• How to deal with the noisy self checking sound? Teach you to shield the loudspeaker sound in the desk case


    When we press the power button on the desktop, it will beep. What, how many beeps do you hear? Congratulations, your computer can’t be turned on normally In general, the beep is to tell you that your computer does not find any liberal arts after BIOS self-test and can be used normally. But if we […]

  • What was the desktop look like for programmers and UNIX gods in 2002?


    This article was compiled by earlgrey @ programming school from UNIX. Se. The author of this article is a programmer and a journalist. In 2002, he went to many famous programmers’ computer desktop screenshots, which showed us what the computer desktop looked like 13 years ago. I don’t know if there are any memories of […]

  • HTML5 realizes desktop notification prompt function


    The specific codes are as follows: < button id = “button” > someone wants to add you as a friend < / button > <p id=”text”></p> ;(function (){ if(window.Notification){ var btn = document.getElementById(“button”); var txt = document.getElementById(“text”); btn.onclick = function (){ if(Notification.permission == “granted”){ popNotice(); }else if(Notification.permission != “denied”){ Notification.requestPermission().then(function (permission){ popNotice() }) } }; […]

  • How to adjust the screen rotation of win7 / win8 / win10


    Screen rotation adjustment method of win7 / win8 / win10 Please don’t panic when you are using a small computer. It’s just a matter of accidentally touching the shortcut key of the rotating screen (desktop). Right click the mouse on the computer screen to find the graphic option — rotation. Here you can choose whether […]

  • How to deal with the recycle bin on the desktop


    Not long ago, after Xiaobian’s computer was powered on, only one Recycle Bin was displayed on the desktop, and the error prompt “C: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ systemprofile \ desktop is not available” appeared. Later, after Xiaobian’s research, it was found that the path configuration of the desktop was wrong, which was […]

  • What should I do if the computer micromark + D shortcut key fails to return to the desktop?


    In other words, when computer operation is frequent recently, there is a little malfunction, used to return to the desktop with micro mark + D, can not return now. This is to minimize page size one by one. It’s not exhausting ~and if you’re looking at something unrelated to your job, how can you react […]

  • Unattended File unattend Production and Custom System Installation for Windows


    Original link: Create media for automated unattended install of Windows 10 I’ve never seen such a detailed description of the unattended installation process of Windows 10 as in the above article, and I’ve seen a long knowledge of it.It’s worth seeing.。 After that, I will send out my own production process for you to learn. […]

  • How about lxde Desktop Beautification? Eight Reasons for Choosing LXDE as Linux Desktop


    At the end of last year, the upgrade to the new version of KDE plasma brought by Fedora 25 must have made many people unaccustomed to it, which directly made it difficult for me to complete the scheduled work plan. I decided to try other Linux desktop environments for two reasons. First, I needed to […]

  • FreeBSD Realizes 3D Desktop


    These nights I’ve been idling around thinking about the implementation of a 3D desktop on FreeBSD. Now I have collected two more careful reference documents for you to see. I haven’t worked on it yet, because there are some problems that are not clear yet. 1. To implement XGL/GLX, what is the minimum version of […]

  • How to Hide an Icon on a Computer Desktop


    As an office computer, some icons may not be very popular on the desktop, but you sometimes use this icon. In this case, you can hide it and find it when you need it, so that you can achieve the best of both worlds. A Method of Hiding an Icon on a Computer Desktop Right-click […]

  • How to hide desktop icons? One-click hiding of all icons on a computer desktop


    One-click hiding of all icons on a computer desktop First of all, we can right-click on the blank part of the desktop, just at any point, as shown in the figure. Then we can move the mouse to the viewer. Then uncheck the display Desktop Icon Then you can see that there are no icons […]

  • Install Windows Server 2008


    Following is an introduction to the installation of Windows Server operating system and its application in enterprises. Different versions of services can be built in small enterprises. Web services, FTP services, DNS and DHCP services can be built in small enterprises. Windows Server server system can be used in large enterprises. Building Exchange Mailbox Service […]