• Mybatis [17] – mybatis self association query one to many query


    Note: the code is hosted inGitHubThe address is:https://github.com/Damaer/Mybatis-LearningThe project ismybatis-13-oneself-one2many, need to be self fetched, need to be configuredmavenEnvironment andmysqlEnvironment(sqlStatement inresourceNexttest.sqlIf you think it’s useful, you can light a little star. docsifyThe document address is at:https://damaer.github.io/Mybatis-Learning/#/ so-calledSelf association queryIt means that since you act as one party, you also act as many parties. For example, […]

  • Introduction, function and usage of XPath


      html = ”’ The Dormouse’s story The Dormouse’s story Once upon a time there were three little sisters; and their names were,Lacie andTillie;and they lived at the bottom of a well. … ”’ XPath introduction XPath, the full name of XML path language, is the XML path language, which can find information in XML […]