• TensorFlow Serving


    TensorFlow ServingYou can quickly deploy tensorflow model and launch grpc or rest API. Docker deployment is officially recommended, and a complete tutorial from training to deployment is also providedServers: TFX for TensorFlow Serving. This article is just an exercise to follow the tutorial, which is helpful to understand the whole process from tensorflow training to […]

  • Exploratory guide to service grid platform


    The transition to microservice faces a series of challenges. If we think that the architecture, design and development of microservices are very complex, so are the deployment and management of them. Developers need to ensure that cross service communication is secure. They also need to implement distributed tracing to tell how long each call takes. […]

  • Application of computing storage separation in message queue


    Guide to Yunmei: With the continuous development of the Internet, high concurrency of big data is no longer far away, which is a necessary ability for most projects. Among them, message queuing is almost a necessary skill. There are many mature message queuing tools. This article introduces a self-developed message queuing tool of JD Zhilian […]

  • Hot deployment of springboot project and solutions to hot deployment failure


    OnestayIDEAOn the rightSpringBootMethods of hot deployment staypom.xmlinOf In labelAdd the following configuration org.springframework.boot spring-boot-devtools   Then clickIDEAOfFile-Settings   And then find outCompiler, check aboveBuild project automatically, and then clickOKsign out   Then pressShift+Ctrl+Alt+/, pop up small box, selectRegistry   And then find outcompiler.automake.allow.when.app.runningAnd tick it, and then clickclosesign out   After completing the above steps, […]

  • Docker build and deploy node project


    Some time ago, I did a testnodeFull stack project, server technology stack isnginx + koa + postgresql. Among themcentosIt takes a lot of trouble to build the environment and deploy the test server, and then deploy the production environment server when it goes online. There are a lot of “physical work” which is boring, energy […]

  • IDC distributed cloud report released, Inspur cloud as a typical service provider was included in the report


    Recently, we have released the report “local cloud service model and development trend of distributed cloud service” to analyze the concept, product combination, and product model of distributed cloud service. Among them,Wave cloudAs one of the typical service providers, it was included in the report analysis.IDC pointed out in the report that after the development […]

  • IDC distributed cloud report release


    Recently, IDC officially released the report “distributed cloud: local cloud service market research”, which analyzes and interprets the local cloud service mode in distributed cloud composition from the aspects of concept and characteristics, products and modes, application scenarios and development trends. Among them,As one of the typical service providers, Inspur cloud is included in the […]

  • How to install Python 3 independently under CentOS 7


    1、 Deployment preparation Inspection and installation of deployment environment tools 1) Install the EPEL release Library in case the DB4 devel dependency installation fails   yum -y install epel-release       2)Install external function library(libffi) yum -y install libffi-devel       3)Install compile environment dependencies(all must be installed successfully, otherwise compilation will fail) […]

  • Fluid 0.5: open the way of online elastic expansion and reduction of dataset cache


    Introduction:In order to solve the problems of heterogeneous data source access complexity, slow storage and computing separation I / O speed, weak scene perception, low scheduling efficiency and other pain points faced by data intensive applications such as big data and AI in cloud native scenarios, pasalab, Alibaba and alluxio of Nanjing University jointly launched […]

  • Windows platform deployment Asp.Net Core applications


    1、 Introduction Asp.Net There are two ways of core deployment: dependent framework and independent deployment. 1. Framework dependent deployment: As the name suggests, framework dependent deployment (FDD) relies on the existence of a shared system level version of. Net core on the target system. Since. Net core already exists, the application is portable between. Net […]

  • Brief introduction of ossrh in Maven central warehouse


    brief introduction Maven provides us with a central repository. When we build a java project, we directly download the dependent jar packages from the Maven central repository to the local, and then package them for construction. Everyone knows that there is such a maven warehouse, but few people go to find out where the Maven […]

  • The full link startup speed of Java applications has been increased to 15s, and the SAE capability of alicloud has been upgraded again


    Introduction:As an object-oriented programming language, Java is unique in performance. But behind the high performance, Java’s poor startup performance is also impressive. Most of the impression that Java is bulky and slow also comes from this. High performance and fast startup speed seem to contradict each other. [cloud native application acceleration press conference] portal:https://yqh.aliyun.com/live/detail/22720 Click […]