• Troubleshooting for RHEL 5 server system


    1、 /boot all the following files are missing: (grub, kernel, initrd ramdisk)   1. start with BootDisk, enter the liunx rescue mode, and select local install or NFS (HTTP)installmode   2. enter mold repair mode:   (1). cd /mnt/sysimage   Check what files (if empty)   (2) install kernel:   cd /mnt/source/Server   rpm -ivh […]

  • The method of checking defaults used in MAC system


    The defaults command of the terminal in the MAC system can help us to make many modifications, making our computer more personalized. However, if we make more modifications, we will inevitably forget some modifications. So how can we view the modification history of the defaults command? View method: 1. Start the terminal (Application Utility terminal. […]