• Flutter Windows Desktop supports stable version


    At the beginning of the creation of flutter, we are committed to creating a cross platform application solution that can build exquisite, highly customizable and can be compiled into machine code, so as to give full play to all the graphics rendering capabilities of the underlying hardware of the device. Today, flutter’s official support for […]

  • Blessed are Linux gamers


    Protondb rated the compatibility of steam’s top 10, top 100 and top 1000 games. According to the rating, 77% of the top 1000 games run well on Linux, 80% of the top 100 games run well on Linux, and only 4 of the top 10 games run well on Linux. The meaning of rating in […]

  • Implementation of 3D desktop effect under Linux


    My graphics card: NVIDIA 6600le Tell me how I did it   1. Now Sony search “XGL” and “Compiz” and put the relevant softwareinstallOK.   2.installGLX driver of ndivid:   sudo apt-get install nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-glx   sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf Find driver “NV” and change it to driver “NVIDIA”. 3. Check whether all software is installed:   sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl […]

  • In the new year, change the operating system for the computer


    The new year has begun. Should we do something new? Let’s start with a new operating system for the computer~ Make startup disk First, you need to prepare a USB flash disk with a capacity greater than 8g You can buy this one at jd.com:SanDisk 128GB usb3 0 USB flash disk The USB flash disk […]

  • PWA practice / application (Google workbox)


    Desktop PWA application: Add mobile terminal to desktop: 1 what is PWA PWA (progressive web app – progressive web app)Is a concept, proposed by Google Chrome in 2015. PWA does not specifically refer to a certain technology, but a web app that applies multiple technologies to improve the user experience. Its core technologies includeWeb App […]

  • Two solutions to restore active desktop with blank desktop display after computer startup


    Although active desktop has some advantages, for example, it can display web content on the desktop, including pictures and links. You can also browse to your favorite picture. You can directly set the picture as background or desktop item by clicking the right mouse button. But in most cases, we don’t need this function, but […]

  • LNMP – (1) install Ubuntu in VM


    I. preparatory work1、2、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、11、12、13、14、15、16. Download the ISO image file on the official website of Ubuntu17、18、19. Press F2 to enter the BIOS setting, change Intel virtual technology from disable to enable, press F10 to save and exit, the computer will restart, and then open VMware to run the virtual machineThank the netizens for the reminder (then you […]

  • Nodejs – use Vue JS to write calculator desktop application


    This is a use Vue JS to write calculator desktop application In addition, it will analyze why Vue is needed JS to write desktop applications? How to use Vue JS to write desktop applications? Let‘s Go! Why should I use js to write desktop applications Because it is more suitable for writing gadgets or lightweight […]

  • Idle time to study a small function: WinForm desktop program how to dynamically change desktop icons


    Today, I was resting at home. Due to the hot weather and the epidemic situation, I stayed at home. When I was free, I thought that a long time ago (about 3 years ago), the product personnel asked me whether the icons of WinForm desktop program could be changed dynamically according to the festival. This […]

  • Flutter2. 0 quick experience to write a MacOS application


    1. Introduction Flutter2. 0 added desktop development support tostableIn the branch, I was a small code farmer of mobile development, which generated great interest (/ manual dog head), so I started my first onemacosApplication development(FTools), simply put: developing desktop applications really shouldn’t be too simple! The following is a screenshot of the application, multi image […]

  • Graphical method VNC connecting Linux server


    1.Copy the vnclinix program to the Linux machine and unpack the vnclinix file: #tar -xvf vnclinux Enter the unzipped directory forinstall:#. / vncserver / / proceedinstall, in / root / VNC generates xstartup, passwd and other files(other commands: vncconfig vncconfig.py vncpasswd vncserver vncviewer) 2.Enter / root / VNC modify file / root / vnc/xstartupLog off […]

  • Put desktop apps in browser


    Reprinted from blog Park https://www.cnblogs.com/allof… To tell you the truth, it’s a bit of a problem I’ve written one before to bring the web page to the desktop. This time, put the application on the web page The so-called application on the web page can be simply described as writing the UI into a web […]