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  • Practice of Flink SQL client + MySQL CDC deployment


    1. Environmental preparation Goal achievement Build a Flink task based on Flink SQL client to read MySQL binlog incremental synchronization data into Kafka topic Application preparation list Docker desktop for Windows / docker Flink docker image (Flink 1.11.2 Scala 2.12) MySQL docker image (latest) Kafka docker image (latest) Connector list flink-format-changelog-json-1.1.0.jar flink-sql-connector-kafka_2.12-1.11.2.jar flink-sql-connector-mysql-cdc-1.1.0.jar Note: the […]

  • Docker quick start series – installing docker on MacOS


    A series of articles: Docker quick start series – basic components of docker Docker quick start series – installing docker on MacOS Installing docker desktop on MAC Download address: https://www.docker.com/products/docker-desktop take Docker.dmg After downloading to local, double-click installtake Docker.app Move to your applications Then you can see docker in your applicationAfter opening docker, the docker […]

  • How to get temporary root permission for desktop version of CentOS system


    1、 Install CentOS version 6.5 or 6.6 (you can use VM to install CentOS system). After power on, right-click in the blank space of the desktop and select open in terminal, 2、 Enter Su root and press enter, 3、 Prompt for password, enter the password of user root, and then press enter, 4、 Appear#[ [email protected] […]

  • Rewriting my serial assistant


    Rewriting my serial assistant Used in school beforenodejsHelp students develop a serial debugging assistant, but that is the web version, the back to start onenodejsAnd also in the browser to enter the URL, you can see my interface, and also need to configurenodejsEnvironment. At that time, my classmates and I felt that this was a […]

  • Meet docker for the first time


    Docker is a container application, which can be installed across platforms and run “independently” between containers. It is like that each container is a virtual machine, and docker becomes a cloud computer. The built container is like a computer system, which can be started and run directly in docker without additional configuration system environment. 1、 […]