• SharpC: A C Interpreter In C# – 0100


    Class Context Context is the basis of building syntax tree. The program is composed of context, such as variable (Declaration), statement, block, function, control structure, etc.Look at the run method of the context class to illustrate the problem: public virtual void Run(Context ctx) { //Running tag IsRunning = true; foreach (Context stx in Children) { […]

  • The problem of executing Lua script in jedis2.9


    Online monitoring discoveryjedis.evalsha(…)Sometimes an error is reported: 12-20 14:20:19 500 INFO keyword=Some(() 12-20 14:20:19 552 ERROR ERR Error running script (call to f_84d49c1a4ef53377d4c0c7cf685825cebdea31e8): @user_script:68: user_script:68: unfinished capture redis.clients.jedis.exceptions.JedisDataException: ERR Error running script (call to f_84d49c1a4ef53377d4c0c7cf685825cebdea31e8): @user_script:68: user_script:68: unfinished capture at redis.clients.jedis.Protocol.processError(Protocol.java:127) ~[jedis-2.9.0.jar:na] at redis.clients.jedis.Protocol.process(Protocol.java:161) ~[jedis-2.9.0.jar:na] at redis.clients.jedis.Protocol.read(Protocol.java:215) ~[jedis-2.9.0.jar:na] at redis.clients.jedis.Connection.readProtocolWithCheckingBroken(Connection.java:340) ~[jedis-2.9.0.jar:na] at redis.clients.jedis.Connection.getOne(Connection.java:322) ~[jedis-2.9.0.jar:na] at […]

  • React- component


    Components in react Introduction to react components In react, the constructor is a basic componentIf you want to put components on the page, you can take the name of the constructor as the name of the component and introduce it into the page in the form of HTML tagsNote: when react parses all tags, it […]

  • [source code analysis] analysis of the implementation principle of the flash blueprint


    Before reading this article, it is suggested to take a look at what I wrote before: how to realize path matching in flash The concept of blueprint is a routing group. All routes registered on the blueprint use the same prefix. This is convenient for management. Different functions can be implemented in one module (such […]

  • Development of react — introduction of step 4 cross component parameter context


    Context means context. It can help us solve the problem of variable sharing of multi-level and cross component. API React.createContext Context.Provider Context.Consumer Class.contextType React.createcontext takes a context parameter as DefaultValue and returns an object containing provider and consumer. const MyContext = React.createContext(defaultValue); Context. Provider is responsible for providing and changing values to the consumer for […]

  • Deselection of multi selection of El table of elementui and deselection of filter conflict of ref of all filters


    The reason for writing this article: Nowadays, there is no same explanation form on the Internet (or on the Internet, so I can’t find it, or the big guy thinks it’s too simple to explain). However, I think this is a deep understanding of the underlying framework of Vue + element UI. (why should we […]

  • . net best practices – learning notes


    . net best practices ========== ========== ==========Stephen Ritchie(c) Huang Dengqiao, Huang Haoyu, Li Yong[publication] Mechanical Industry Press[edition] January 2014 Edition 1[printing time] first printing in January 2014[price] 69.00 yuan========== ========== ========== (P001) Developers should be skeptical of any practice they call “best practice.”. Developers should choose which “best practices” to adopt based on their specific […]

  • Using gulp


    Gulp project construction Multiple developers develop a project together, each developer is responsible for different modules, which will result in a complete project is actually composed of many “code snippets”;Some preprocessing programs such as less and sass are used to reduce the maintenance cost of CSS. Finally, these preprocessing programs need to be parsed;Combining CSS […]

  • Parameter types in Python functions


    1. Preface PythonThe parameter types of functions in are quite rich. For example, we often see*argsand**kwargsAs a parameter. Beginners are a little confused when they encounter this. Today, let’s putPythonThe function parameters in are analyzed and summarized. 2. Function parameters in Python There are five types of function parameters defined in Python. Let’s demonstrate them […]

  • Product spring: spring boot initiates the “second battle” of bean definition registration


    The previous article is very easy as a whole, because before the container is started, only one bean definition is registered, which is the main class of springboot.OK, today we will start from the start of the container to find out the registration process of all remaining bean definitions.The details will certainly be quite complicated. […]

  • Littlewhiteone basic design


    LittleWhite One New version of Xiaobai implemented by chatterbot framework~ brief introduction Core: core framework, modified chatterbot Corpus: English and Chinese training corpus Nltk_data: the required nltk data set Text similarity algorithm LevenshteinDistance SpacySimilarity JaccardSimilarity Levenshtein Distance Algorithm Chinese Name: levinstein distanceReference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/levenshtein’u distance Levenshtein Distance is the concept of representing or measuring the difference […]

  • How to customize Python UDF in pyflink 1.10?


    We know that pyflink is newly added in Apache Flink version 1.9, so can the speed of Python UDF function support in Apache Flink 1.10 meet the urgent needs of users? The development trend of Python UDF Intuitively, the function of pyflink Python UDF can also be changed from a seedling to a tree as […]