• “Non promotion” why do I say that it was originally a “digital board” exclusive to designers and a meeting artifact of program APE + research dog?


    Introduction: I had a painting dream. After all, who didn’t grow up watching the second dimension in my youth. When I started a tablet (something that allows you to use a pen instead of a mouse, suitable for painting on a computer),I found that its function is far more than painting.This enables me to express […]

  • What is the mobile first strategy in front-end development


    At the 2010 World Mobile conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt proposed that designers should follow in product design“Mobile priority”Principle of. What does “mobile first design” mean? Why is it so important? How to make? I will answer these three questions in the following section. Two related concepts: 1. Responsive Web Design (RWD) Responsive web design […]

  • Do designers need to learn to write code


    Usually, after completing one thingWeb Design After,designerTheir ignorance will be exposed and criticized. They left the heavy work of creating web code to programmers. This phenomenon occurs not only in the network development industry, but also in the software and game development industry. The cruel truth is:Development progress may be stalled by designers.In order to […]

  • Why don’t go languages have ternary operators


    The answer to this question is given here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60561748/why-go-doesnt-have-a-tenary-conditional-operator Although there is no ternary operation in go, the same result can be achieved using the following methods: if expr { n = trueVal } else { n = falseVal } The reason why there is no in the go language is that designers find that […]

  • Type system designer


    Type system designer I wanted to talk about standard libraries and type systems(C# type system)But now think about it, let’s talk about type system designers (how type system designers are refined) Perhaps this is what the type system looks like after a lot of consideration reference resourceshttps://www.tutorialsteacher…. +Master the origin of c# type and. Net […]

  • Pyside2 installation and use of Python and QT Designer UI design case tutorial


    pyside2  >>> pip install pyside2  QT Designer >>> pip show pyside2 Location: c:\users\Administrator\appdata\roaming\python\python39\site-packages file location C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python39\site-packages\PySide2\designer.exe Unable to lanch C:  Copy uic.exe to the newly created bin folder under the pyside2 directory C:\…\Python\Python39\site-packages\PySide2\bin\uic.exe Ⅰ. Init  from PySide2.QtWidgets import * class Window: def __init__(self): self.win = QMainWindow() if __name__ == ‘__main__’: app = QApplication([]) w = Window() […]

  • Two or three issues of front end design draft


    Introduction: as a part of the web project development process, the front end must communicate and coordinate with the UI / interaction designer in the actual development process, so as to ensure that the design draft can be fully coded and is the desired effect of the designer. Therefore, here I summarize some things that […]

  • Interaction design: how to avoid “interaction fatigue”


    Original author: Benjamin early Evans Foreword: how to avoid the feeling of exhaustion in interaction design, this article combined with the author’s own experience to teach you some useful skills. When we saw our app finally displayed in the major app stores, we felt that our whole body was hollowed out. The steps before the […]

  • I wrote a new pseudo library called fish design


    Recently, new mimicry is popular, and many designers use it in their creation. I developed a new mimicry library, fish des.The installation is simple npm install fish-des –save In react index.js Import in antd.css Wait a minute import ‘fish-des/dist/index.css’ It’s written by a small team, light spray. ~~ Show me some pictures of the components. […]

  • Using zeplin to automatically generate CSS from design drawings to improve the efficiency of front-end style development


    One of Amway’s software for you today is zeplin, which is used to connect designers and front-end developers. For independent developers, it is also a artifact. This software has web version and client (MAC / win). With it, we can use zeplin to automatically generate CSS from design drawings, improve the efficiency of front-end style […]

  • Top 10 websites and tools commonly used by app designers


    With the leading role of apple and the rise of Android, app has become a hot topic. As an app designer, what tools do you often use to help us design? 1.Adobe Photoshop Old design tools, no need to explain 2.Adobe Illustrator Same as above, no explanation 3.Balsamiq Mockup website: http://balsamiq.com/ I often used a […]

  • Linear gradient knowledge you don’t know


    Two position grammar Suppose we want to get the following result: a gradient with a bunch of vertical stripes of equal widthThe hexadecimal values of the color are:#5461c8,#c724b1,#e4002b,#ff6900,#f6be00,#97d700,#00ab84and#00a3e0。 If we use linear gradient to implement: linear-gradient(90deg, #5461c8 12.5% /* 1*12.5% */, #c724b1 0, #c724b1 25% /* 2*12.5% */, #e4002b 0, #e4002b 37.5% /* 3*12.5% */, […]