• Detailed explanation of the differences between Linux and Ubuntu


    Recently, many people asked Xiaobian, what is the difference between Linux and Ubuntu, and how should our users choose? To know the difference between Linux and Ubuntu, we must first understand what is Linux and what is Ubuntu Now on this issue, Xiaobian wrote an article today to popularize science Linux Linux is an open […]

  • Win32API — back to Windows Desktop


    This article shares the implementation method of returning to the desktop function, and the effect is the same as the shortcut key (Win + D). Implementation method There are many ways to realize the function of returning to the desktop in windows. You can simulate shortcut keys or perform the following methods. The first method […]

  • Javase learning 01 – building an introductory environment


    Xiaobai, a newcomer to the workplace, is ready to develop in the direction of big data. She learned the ES tutorial of crazy God at station B. because she likes his teaching, she is ready to learn java completely again and take notes while watching the teaching Java learning complete route, it is strongly recommended […]

  • Eclipse, 13000 star! Netizens say they want to kill the new tool of vs code


    [introduction]: maybe you have seen an article “eclipse official announcement, kill vs Code” in many places recently. In fact, this is another cold meal fried in March 2020. The official eclipse foundation did not “kill vs Code”, but said “a true open source alternative to visual studio code”. This article will introduce you to the […]

  • Windows 11 officially announced that it supports Android App for the first time, and the new app store mechanism competes with apple


    At the Microsoft build 2021 conference held at the end of May, Microsoft CEO Satya NADELLA said that he was testing the windows system, which will be the most important update of windows in the past decade. On the evening of June 24, windows 11 was officially announced. In addition to the recently leaked interface […]

  • One line command turns any website into desktop software


    One line command turns any website into desktop software In the past, developing a desktop software took a lot of manpower and time. Now, with the emergence of electron, the development threshold is greatly simplified. Today, I’d like to introduce a tool that allows you to turn a website into an installable desktop software in […]

  • Canonical enables Linux desktop application support via fluent


    Subtitle: the Ubuntu team has created a new GTK + based host for the flutter application on all Linux distributions. This article is translated from:https://medium.com/flutter/an… By Chris sellers (Google) and Ken vandine (canonical) Google’s goal for fluent has always been to provide a portable toolkit to build a beautiful UI that runs at native speed, […]

  • Flutter 2 officially released!


    In the early morning of March 4,Flutter 2Official release: the developer iswhateverThe platform takes the ability to create beautiful, fast and portable applications to the next level. With fluent 2, you can use the same code base to build native applications for five operating systems: IOS, Android, windows, MacOS and Linux; And create a web […]

  • Windows common shortcuts


    Windows common shortcuts Source:Windows shortcut summary (from official)Organize according to personal needs. catalogue Windows common shortcuts Common keyboard shortcuts: Windows key shortcuts: File explorer keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts for virtual desktop: Taskbar keyboard shortcuts: Edge shortcut: Common keyboard shortcuts: table th:first-of-type { width: 200pt } table th:nth-of-type(0n+2) { width: 400pt } Key operation Ctrl + […]

  • Electron process model


    Source:Electron process modelRelease time: 2021-06-08 07:00:40 1. What is an electron Electron is a tool to help front-end developers quickly develop cross platform desktop (MacOS, Linux, windows) applications. It contains the tool set of chromium and nodejs.​ ​ ​ 2. Electron process Electron is essentially the redevelopment of chromium, that is to say, like chromium, […]

  • After win10 update, the software path is changed to*


    After the win 10 is updated to the latest version, the software installation drive letter is changed to *, resulting in software opening failure. The screenshot is as follows:   1. First download a registryworkshop Address: https://sm.myapp.com/original/System/3617_ RegistryWorkshop_ 4.3.0.exe Install after downloading   2. Select the export path, and I will export it to the […]

  • The Ubuntu system regulates the GPU fan speed


    The Ubuntu system regulates the GPU fan speed View NVIDIA GPU temperature and speed nvidia-smi Ubuntu with desktop Can passnvidia-settingsInput image interface settings. No desktop Ubuntu [headless Linux server] Use the coolgpus script for tuning https://github.com/andyljones…Installation:Installing using pypi pip install coolgpus Use case: #Set the GPU fan speed to 99% sudo $(which coolgpus) –speed 99 […]