• Don’t say you can’t micro service. Six minutes will teach you to skillfully play with distributed link tracking!


    I will introduce this article to you“Distributed Link Tracking”For most companies adopting microservice architecture, distributed link tracking is necessary, whether it is the traditional microservice system or the microservice architecture of the new generation of service mesh! The specific content introduced in this paper is not completely theoretical, but hopes to guide everyone to operate […]

  • Application scenario of SAP BTP MTA application


    The latest trends and advances in programming languages, software design architectures (such as microservices), protocols (such as OData), and the diversity of multi-layer and distributed deployment platforms have accelerated the trend of building applications from more, smaller, decoupled and diversified modules. Under the microservice architecture, more and more business applications tend to be composed of […]

  • Laradock PHP multi version container coexistence


    thinkPHP3. 2 projects use mongodb and mongoclientThe error message is shown in the figure. It can only be used in environments lower than php7. Therefore, another php56 needs to be deployed in laradock Enter the laradock directory, copy a copy of PHP FPM and name it php-fpm-56cp -r php-fpm php-fpm-562. Open docker compose YML file, […]

  • Architecture pain points solved by SAP BTP MTA application


    SAP BTP MTA specification solves the life cycle and choreography complexity of cloud and local platforms. Its official definition is as follows: Multi target application (MTA) consists of multiple parts(modules)Composition, created and deployed to different targets using different technologies, but with a single and common life cycle. MTA connects developers with native tools specific to […]

  • Practice of automatic deployment process of dapr project in azure Devops


    Note: This paper mainly discusses NET6. 0 project runs the continuous integration process of dapr in k8s, but in fact, it is not the same process when dapr projects are deployed to k8s, but the yaml configuration file of k8s is different Process selection The continuous integration of projects based on dapr includes the following […]

  • Hive formation


    On all nodes: su – hadoop jps #To see namenode, secondarynamenode and ResourceManager processes on the master, and datanode and nodemanager processes on slave1 and slave2 If the process is not running, enter the following command: start-all.sh #Deploy MySQL server on master yum -y install unzip cd software/ unzip mysql-5.7.18.zip cd mysql-5.7.18 yum -y install […]

  • Jenkins automated Publishing


    Publish Java website project Publishing framework 1634711617448.png Approximate steps 001 distributed build See [Master / slave] for detailed steps 1634712393035.png 002 git parameterization 0001 set Branch 1634712872062.png 0002 set publishing node (17 server) 1634712932678.png 0003 new project 1634713601564.png 1634713757320.png 0004 push existing folder to new project #Push the Tomcat Java demo master project of 18 […]

  • Design and implementation of microservice project based on kubernetes


    What needs to be done: Microservice design: Java (spring boot) + RPC (restful) + database (DB) + cache (redis) + configuration center (Apollo) Microservice project implementation Kubernetes deployment K8seasy:https://github.com/xiaojiaqi/K8seasy_release_page Deployment of microservices High availability and monitoring High availability: Multiple instances Registry: Eureka, zookeeper, console, Nacos (Note: there are no restrictions on the registry when deploying […]

  • How to apply local SAP ui5 through node Trial version of JS express deployed on the public network


    A set of step-by-step learning tutorials for SAP ui5 beginners Tutorial directory Establishment of SAP ui5 local development environment One of SAP ui5 application development tutorials: Hello World SAP ui5 application development tutorial 2: bootstrap of SAP ui5 boot process SAP ui5 application development tutorial 3: start touching the first SAP ui5 control SAP ui5 […]

  • Create a simple deployment system based on webhook


    Installing nodejs To install nodejs, it is recommended to download the binary package directly and copy the 64 bit binary version download address on the official website for execution wget https://nodejs.org/dist/v6.9.2/node-v6.9.2-linux-x64.tar.xz xzUnzip the file in the following command: xz -d xxx.tar.xzAdd XXX tar. Unzip XZ into XXX tar tar xvf xxx.tarCome and unpack After decompression, […]

  • Docker + Jenkins realize automatic deployment


    background When we come to the company in the morning, the first thing we do is check out the latest source code from the source code library, and then conduct unit testing. If we find a failed test, we will find relevant colleagues to debug and repair the error code. Then go back to your […]

  • Alibaba cloud serverless helps enterprises fully embrace cloud native


    Introduction:I believe that with the development of cloud computing, serverless will become the default computing paradigm in the cloud era, and more and more enterprise customers will adopt this technology. Author: Luo Hao Video analysis Click here to view relevant live broadcast playback~ Component architecture of serverless application engine In the earliest days, the software […]