• Trigonometric function, slow in and slow out animation and C # implementation


    You can often see the animation effect of slow in and slow out in daily life, such as: 1. Scroll bar with slow in and slow out effect: 2. Breathing lamp with slow in and slow out effect: Like the above effect, it uses the knowledge related to trigonometric function. Next, we will explain how […]

  • Chapter 3 bjrobot angular velocity correction


    1、The carLay flatOn the floor, open a terminal with the virtual machine in the data ssh In the past, the main control terminal startedroslaunch znjrobot bringup.launch 。   2、Open another terminal ssh Past main control terminal,Start the correct angular velocity commandrosrun znjrobot_nav calibrate_angular.py   3、Open aindividualTerminal, direct operation rosrun rviz rviz   4、Click after full screen File,clickOpen Config: 5、Find the path~/catkin_ws/src/znjrobot_project/znjrobot/rviz/ Ofodometry.rviz […]

  • Comparison of vector index algorithm hnsw and NSG


    With the continuous development of machine learning and deep neural network, data vectorization is ubiquitous. For massive vector data search, both industry and academia have done a lot of research. This paper mainly introduces two vector search algorithms based on neighbor graph, and compares their applicable scenarios. Here we have to mention an academic corresponding […]

  • Using blink SQL + udaf to realize difference aggregation calculation


    According to the real business needs of a power grid company, the difference aggregation calculation on real-time stream is realized by blink SQL + udaf. Through this case, readers can be familiar with udaf writing, and understand the method calling relationship and order in udaf.Thank the @ commander for his guidance in the implementation process. […]