• What is microservice and what is distributed


    What is microservice and what is distributed This article was written on December 24, 2020 Microservices In 2014, James Lewis and Martin Fowler put forward the complete concept of microservice. Microservice is a“Architecture style”, this style splits an application intoa setSmall services. These services should beAround business functionsSplit. Every service hasOwn process, yesindependentDeploy, upgrade, and […]

  • Helm takes you flying


    Article catalog catalogue Article catalog Not in useHelmBefore, toK8STo deploy applications, we need to deploy them in turndeployment、 svcThe steps are cumbersome. Moreover, with the microservicing of many projects, the deployment and management of complex applications in containers become more complex,HelmThrough packaging, it supports release version management and control, which greatly simplifies theK8SApplication deployment and […]

  • Deploy Microsoft SQL server running in docker container to sap kyma


    Before reading this article, Jerry assumes that you have read this articleRunning Microsoft SQL Server in docker。 Local project address: C: \ code \ referencecode \ SAP kyma tutorial example Reference link:https://developers.sap.com/tu… secret.yaml Defines the user name and password for the database. pvc.yaml A persistentvolume is defined to store the data of the database. deployment.yaml […]

  • What are the benefits of using docker?


    This article will show you what docker is, the difference between docker and traditional virtualization, the architecture of docker, the role of docker and the benefits of using docker? What is docker 1.1 what is docker Docker is an open source software deployment solution; Docker is also a lightweight application container framework; Docker can package, […]

  • Actual deployment of private cloud network disk for Linux system


    ​​Owncloud is a file hosting service software, which is the cloud storage we usually use. However, it is to establish its own private cloud on its own host server, and owncloud uses AGPLv3 protocol to publish. This project is based on PHP and SQLite, mysql, Oracle or PostgreSQL databases, so it can run on all […]

  • What is the jamstack of the current fire?


    Author:Timothy McCallum, Miley Fu and Vivian Hu Jamstack is a technology stack for building modern Internet applications. It is widely used in edge cloud, serverless computing and big front end, and is also sought after by the capital market this year. What kind of magic does it have? This article will take you to understand […]

  • Theoretical knowledge of CI continuous integration


    (1) What is Ci What is CI? CInamelyContinuous integrationContinuous integration is a kind of software development practice, that is, team members often integrate their work, usually each member integrates at least once a day, which means that integration may occur many times a day. Every time we gather in ChengduConstruction of automation system(including compilation, release, […]

  • High performance deep learning reasoning platform openppl is officially open source!


    OpenPPLIt is Shangtang’s open source deep learning reasoning platform based on self-developed high-performance operator library, which can make artificial intelligence applications run efficiently and reliably on existing CPU, GPU and other computing platforms, and provide artificial intelligence reasoning services for cloud scenarios. Official website:openppl.ai At the just held 2021 world Artificial Intelligence Conference (waic), Shangtang […]

  • Hot deployment with springboot


    preface In the actual development process, every time you modify the code, you have to restart the project and re deploy it. For some large applications, the restart time costs a lot of time. For a back-end developer, the restart process is really hard. In the field of java development, hot deployment has always been […]

  • Flink best practice: using canal to synchronize MySQL data to tidb


    Introduction: This article will introduce how to import the data in MySQL into Kafka in the form of binlog + canal, and then be consumed by Flink. 1、 Background This article will introduce how to import data from MySQL into Kafka in the form of binlog + canal and then be consumed by Flink. In […]

  • Practice of deploying docker container with container


    1、 Background Recently, when using ranger2.5.5 to deploy redis master-slave replication, we found that Ranger would generate many iptables rules, which made it impossible for us to use the master-slave replication function of redis on the machine where ranger was deployed, because my understanding of Ranger and k8s was limited to understanding the network architecture […]

  • GitHub action + ack: a powerful tool for cloud native Devops


    By Yao JingSource|Alibaba cloud official account According to Xintong hospitalInvestigation report on the current situation of Devops in China (2020)It shows that 63% of enterprises have implemented Devops and adopted continuous delivery pipeline to get through development, testing, deployment and operation and maintenance. However, there are still 20% of enterprises feedback that the practice of […]