• Installation and Deployment Guide for API gateway of SIA gateway


    Sia-gateway is a distributed microservice gateway system based on spring cloud microservice ecosystem. With the features of simple and easy to use, visualization, high scalability, high availability, etc., it provides cloud native, complete and mature access service solutions. This paper introduces the installation and deployment of API gateway. Micro service and gateway technology (SIA gateway) […]

  • Asp.net core web program hosted to Windows Service


    Preface We have also seen how to build windows services from. Net core 3.1 and worker services. Let’s take a look at how to host web applications into our services in this article Running web applications as services We need to compile our web application into exe file. In ASP. Net core, this is a […]

  • Technology sharing | how to use dbdeployer to quickly build MySQL test environment


    Author: Yu Zhenxing 1、 Tool introduction Dbdeployer is a very powerful deployment tool for database test environment, which can deploy different architectures and versions of database environment with one click.For example: MySQL master-slave replication, gtid mode replication, MySQL group replication (single master mode, multi master mode, etc.)The complete database type support and version can be […]

  • Docker swarm practice summary


        I. Introduction Swarm is an official cluster management tool provided by dockerIts main function is to abstract several docker hosts as a whole, and manage all kinds of docker resources on these docker hosts through a single portal. Docker swarm includes two aspects: an enterprise level docker security cluster and a microservice application […]

  • How to use Jenkins to deploy automatically


    brief introduction Jenkins is an open-source and extensible platform based on web interface for continuous integration, delivery and deployment (compilation, packaging and deployment of software / code). Allows continuous integration and continuous delivery of projects, regardless of the platform used, to handle any type of build or continuous integration. Open source java language development continuous […]

  • Yapi local deployment


    Yapi is an efficient, easy-to-use and powerful API management platform, which aims to provide more elegant interface management services for developers, products and testers. It can help developers easily create, publish and maintain APIs. Yapi also provides excellent interaction experience for users. Developers can manage interfaces only by using the interface data writing tools and […]

  • Installation and deployment of SSRs reporting service


    Installation and deployment of SSRs steps What is SSRs SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRs) is a powerful report design and development tool or service. It provides a series of local tools and services for creating, deploying and managing mobile and paging reports. SSRs can be independently installed and deployed on the local machine, run in […]

  • Simple cloud toolkit tutorial to help you deploy applications in seconds


    1. What is cloud Toolkit Cloud toolkit is a plug-in in the developer’s local IDE, which can help developers develop, test, diagnose and deploy applications more efficiently. Through this plug-in, local applications can be deployed to any server with one click = = or even to the cloud (Alibaba cloud’s ECs, EDAs, kubernetes, applet cloud, […]

  • Study notes tf064: tensorflow kubernetes


    Alphago, 1000 nodes for each experiment, 4 GPUs and 4000 GPUs for each node. Siri, 2 nodes and 8 GPUs for each experiment. AI research, relying on massive data computing, is far away from performance computing resources. A larger cluster operation model reduces the weekly training time to the day level and hour level. Kubernetes, […]

  • Practice of Jenkins multi environment continuous integration architecture


           Automatic deployment is mainly to solve the problems of many projects, many environments, slow continuous integration, trouble in deployment operation, error prone manual operation, automatic operation and maintenance, etc. JenkinsIt’s open source.CI&CDSoftware leader, providing more than1000Plug-ins to support building, deployment, automation, to meet the needs of any project. target l  Support multi branch, […]

  • Hosting your personal website in alicloud OSS


    OSSNamelyobject storage service, object storage service. We can use Alibaba cloud’sOSSTo host their own front-end applications, personal websites or blogs I also introduced another professional website hosting service platform in [hosting your front-end application using netlifly] ()netlify。 That comparesnetlifyWhat are the benefits of Alibaba cloud OSS? There is only one network problem, which can be […]

  • Detailed steps of deploying golang project in docker


    Understanding Docker Docker can help you create a single deployable “unit” for your application. Such a unit is also called a container, which contains everything the application needs. For example, code (or binary), runtime, system tools, and system library files. Packaging all of this into a single unit ensures that the same environment is available […]