• Is in C # is really becoming more and more powerful and semantic


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Recently, I found that the is after c#7 is more and more incomprehensible. At first glance, it looks fancy. However, when I calmed down and studied it carefully, I found that this is is more and more short and concise, and it is also particularly semantic. How can it […]

  • C# 9 record is not a syntax sugar of simple attribute poco


    C# 9 record is not a syntax sugar of simple attribute poco Recently upgraded the project to grand unification Net 5 and try to rewrite the suite using c#9 syntax. It is found that the previous understanding that record is just a simple attribute poco is wrong. In addition, poco belongs toNeed to define spoken […]

  • Decompile tool 1) jadx blaster Jeb and Gda


    Comparison of decompilation tool GDA jadx GUI Jeb 00 Preface: Hello, I’m wang tietou, a vegetable chicken carrying bricks from Party B’s safety companyContinuously update original video articles related to mobile security, IOT security and compilation principleVideo presentation:https://space.bilibili.com/430241559 First of all, this is just a comparison of several decompilers I often use, with a strong […]

  • A customer’s urgent bug, I used two ways to c# decompile and modify the source code


    1: Background 1. Tell a story On Friday afternoon, the operation fed back an urgent bug, saying that the customer couldn’t open an information list and needed to be solved urgently. The attached log file was also sent. After reading the log, it was like this: Date: 2020-11-13 12:25:45923 thread ID: [3924] log level: Info […]

  • Solve the problem of APK installation failure under Android 11


    problem An app project has been running normally. Recently, the customer installed a new batch of Android 11 systems with new models, and prompted “invalid installation package” when installing the APK. Find the reason First of all, connect the real machine and debug it to the Android 11 mobile phone. It can be installed and […]

  • The first attempt to decompile bypasses APK’s simple JNI signature verification


    The first attempt to reverse the operation bypasses APK’s simple JNI signature verification 1. Phenomenon After modifying the content of the application, the search for SmalI did not find any signature verification for the application, but after repackaging, the application opened and flashed back directly. Check the log and confirm that the JNI method has […]

  • New feature of c# 9 — enhanced pattern matching


    New feature of c# 9 — enhanced pattern matching Intro The usage of pattern matching is further enhanced in c# 9, which makes pattern matching more powerful. Let’s take a look Sample The usage of pattern matching is enhanced in c# 9, andand/or/notOperator, and you can directly judge attributes. Take the following example: var person […]

  • New features of c# 9 – Interpretation of record


    New features of c# 9 – Interpretation of record Intro C# 9 introducesrecord,recordIs a special class. Using it to implement model will be very easy to use in some cases Sample record RecordPerson { public string Name { get; init; } public int Age { get; init; } } record RecordPerson2(string Name, int Age); public […]

  • Get small program source summary


    A preparation tool 1 node.js running environment Download address:https://nodejs.org/en/ 2 decompiled script Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1InxRoozDDb-C-g2rKGi1CwExtraction code: i50k 3 night God simulator Download address:https://www.yeshen.com/cn/download/fullPackage Second, start decompilation 1 get the PKG package of the applet: Log in wechat in the simulator and open a small program a at will Open the file manager, find the / data / […]

  • Decompile wechat applet to obtain front-end source code wxapkg


    research objective The reason for studying decompilation is that I have worked hard for half a month to write a small program and forgot to back it up on the desktop. I am anxious to experience the win11 system. I forget to back up the source code and regret it later. Later, I found the […]

  • How to use custom class loader to prevent code from being decompiled and cracked


    preface Recently, I chatted with a friend and he took on an outsourcing project. He asked me if I could prevent my source code from being decompiled and cracked, so I told him that I could confuse and encrypt the code. Today, we’ll talk about how to realize code anti decompilation by encrypting the code. […]

  • . net / C # development tools


    ——If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first 1、Visual Studio IDEMicrosoft produced the most powerful compiler, not one of them.Official download address:https://visualstudio.microsof… 2、JetBrains ReSharperA visual studio ide development extension, can automatically generate code, intelligent analysis code, standard development code.Official download address:https://marketplace.visualstu… 3、OzCodeA visual studio ide development extension, debugging […]