• Best practices of spring cloud application on kubernetes – Deployment (development and deployment)


    The author is a senior technical expert of Alibaba cloud, responsible for the development of EDAs and the optimization of user experience. Reading guide: in the last article “spring cloud application on kubernetes cloud practice – development”, it was mentioned that a spring cloud application can be easily run from initialization to local operation through […]

  • Using GitHub actions to implement CI / CD


    Introduction For the definition of CI / CD, extract the following from this article CI / CD is a method of frequently delivering applications to customers by introducing automation in the application development phase. The core concepts of CI / CD are continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. As a solution for development and […]

  • Using k8s to build front end test environment gitlab integrated k8s


    It’s hard to believe that we deployed the k8s cluster easily. Next, if you want to integrate k8s in gitlab, you must fill in the following information: Cluster name:We can fill it in at will API address:By executing a commandkubectl cluster-infoAfter, frommasterFrom the address of CA certificate and service token To get these two information, we […]

  • The Overview of TiDB 4.0


    In the last article, Huang Dongxu, CTO of our company, shared our vision of “future database”. I am glad that we have been on the road of “writing a better database”.On April 8, the fifth anniversary of pingcap, we released the first RC version of tidb 4.0, which is a milestone. In 4.0, we have […]

  • Yum source deployment and usage


    1. Preface Why do you need an internal Yum source? It may be that the server inside the business is not available to the outside world, which is due to some security considerations. What’s the advantage of internal Yum source? First, it’s fast; second, it’s controllable. If there’s a problem in the external network, it […]

  • Debian Install Dropplets


    Droplets resource: Website http://dropplets.com Github https://github.com/Circa75/dropplets Install droplets: Deploying Apache 2 and PHP5 on Debian / Ubuntu#apt-get install apache2 php5 php5-gd Drag the package back from droplets site, upload and unzip it to the VPS site root directory Turn on. Htaccess support for apache2:#a2enmod rewrite editsites-enabledIn the site profile, will allAllowOverrideChange the value of toAllAfter […]

  • Deploying springboot project to docker based on idea


    This article mainly introduces how to deploy the springboot project to docker based on idea. The introduction of the example code is very detailed, which has certain reference value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it 1、 Idea install docker plug-in 1. Installation 2. Configuration Note: to make docker accessible […]

  • Deploying flash application with uwsgi and nginx


    Recently, I intend to build a simple personal website with Python + Flash and deploy it with nginx + uwsgi. Record the deployment process here. Environmental Scienceubuntu12.04, python2.7.3, virtualenv1.7.1.2, uwsgi2.0.8 get readyInstall virtualenv:Using virtualenv to create an independent Python development environment has many advantages. By default, Ubuntu 12.04 is not installed, so install virtualenv firstsudo […]

  • Apiccloud development | cloud computing and Devops: CI / CD and market analysis


    In the fierce competition of the Internet market, enterprises bear faster and higher quality software delivery requirements than their competitors. Only when the company quickly iterates and updates, the product’s good function set and user range will be further expanded. As a result, many enterprises are trying to adopt Devops and CI / CD approaches […]

  • Installing Jenkins on docker of Ci and CD


    1、 Introduction of Ci, CD, Jenkins CI: continuous integration In the traditional software development environment, there is integration, but there is no continuous integration. For a long time, branches are separated from the trunk, which may lead to a large deviation between the branches and the trunk. When integrating code, it may take several hours […]

  • Tiexciting — making tidb deployment easy and easy


    Author: Wang Jun It is difficult to operate and maintain, but it is difficult to go to the sky. As pingcap employees, we not only use tidb ourselves, but also spontaneously want people around us to use tidb. But in the process, we found the following problems: Difficulty on board: tidb ansible, the deployment method […]

  • In 2020, from the architecture to the end of mesh


    Author Zhang Yuchen (Tongzhao) Alibaba cloud delivery expert Reading guideNowadays, almost everything is inseparable from software. When you step on the accelerator when you drive, in fact, the on-board computer calculates the output power through force sensing, and finally controls the throttle. You never thought that this would be the code of some engineer. When […]