• An article to take you a preliminary understanding of C + + overload mechanism!


    C + + function and operator overloading Operator overloading is a very important part of C + +. We already know how to overload functions The so-called overload is to redefine a defined function, symbol, etc. C + + adds the ability to overload operators on the basis of C, while Java does not allow […]

  • Integrating springboot + mybatis + spring technology to realize crud operation of commodity module (detailed)


    Business description Based on spring, mybatis, springboot and thymeleaf technology, the operation of adding, deleting, modifying and checking commodity modules is realized. Project environment initialization preparation 1. MySQL(5.7) 2. JDK (1.8) 3. Maven (3.6.3) 4. STS(4.7.1) database initialized Open the MySQL console, and then follow the steps below goods.sql Documents.Step 1: log in to MySQL. […]

  • Read kubernetes apiserver principle


    preface The whole kubernetes technology system is composed of declarative API and controller, and Kube apisever is the declarative API server of kubernetes, and provides a bridge for other components to interact. Therefore, it is very important to deepen the understanding of Kube apisever. Overall component function Kube apisever, as the only entrance of the […]

  • Docker defines time zone


    cause Since most of the docker images we use are in UTC time, and China is in + 8 time zone, it is very troublesome to localize. In this way, we need a way to define the docker time zone. How to control time zone in Linux In Linux system, there are two main places […]

  • Using two charts in angular


    No more nonsense, just start To install ecarts:npm install echarts –save Introduce ecarts into components that need to use ecarts:import * as echarts from ‘echarts’; Since the angular instruction is not used in the DOM displaying ecarts, it can be used directly in the life cycle functionngOnInitUsed inthis.initCharts(); ngOnInit(): void { console.log(‘ngOnInit()’); this.initCharts(); } 4. […]

  • Vue3 source code entry, to achieve a simple version of reactivity


    In Vue 3.0reativeAnd a global API provided in Vue 2.6Vue.observableThe same is used to make an object responsive. First, let’s compare the differences between them reactive Vue.observable be based onProxyImplementation be based onObject.definePropertyImplementation YesProxy objectDo the operation Direct operationSource object Returns a responsiveProxy object Returns a responsiveSource object Activity workflow In Vue 3.0,reactivityIt can be […]

  • Spring on bean generation


    catalog Bean generation Mybatis integrates spring Bean generation First, scan the package. If the @ Component annotation is found, the XX.class A beandefinition will be generated. Based on the properties in beandefinition, a bean object will be created after a modification by the bean factory postprocessor. public interface BeanDefinition extends AttributeAccessor, BeanMetadataElement { String SCOPE_SINGLETON […]

  • Swift personal learning notes – 02: basic content


    This article is purely a Chinese version《The Swift Programming Language》So most of the content is in the article. This article is my study notes, not a formal and systematic record. For reference only There are still a lot of incomprehensible and uncertain points below, which I will point out with “doubtful” notes. Thanks to the […]

  • Bloom filter based on PHP + redis


    Since redis implements setbit and getbit operations, it is naturally suitable to implement bloom filter. Redis also has bloom filter plug-in. Here, we use PHP + redis to implement the bloom filter. First of all, define a hash function set class. These hash functions are not necessarily used. In fact, three 32-bit hash values are […]

  • Thread synchronization with C + +


    Header file import #include <mutex> #include <condition_variable> Variable definition bool m_syncFlag; std::mutex m_mtx; std::condition_variable m_flagCond; Sample code subTread code subThread() { std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lk(m_mtx); m_syncFlag = true; m_flagCond.notify_one(); … } main thread code main() { /*initial value is false*/ m_syncFlag = false; std::unique_lock<std::mutex> lk(m_mtx); /*The current thread is blocked. When the global flag bit becomes true, […]

  • Several ways of defining string in C language


    1. What is a string? The so-called string is essentially an array of special characters ending in ‘\ 0’;   2. What should be paid attention to in the process of defining strings Since a string is essentially an array of special characters ending in ‘\ 0’, when defining a string, you must ensure that […]

  • How long does it take for you to solve an interview question of object-oriented programming recruited by Ali school?


    preface A few days ago, my friend shared a very simple school recruitment interview question with me. I think it’s quite interesting. I’ll share it with you to have a try and see how long it will take you to do it! subject Class member variables:Please define a vehicle class, including: attributes: speed, volume(size) and […]