• How do I “transform” Redux step by step


    It has been more than half a year since Vue was changed to react + Redux for development. Generally speaking, the experience is very good. It is not convenient to abstract various logic and business components. High level components, onion model and so on have brought me a lot of improvement in programming ideas. But […]

  • Master Maven plug-in in three minutes


    Yesterday afternoon, old fellow asked me what time I would like to talk about Maven plug-in: So, in the middle of the night, Laotian finally wrote a maven plug-in, which he shared with you today. If you want to have a more detailed chat, please add my wechat tj20120622 to join the group and chat […]

  • Simple implementation of recoil’s state subscription sharing


    Recoil is a new react state management library, which is still in the experimental stage. It proposes decentralized atomic state management, provides hooks API for setting and obtaining state, and makes components subscribe to state. This paper simply implements the principle of making multiple components share and subscribe to a state in recoil. my-recoil (v1.0) […]

  • Study day 52


    C++ Friend function The declaration of friend and friend functions is not subject to public, protected, private, restriction As long as function a becomes a friend function of class B, function a can access all members (member variables, member functions) of B Friend functions are not class member functions Friends Class can define other classes […]

  • Two compilation problems encountered


    Recently, I encountered two compilation problems, which took a lot of effort. container_ Of question I defined container in one place_ Of macro, but repeated compilation errorsMacro is defined as follows: #define container_of(ptr, type, member) ({\ const typeof( ((type *)0)->member ) *__mptr = (ptr);\ (type *)( (void *) ( (char *)__mptr – offsetof(type,member) ) );}) […]

  • How to add uiblureaffect uiblureaffectview swift to IOS blur effect


    How to add uiblureaffect uiblureaffectview swift to IOS blur effect Use process 1. UIBlurEffect Create a new one firstUIBlurEffectobject let blurEffect = UIBlurEffect(style: .light) 2. UIBlurEffectView Create a new oneUIBlurEffectViewTo put on the top of the generationBlurEffcteffect let blurView = UIVisualEffectView(effect: blurEffect) blurView.frame =Rect // defines the frame of the blur view 3. Add view […]

  • Blast implements of rust


    With the implementation in rust, you can extend the functions of the implemented types. The implementation is defined using the impl keyword and contains functions that belong to an instance of the type or to an instance of the current type. With implementations in Rust, you can extend the functionality of an implementation type. Implementations are defined […]

  • 01nginx simple configuration details


    1. Nginx command line parameters -C < / path / to / config > specifies a configuration file for nginx instead of the default. -T does not run, just tests the configuration file. Nginx will check the syntax of the configuration file for correctness and try to open the file referenced in the configuration file. […]

  • C pointer (ノ゚゚)


    Because I’m learning C pointer recently, so I’ll write a summary here Hope to help you a little! There are several types of C pointers 1. Pointer 2. Null pointer 3. Void pointer 4. Const pointer constant   Let’s talk about it firstOverview of pointer, Pointer variablegrammar: Data type * variable name or data type […]

  • D3 learning Day1 — draw a curve


    The basic layout of D3 canvas is as follows The implementation process is as follows: First define the size of the drawing container var width = 500, height = 200, margin = { left: 50, top: 30, right: 20, bottom: 20 }, g_width = width – margin.left – margin.right, g_height = height – margin.top – […]

  • Advanced Linux: split reducer


    ❓ What if the state is too large Because there is only one store in Redux applications, when the interaction between applications becomes more and more complex, the store will become a very large object. At this time, we can use thecombineReducers()Method combines multiple small reducers into one rootreducer, and each small reducer only cares […]

  • Java agent user guide


    Java agent user guide Today, I’m going to write about javaagent. At first, I was unfamiliar with its concept, but later I heard it in other peopleBytecode stub,bTrace,ArthasLater, I gradually learned that Java also provides such a tool. Static instrument before JVM startup# What is javaagent? Javaagent is a parameter of Java command. The parameter […]