raid0 can improve the speed of disk reading and writing by storing data on two disks at the same time. The disk capacity is the sum of the two disks. There is no redundancy function. […]

  • Initial position of application interface and mouse dragging failure under Linux


    Story background: Recently, in the adaptive UOS system, the initial starting position of the client program jumps wildly. It’s not in the middle of the screen that I set. The mouse drag fails. I once suspected that there was something wrong with my code. Let’s start our exploration…   The way to explore:Later, goolge found […]

  • Webassembly weekly 0623


    Update and comment on webassembly related technologies, including rust, serverless, cloud, blockchain and AI.Please go to the end of the article to join webassembly It’s written in rust Kubernetes for WebAssembly We’ve talked about replacing it with webassembly beforeDocker containerNow we are one step closer to that vision. It allows kubernetes to manage webassembly VMS […]

  • The latest version of ahjesus – Android studio integrated with Tencent X5 kernel TBS is sure to succeed


    There’s a sinkhole. I’ll show you around After a week on the Mac, I failed and gave up After a few weeks, I didn’t give up. I went to the official to see it. I found that the SDK version was updated. I’m trying it I used the desktop to test the integration, downloaded the […]

  • Adjustment of GPU fan speed by Ubuntu system


    Adjustment of GPU fan speed by Ubuntu system View NVIDIA GPU temperature and speed nvidia-smi Ubuntu with desktop Can passnvidia-settingsInput image interface settings. Desktop free Ubuntu [headless Linux server] Use coolgpus script for tuning https://github.com/andyljones…Installation:Installing with pypi pip install coolgpus Use case: #Set GPU fan speed to 99% sudo $(which coolgpus) –speed 99 99 #Turn […]