• One Linux command per day (2): OD


    Function introduction OD (octal dump) command is used to display the contents of the specified file in octal, decimal, hexadecimal, floating-point format or ASCII coded characters. It is usually used to display or view the characters in the file that cannot be directly displayed on the terminal. The default display mode of OD command system […]



    catalogue 1、 Foreword 2、 Get all data 3、 Get details 4、 New data 5、 Modify data 6、 Delete data 7、 Characteristic routing (1) Basic routing mapping (2) Routing mapping parameters (3) Multi characteristic routing (4) Default parameter routing (5) Parameter constrained routing (6) Wildcard (*) routing variable (7) Routing mapping complex parameters (8) Routing prefix […]

  • C to C++


    1. New type Boolean reference Integer int long Float double Character type char Boolean bool Bool stores the types of true (1) and false (0). The size of 1 byte can store true and false The pointer to the variable where the address is stored can indirectly modify the value of the variable You can […]

  • Summary of Redux (I): Action & middleware & asynchronous


    stayOn flux developmentThis paper briefly introduces flux and its development mode. Flux can be said to be a framework, which has its own characteristicsDispatcherInterface for developers; It can also be said to be an architecture design of one-way control of data flow. Around the core of one-way data flow, it defines a set of behavior […]

  • BGP routing declaration for HCNP Routing & Switching


    Previously, we learned about BGP message structure, type and neighbor status. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15422924.html; Today, let’s talk about BGP routing announcement; Difference between BGP route declaration and IGP route declaration We know the IGP routing protocol. When declaring a route, different IGP routing protocols have different ways to declare a route; For example, […]

  • Configure an example of implementing redundant backup of device gateway by deploying VRRP


    Specifications It is applicable to all versions and forms of AR routers. Networking requirements As shown in the figure, Hosta belongs to routera and routerb through switch. Host Hosta accesses host hostb through the default gateway. Routera and routerb form a VRRP backup group. Routera is the main equipment and routerb is the standby equipment. […]

  • OSPF comprehensive experiment


        IP address planning:   Equipped with IP: 1. Public network: Interface IP: r4                                       r3                               r5              […]

  • The simplest and lightweight PHP curl tool library WS http


    ws-http An simplified, lightweight HTTP client library It can be used for HTTP API testing, supporting SSL, basic auth, proxy, custom request header, and common HTTP request methods (An HTTP API testing framework, written in PHP using curl. Supports ssl, basic auth, passing custom request headers, and most HTTP request methods. — https://github.com/toohamster… Requirements cURL […]

  • FAQ for SYBASE ASE database


    1. What is the form of disk space occupied by the database? What is the function of master database? What will happen if the master fails?Equipment documentation The system cannot use the storage system table unless the master library is rebuiltWhat is the essence of paragraph 2? Can segments used by objects in Sybase be […]

  • Linux building dynamic web server configuration


    Apache configuration fileImportant configuration optionsServerroot the root directory where the server runsMaxclients the number of clients that can access the server at the same timeThe starting location of the DocumentRoot server shared fileListen the port on which the server listensMailbox of serveradmin administratorIdentity of the user & group server operatorErrorlog error log fileDirectoryindex default folder […]

  • Login and registration of angular + node


    Today, we added front-end and back-end logic to the login registration page written yesterday. The back-end uses express, the front-end is angularjs, and the database uses mongodb without a cache layer. The service part of angular var Services=angular.module(‘myApp.Services’,[]); Services.factory(‘checkUser’,function(){ //Check the format of user login and registration function checkUserName(str, minLen, maxLen) { var reg = […]

  • Windows sets the system default browser by modifying the registry


    Some time ago, a program asked to obtain the default browser of the system. Baidu and Google worked for a long time, and then combined with procmon.exe to track the registry operation information of the browser to open the web page and find the final location. Here is a summary. Pro test win10 multiple browsers […]