• With the release of IOS 14, has Apple started to refer to Android?


    I have collected some learning materials, including a lot of learning, interview, advanced fluter information, and a lot of video details. If you want to know more, please see the end of the article for details. Also welcome all the great gods to come to install X. In the early morning of June 23, WWDC […]

  • Small project based on Vue electron


    Origin of the project Because I want to use GUI, and I am a little white who is developing towards fontend developer, I naturally think of itElectronTo shell and turn web pages into desktop applications, I only knew about this field before, but I didn’t really practice it, so this project is also rightElectronLet’s know […]

  • On electron (1) fast start & package


    On electron (1) fast start I’m really shocked, OK? I know that vscode is written in typescript But, what a fan Aren’t they desktop appsAnd then I saw it – electron Electron (official website) Building cross platform desktop application with JavaScript, HTML and CSS Okay, you understand?Just one example: that’s how vscode came from~Well, I […]

  • How to set up dynamic desktop in win8 system — win10 Professional Edition


    Some friends who often use computers reflect to me the problem of setting dynamic desktop in win8 system. According to Xiaobian’s understanding, not all users will solve the problem of setting dynamic desktop in win8 system. Therefore, Xiaobian collects and arranges some processing steps of setting dynamic desktop in win8 system on the Internet. You […]

  • How to change desktop icons in Ubuntu


    Ubuntu desktop icon can be set by itself, how to change the icon? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. You need to prepare a set of icon icons, which are usually compressed files. Then you should unzip them to a directory, which is available on the Internet. Then right-clickopen terminal。 2. Then […]

  • VMware 14 installation centos8 detailed tutorial graphical tutorial (command line mode)


    VMware 14 installation centos8 detailed tutorial graphical tutorial (command line mode) Software, system image This paper introduces the VMware installation of centos8 system (command line mode) in the form of illustrations and texts. It is very good and has a certain reference value. Friends in need can refer to it Software: VMware 14Image: centos8, download […]

  • The front-end interview questions of “spring” are coming


    Coordinates: Shenzhen Objective: to improve the technology The topic may be biased towards technical management and architect Handwritten source code (written on paper, scan generated code directly run) This level, I think is very necessary, human eyes can judge whether JS code is running wrong, this judgment to exclude bug ability is very important. Handwritten […]

  • Centos-6.8 handle installation tutorial


    Centos-6.8 installation I haven’t known about Linux before. I have simply used Ubuntu and deployed a blog on Alibaba cloud’s CentOS system. Recently, I want to take a look at Linux 6.8 is an earlier version, but the overall version difference between 6 and 7 is still some big, so later, I plan to write […]

  • HP desktop computer boot error 162 how to do?


    After HP commercial desktop is powered on, if any error is found during self-test, the problem will be reported in the form of error report. How to solve the problem of 162 system options not set error report of HP desktop is as follows 1. If it’s an HP BIOS machine, keep clicking when you […]

  • Electron: Web application desktop


    preface Software developers often say: desktop applications are web-based, but electron does the opposite. Why? The emergence of each technology is to solve certain problems. Since we are going to talk about electron, it is necessary to know its background. be born The emergence of electron was originally due to GitHub’s desire to develop a […]

  • Ubuntu switch user directory language


    problem The user folders created by Ubuntu installed in Chinese are: “desktop“, “document”, “download” And just as a person who often uses shell operations, aCD DownloadIn this way, all commands need to switch the input method. Of course, the efficiency cannot be tolerated. Solution Use English environment. Good, good at English, can be willful I […]

  • Sail-imx6q add QT desktop application


    Adding QT desktop applications is quite tedious. It’s a headache for everyone. After a series of explorations, I finally learned to add QT desktop applications with imx6.Folder settings are stored in / usr / share / Matchbox / vfoldersFor example: dianyulinux.directory[Desktop Entry]Name=dianyulinuxName[de]= EinstellungenComment=dianyulinux test appComment[de]=dianyulinux test appIcon=mbfolder.pngType=DirectoryMatch=dianyulinuxThe important thing is the match property, which determines […]