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  • Forced to refactor the code, I killed if else this time


    This article is included in the personal blog:www.chengxy-nds.topTechnology, resource sharing and progress together Recently, the company seems to have been financed! I began to look for channels to promote like crazy. Now I finally understand why I was recruiting people in a big way. It turned out that I was playing a big game, which […]

  • In simple terms, laravel’s facade appearance system


    This article was first published inIn simple terms, laravel’s facade appearance system, reprint, please indicate the source. Today, we will learn another theme “Facade” in the core architecture of laravel. This article will comprehensively explain the following aspects in laravelFacadeIn order to understand all the operation principles in the follow-upFacadeTranslated as “appearance”: Briefly introduce the […]

  • Google API design guide – Preface


    Original address:https://cloud.google.com/apis…Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 LicenseCurrent Version of the API Design Guide: 2017-02-21Translation date: February 23, 2017 preface This is a general guide for web APIs. This guide has been used internally by Google since 2014 and is designed by usCloud APIAnd othersGoogle APIThe basis to be followed. We share this guide for external […]

  • Shaoxia, please accept this self-study material for front-end development (Book + tutorial)~


    Write in front Before, many small partners raised demands and said: if you want to engage in front-end development in the future, can you sort out a wave of self-study materials + books for front-end development? It’s just free. This thing should be arranged first! Not long ago, we also combed the “learning route and […]

  • Summary of design patterns (practice 1)


    Series articles: Design pattern summary (pattern) Design pattern summary (Theory) Summary of design patterns (practice 1) Practice leads to truth The knowledge content related to the two design patterns summarized above has a relatively clear understanding of how to standardize the code and write the code. In writing the code, we will also deliberately write […]

  • If there is only one java programmer left in the world


    In 2050, there is only one java programmer left in the world. You may have to ask, where has everyone else gone? The reason is very simple. Java has declined. Around 2030, a language called X appeared, which can do both system level development (operating system, database and compiler) and server-side development, including mobile phone […]

  • Java Engineer book list recommendation


    Java Engineer book list recommendation I recommend a list of Java engineers, which covers almost everything from introduction to actual combat. Whether you are a student majoring in computer science, a newcomer who wants to change careers in java development, or an old bird who has been engaged in java development for many years, I […]

  • 27000 star! The most comprehensive collection of Python design patterns


    [introduction]: design pattern is a summary of code design experience that is repeatedly used, known by most people, classified and catalogued. The purpose of using design patterns is to reuse code, make code easier to be understood by others and ensure code reliability.python-patternsIs a collection of design patterns implemented in Python. brief introduction Learned a […]

  • Two stage termination mode


    Series articles: Two stage termination mode Protective pause mode Production consumer model Two stage termination mode Two-Phase Termination Patter Description: enables the monitoring thread to gracefully terminate other running worker threads Code implementation: class TwoPhaseTermination { Test code: public class TwoPhaseTerminationTest { public static void main(String[] args) { TwoPhaseTermination pattern = new TwoPhaseTermination(); pattern.start(); try […]

  • Burst! Ten thousand word long article takes you from zero basic introduction to mastery of Java (super full summary!)


    Java is broad and profound, and has always been known as the overlord of the Internet; We all know that the technical structure of the Internet is complex, so the technical components and architecture of Java are also very many and complex; In fact, there is no final conclusion about how proficient you can be […]

  • Mybatis3 source code reading (I)


    Introduction to mybatis and learning objectives of the framework source code     Mybatis is one of the most popular Java persistence layer frameworks. It eliminates most JDBC duplicate code, parameter setting and result set mapping through XML configuration. Although mybatis is one of the most popular persistence layer frameworks, its comments are relatively few compared with […]

  • Production consumer model


    Series articles: Two stage termination mode Protective pause mode Production consumer model Production consumer model Blocking queues are used to control the generation and consumption of messages Code implementation: class MessageQueue { Test code: public class ProduceConsume { Operation effect: Java Design Patterns This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link […]