• Best practices on microblog machine learning platform cloud


    Introduction: This paper describes the business functions and cloud practice of microblog machine learning platform and deep learning platform, and analyzes the role of Alibaba cloud big data in the architecture construction of microblog and these two learning platforms. Author: Cao Fuqiang, system architect of sina Weibo data computing platform This paper describes the business […]

  • [monthly articles] May 2020 to June AWS essays on Artificial Intelligence


    Unconsciously, we have shared with you Amazon Web services (AWS)   Relevant AI, machine learning, deep learning and other technical contents. Next, we might as well make a simple summary through this article, so that small partners with different needs can quickly find what they are interested in. Amazon SageMaker Traditional ml development is a […]

  • Tensorflow: real Google deep learning framework.pdf


    What is tensorflow? Tensorflow is the mainstream deep learning framework of Google open source in 2015. It has been widely used in Google, Uber, Jingdong, Xiaomi and other technology companies. In the current situation of the popularity of artificial intelligence, in order to master the depth of learning, not only need a strong theoretical foundation, […]

  • Leetcode balanced binary tree


    Title: input the root node of a binary tree to determine whether the tree is a balanced binary tree. If the depth difference between the left and right subtrees of any node in a binary tree is less than 1, then it is a balanced binary tree. Thinking:Use an auxiliary function to calculate the depth […]

  • Binary tree (1): traversal


    What is a binary tree In computer science, binary tree is a tree structure in which each node has at most two branches (that is, there is no node with branching degree greater than 2). Branches are usually called “left subtree” or “right subtree”. The branch of binary tree has the order of left and […]

  • Binary tree (2): Supplement


    Symmetric binary tree Create a function to determine whether a binary tree is symmetric As shown in the figure, this is a symmetric binary tree Note that this is not a symmetric binary tree Idea: start from the root node, compare its left subtree and right subtree nodes, and then recurse successively. As long as […]

  • Apache CN deep learning translation set 20201229 update


    Seven new tutorials have been added: Introduction to tensorflow and keras application development 0. Preface 1、 Introduction of neural network and deep learning Two, model architecture Three, model evaluation and optimization 4、 Productization Tensorflow image depth learning practical guide 0. Preface 1、 Machine learning Toolkit 2、 Picture data 3、 Classical neural network A practical guide […]

  • Comparative analysis of different models of R language deep learning


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=5147 Source of the original text:Tuo end data tribal official account introduce Deep learning is a recent trend of machine learningHighly nonlinearThe data of the project. In the past few years, deep learning has gained great momentum in various applications (Wikipedia 2016a). These include image and speech recognition, driverless cars, natural […]

  • Take you to know 9 kinds of convolutional neural networks


    Abstract:In the convolutional neural network, different features are extracted by using filters. The weights of these filters are learned automatically during training, and then all the extracted features are “combined” to make decisions. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Summary of convolution commonly used in neural network》Author: fdafad. The purpose of convolution is to […]

  • Apache CN deep learning translation set 20210112 update


    Six new tutorials have been added: Tensorflow 2 and keras advanced deep learning 0. Preface 1、 Advanced deep learning with keras 2、 Deep neural network 3、 Self encoder 4、 Generation countermeasure network (GAN) 5、 Improved Gan 6、 Entanglement representation Gan 7、 Cross domain Gan 8、 Variational self encoder (VAE) 9、 Deep reinforcement learning 10、 Strategy […]

  • Here comes the list! What are the techies in Dachang reading: Ali


    Hello, everyone. I’m the headlines. I love programmers! My wechat: toutiaoio007, welcome to add my friends and pull you into the group ~ During the May Day holiday, Toutiao sorted out the reading lists shared by some technical teams on the developer’s Toutiao. This is Alibaba.Huawei Meituan It will be updated continuously during May Day. […]

  • Neural networks and deep learning: the basis of machine learning


    Neural network and deep learning What is deep learning? From the root, deep learning is a branch of machine learning, which refers to a kind of problem and the method to solve it. First of all, deep learning is a machine learning problem, which means that we can summarize the general rules from the limited […]