• How to unpack the Dell OptiPlex 780 mainframe?


    Dell 780 is a new generation of micro business desktop computer. It uses a mechanical case, but how can it be opened? The following tutorial will teach you how to open the box 1. Dell 780 uses a very small chassis, so the appearance is very Mini. 2. When we went to the upper part […]

  • Inquiry method of Dell desktop computer model


    First of all, enter the keyword in the browser’s search box: Dell → press enter to search (if there is association prompt, click to enter Dell’s official website). Usually, at the top of the search results, the one with the blue official website is (double click to open). However, recently, it has been found that […]

  • How to mount RAID10 hard disk for Dell r730 server by CentOS 7


    The company has newly purchased a Dell r730 server, which is respectively configured with two SAS hard disks and four SATA hard disks. The SAS hard disks form RAID1, and the SAS hard disks form RAID10. Install CentOS 7 system on the server with raid set in BIOS. When installing CentOS, choose to install the […]