• The basic use of tar command operation file in Linux


    grammar     tar [-] A –catenate –concatenate | c –create | d –diff –compare |          –delete | r –append | t –list | –test-label | u –update | x          –extract –get [options] [pathname…] describeThe original official saying is that tar stores or extracts archives on tapes and hard disks. Functional options    -a,–catenate,–concatenateAdd files to […]

  • Summary of methods of compression and decompression in Linux XZ


    First of all, I’d like to introduce a summary of the methods of Linux XZ compression and decompression 1. Extract XZ format file Method 1: We need to use two-step commands. First, use XZ command of XZ utils to extract linux-3.12.tar.xz to linux-3.12.tar, and then use tar command to fully extract linux-3.12.tar. xz -d linux-3.12.tar.xz […]

  • Expand command line explanation


    Use the expand command line to apply batch files and scripts when your computer does not have a Windows operating system installed: Although there are several windows based tools that can compress and decompress files (including winzip and WinRAR), there must be a working windows operating system to use them. The expand tool is used […]

  • Android environment configuration (eclipse full development environment download)


    Android environment configuration preparation in advance Eclipse for Android: Website link: https://www.runoob.com/w3cnote/android-tutorial-eclipse-adt-sdk-app.html CPU image resources of SDK: Website link: https://www.androiddevtools.cn/ Why download this version? Because of my one night research, I found that the AVD of eclipse can’t be used (at least my computer is like this). Then download the corresponding SDK: Software decompression and […]

  • Using VBScript to decompress all files in the directory (Zip)


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: On Error Resume Next Dim objFSO,sourcepath,targetpath Function GetZipFile(path) Dim file,folder,sfolder,subfolder,files If Not objFSO.FolderExists(path) Then Msgbox “Target folder does not exist! “Else objFSO.CreateFolder targetpath & Right(path,Len(path)-Len(sourcepath)) Set folder=objFSO.GetFolder(path) Set files=folder.files For Each file in files If StrComp(objFSO.GetExtensionName(file.name),”zip”,vbTextCompare)=0 Then objShell.NameSpace(targetpath & Right(path,Len(path)-Len(sourcepath))).CopyHere objShell.NameSpace(path & “\” & file.name).Items(),256 End If Next Set […]

  • Freebsd7.0 Apache 2.2+MySQL5+PHP5 Installation and Configuration Method


    Installation of Apache 2.2.8 First go to http://www.apache.org to download Apache 2.2.8 source package. decompression   #tar zxvf httpd-2.2.8.tar.gz Get the httpd-2.2.8 folder   #cd httpd-2.2.8 To configure   #./configure –prefix=/usr/local/apache –enable-so –enable-module=rewrite Compile   #make install   #make install installation is complete Test the installation effect   #cd /usr/local/apache   #cd bin   # ./apachectl start   httpd: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for   httpd: Could […]

  • FreeBSD Update Port Tree


    In order to make the software we installed the latest version, we need to update Port Tree regularly.The so-called update port is to update patches 。 1,CVSup/csup Note: csup is a rewrite of C VSup software in C language. It is provided as part of the system in FreeBSD 6.2 and later.Before running CVSup for […]

  • How does Mac decompress RAR files? How does Mac decompress RAR files


    I think most people are familiar with RAR file. It is a compressed file. If Win7 system can download WinRAR for decompression, but many people in Mac system don’t know how to do it, how can Mac decompress RAR file? If you don’t understand, please read the following article. Software Name: WinRAR 5.5.0 Chinese Cracked […]