• Deploy your blog via let.sh


    Hey guys, I’m Bruski, a regular everyday normal engineer🎵 👨🏻‍💻 Say, do you guys wanna setup a blog site of your own? A blog site is a great place for us to record down our notes, daily thoughts or publish professional articles. By writing blogs, we can benefit from reviewing and outputing what we have […]

  • Django 20200424 Blog development 030 Deployment failed


    What is a server:You can use Alibaba Cloud server, more – reset password – reboot To connect to the server: use get bash open get bash Execution command: use public network ip ssh [email protected] Enter our reset password:Start preparations: Install the relevant environment: See which python versions are available: python +tabIt is best to use […]

  • Deploying NGINX as an API Gateway, Part 2: Securing Backend Services


    Original author: Liam Crilly of F5 Original link:Deploying NGINX as an API Gateway, Part 2: Securing Backend Services Reprinted from: NGINX official website This article is the second in a series on Deploying NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus as API Gateways. part 1Detailed configuration instructions for several use cases are provided. This article expands […]

  • helm-secrets for Helm: Encrypt your Values ​​file with PGP | IDCF


    When using Helm to deploy applications, we often encounter situations where we need to set sensitive information values ​​for the application to be deployed, such as: setting the login name and password information for the application itself, or setting the application to connect to the database. required information, etc. If these values ​​containing sensitive information […]

  • Deploy applications as JAR packages


    Deploy applications as JAR packages 1. Package the app mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dmaven.test.skip: skip unit tests 2. Launch the app java -jar -Dserver.port=8090 sell.jar -Dserver.port: Specify the port 3. Multi-environment startup java -jar -Dserver.port=8090 -Dspring.profiles.active=prod sell.jar -Dspring.profiles.active=prod: use production environment, prod is application-prod.yml 4. Running in the background nohup java -jar sell.jar > /dev/null […]

  • The whole process of ML for diamond price prediction! Deploy the app from the model build tuning track! ⛵


    author:Han [email protected]📘 Data Analysis◉ Skill Improvement Series:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/33📘 AI Interview Question Bank Series:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/48📘 Address of this article:http://www.showmeai.tech/article-detail/302Disclaimer: All rights reserved, please contact the platform and the author for reprinting and indicate the sourcecollectShowMeAIView more exciting content We often talk about end-to-end machine learning modeling in the industry. The so-called end-to-end refers to building the entire process […]

  • The springboot package (jar) is deployed in the Linux environment


    1. Packaging The project is branched and divided into the development branch develop and the production branch master. When packaging, switch to the production branch. Because the configuration in the production branch is different from the configuration in the development branch, the database and log paths of the development branch are local. Use the package […]