• PHP Xdebug configuration


    Introduction to Xdebug Xdebug is an open source PHP debugger, which can be used to track, debug and analyze the running status of PHP. It is powerful and helpful to audit The. Xdext / PHP file is usually installed in a PHP directory_ xdebug.dll 。 By configuring the php.ini Document usage After configuring Xdebug, a […]

  • IOS — data security and encryption


    reference resources:https://juejin.im/entry/58b93af3ac502e006c0820c9 1. Common encryption methods: Base64, MD5, AES, EDS, RSA HTTPS and SSL / TSL What is SSL?SSL (secure sockets layer), because the original HTTP protocol used on the Internet is plaintext, there are many shortcomings, such as the transmission content will be sniffed (sniffed) and tampered with. The function of SSL protocol is […]

  • How to crack the file suffixes. Cc1h,. Cc2h,. Cc3h,. Cc4h,. Cc5h?


      What is?.CC1H,.CC2H,.CC3H,.CC4H,.CC5HPostfix blackmail virus? Type: encryption virus, data lock, blackmail virusExtension: cc1h,. Cc2h,. Cc3h,. Cc4h,. Cc5hSymptom: the stored file becomes inaccessible and its file name is renamed. A message asking for a ransom appears on the desktop. Internet scammers demand ransom for decryption of documents.Distribution method: infected email attachment,Torrent website and malicious advertisingDamage: password […]

  • [mvc5] normal permission + user + Role


    Foreword: the latest development project requires authorization. The project is MVC + webapi. Here, we only talk about the authorization in MVC. We will learn the content of authorization, and make a brief summary   Example of setting permissions in method: [authorize] // general authorization [authorize (roles = “admin”)] // role authorization [authorize (users = […]

  • How to deal with the blackmail virus with. Harma suffix in the enterprise server?


      What is?HarmaBlackmail virus? name Harma virus Threat types Blackmail virus, encryption virus, file cabinet Encrypted file extension . harma (the blackmail virus also appends the victim‘s unique ID and developer’s email address to the file name). Test name Avast(Win32:RansomX-gen [Ransom]),BitDefender( Trojan.Ransom.Crysis .E),ESET-NOD32(Win32 / Filecoder.Crysis P), Trojan- Ransom.Win32 . Crusis.to ), full detection list (VirusTotal) […]

  • What is the decryption method to conquer the. C4H suffix blackmail virus?


      What is?C4HBlackmail virus? name C4H virus Threat types Blackmail virus, encryption virus, file cabinet. Encrypted file extension .C4H Test name Avast(Win32:Malware-gen),BitDefender( Generic.Ransom.GlobeImposter .9F3AF8D),ESET-NOD32(Win32 / Filecoder.FV (HEUR: 1 Trojan.Win32 . generic), a complete list of tests(VirusTotal)。 Symptoms The file stored on the computer cannot be opened because the previous feature file now has a different […]

  • Wechat applet development: Python + sanic to achieve small program login and registration


    When developing wechat applet, the authorized login of access applet can quickly realize the steps of user registration and login, which is an important step to quickly establish user system. This article will introduce the full stack solution of Python + sanic + wechat applet to realize users’ fast registration and login. The login sequence […]

  • VBS Base64 decryption script code


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: Function fDecode(sStringToDecode) ‘This function will decode a Base64 encoded string and returns the decoded string. ‘This becomes usefull when attempting to hide passwords from prying eyes. Const CharList = “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/” Dim iDataLength, sOutputString, iGroupInitialCharacter sStringToDecode = Replace(Replace(Replace(sStringToDecode, vbCrLf, “”), vbTab, “”), ” “, “”) iDataLength = Len(sStringToDecode) If iDataLength […]

  • Ca and certificate


    1. Using GPG to create RSA asymmetric key pair in centos7 GPG — Gen key ා generate public key / key pair on CentOS (stored in home directory. Gnupg /) 2. Copy the public key exported from centos7 to centos8, and encrypt a file with the public key of centos7 in centos8 GPG – a […]

  • High quality AI articles collected in the first half of 2020 – automatic driving direction


    High quality AI articles collected in the first half of 2020 – automatic driving direction   Five stages and present situation of automatic driving technology development Automatic driving: industrial thinking behind two technical routes 3D target detection technology in unmanned driving Super decryption: how does unmanned driving become       Note: from January 2020 […]

  • How to solve OpenSSL for Windows system_ pkey_ Export(): cannot get key from parameter 1


    In order to solve this problem, I Baidu many methods, but many methods have no effect. Method 1 If you are installing phpstudy, then 1. You have to go to the PHP extension to open PHP_ Open the extension in opemssl. 2. Go php.ini Set “extension = PHP”_ openssl.dll ”Remove the “;” in front of […]

  • Symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, certificate, do you understand?


    1、 It is necessary to encrypt sensitive information on the Internet. Encryption is divided into symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption 1. Asymmetric encryption (public key and private key) RSA principle: the core is that it is difficult to decompose a number into the product of two prime numbers, especially when the two prime numbers are […]