• Understanding SPI in Java


    What is SPI The full name of SPI is service provider interface, which literally means the interface to provide servicesJava provides a set of interfaces to be implemented or extended by the third party, which realizes the dynamic extension of the interface and enables the implementation class of the third party to be embedded into […]

  • Case analysis of class conflict in Java multi class loader


    As we all know, the loading mechanism of JVM class adopts the parental delegation mechanism. However, in some frameworks, in order to provide some form of “isolation and sandbox”, a custom framework calledChildFirstIn short, it destroys the parental delegation. The self-defined child class loader loads the class first instead of delegating it to the parent […]

  • Parent delegation model and Flink’s class loading strategy


    As we know, in the JVM, the loading process of a class can be roughly divided into five stages: loading, linking (validation, preparation, parsing), and initialization. We usually refer to the loading of classes, that is to use the class loader to obtain the binary byte code stream defining this class through the fully qualified […]

  • Java Architect interview website – JVM interview topic (8 questions with answers)


    Java Architect interview website summarizes some classic interview questions of JVM and shares the general solution ideas. I hope it will be helpful to you. If there is anything wrong, please point out that it will be updated later.All the interview questions are collected and sorted out by the editor from various channels. It’s not […]